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Steve farrell slides-final

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Steve farrell slides-final

  1. 1. BONJOUR Please let me introduce myself
  2. 2. STEVE FARRELL BACKGROUND • Currently live in Boulder, Colorado with my wife and our two children • Founder and chairman of two Silicon Valley companies (1990s) • Sold all interests by 2001 to pursue spiritual path
  3. 3. BACKGROUND • Assisted founder Neale Donald Walsch launch Humanity’s Team (HT) June 2003 • Took responsibility for HT February 2004 • Created non-profit status, governance structure and began coordination of global movement
  4. 4. PROFILE OF HUMANITY’S TEAM Global grassroots spiritual movement Awakening the world to Oneness A timeless truth and sacred belief: We Are All One, One with God, One With Life
  5. 5. PROFILE OF HUMANITY’S TEAM • Expressing a shared global unity • Enabling a sustainable world of peace, harmony and happiness • HT operates in 90+ countries • Over 50, 000 worldwide teammates • All volunteer staff
  6. 6. FOUCUS ON URGENT PROBLEM • We are Holons but most know Self as body only • Lack of awareness that we are part of a larger Whole • Potential to heal Self and world through connection with God/Source, the universe and each other
  7. 7. HUMANITY TEAM PROGRAMS • Tools for personal transformation • Build community groups worldwide • Global education outreach • Spiritual activism
  8. 8. ONENESS DAY PETITION • 50, 000+ signatures • Meeting with United Nations (New York) May 20, 2010 • First step toward creating International Oneness Day sanctioned by the UN • Towards living Who We Are by co-creating a compassionate and sustainable world
  9. 9. MILESTONE PROGRAMS • 2003 Humanity’s Team launch with 800+ people in Wilsonville, Oregon, USA • 2005 Co-host Seeds of Transformation Conference with Bard College Institute of Advanced Theology • 2007 World Tour, 10 countries in 39 days
  10. 10. MILESTONE PROGRAMS • 2008 Oneness Summit in Argentina • 2009 Presentation of Spiritual Leadership Award to Desmond Tutu in South Africa
  11. 11. The Evolution of Humanity Team’s Governance Structure
  12. 12. GOVERNANCE STRUCTURE • General agreement on goals • Initial agitation • Focus on mutual trust and respect with Adizes Institute • Cultural Diversity Statement • Importance of culture
  13. 13. SHARED POWER • Vote on Statement of Direction for the creation of stability and shared power • Council of trustees based on Carver Model • Worldwide Coordinating Director
  14. 14. SHARED POWER • Core Team meets once a month and approves key projects • Global Council meets once a year and approves all global projects • All approval reached through consensus
  15. 15. CULTURAL DIVERSITY STATEMENT “I commit to increasing my consciousness of cultural diversity, within my own country as well as around the world, so that my Humanity’s Team work and that of my teammates reflect this consciousness.”
  16. 16. CULTURAL DIVERSITY STATEMENT (cont.) “This consciousness includes respect for cultural differences such as language, dress and traditions, the ways societies organize themselves, their values and religions, and the ways they interact with the environment.”
  17. 17. THE SEVEN C’s • Consciousness • Courage • Communication • Collaboration • Consensus • Commitment • Call to Action
  18. 18. HUMANITY’S TEAM END STATEMENTS • An active, coordinated spiritual movement • Emergence of the New Spirituality • Transparent operation and finances • Knowledge that We Are All One • Five Steps to Peace • Civil rights movement for the Soul
  19. 19. MERCI Thank you

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