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Credentials for Ged Carroll


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Credentials for Ged Carroll

  1. 1. Credentials – freelance planning and strategy director Ged Carroll
  2. 2. Hi! I will keep this brief. I am an innovation, planning and strategy director. I have worked agencyside, in-house and currently freelance. I have expertise built up over the past 19 years working in Europe and Asia. The following case studies were put together based on my experience across these roles. Make me an offer.
  3. 3. Brand experience highlights
  4. 4. Brand experience highlights
  5. 5. The National Lottery Engage the middle classes so that they consider purchasing lottery scratch cards • Make scratch cards seem less downmarket How? • Promote scratch cards as the ideal office secret Santa gift • Scratch card application within Facebook, with free prize and social sharing mechanism • Supported with Facebook advertising
  6. 6. New Balance Enter the soccer market for first time in 30 years • Engage with 17 year old males • Get cut through in a marketplace with established brands How? ‘Growth hack’ a sports apparel brand • Grassroots buzz – beta testing for sportswear, The Blackout Squad • Social first approach to marketing, building on passionate football-based networks across Twitter. • Collaborative partnerships with the 30 most influential grassroots football media around the world and utilise sponsored players networks • Differentiated tone of voice, not about the elites, but about becoming the best you can be. Being an authority rather than voicing aspirations
  7. 7. Huawei Promote ‘premium’ smartphone to consumers in 25 markets around the world without the heavy advertising budget of Apple or Samsung How? Create ’content without borders’ • Promote to tech forward consumers – network analysis revealed the most influential online sites around the world who discussed Android • Paid brand partnerships with fashion Instagram accounts and extreme photography duo ‘On The Roofs’ • Advertising spend to amplify brand content • Display advertising on BBC Worldwide web properties
  8. 8. Unilever Increase brand exposure of 1.3 billion Euro ‘super brand’ with millennial Mums across 23 markets around the world How? • Provide a better online experience that acts as the ‘brand embassy’ online. Build a global web template that can be implemented many times • Move marketing mix towards mobile, social and display advertising. Support the markets with the right digital assets • Make TV advertising that works for the web. Get digital’s voice heard at the beginning of an advertising campaign rather than the end
  9. 9. Sandoz Drive demand amongst consumers for a range of cough and cold remedies across 12 middle income countries from Russia to South Africa How? • Meet the common information needs of customers about coughs and colds, move beyond product information to become a trusted advisor • Develop digital assets to fit the country digital behaviour traits • Make consumer choice easy with a product picker and store locator • Build an omni-channel campaign around a website • Amplify through TV, social and online video advertising
  10. 10. About me Amazon author page: LinkedIn page: About: Blog: Email address found here: Twitter account: @r_c Sina Weibo: renaissancechambara WeChat
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