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Tamaraw population decline


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Tamaraw population decline

  1. 1. v
  2. 2.  What are the causes of the decrease in tamaraws’ population? What is tamaraw gene pool? How effective is tamaraw gene pool?
  3. 3.  How do people in Mindoro handle the situation losing their symbol What ways does the government do to solve this problem?
  4. 4. The tamaraws are considered as critically endangeredby International Union for the ConservationOf Nature (IUCN) because less than 500 heads are seen(Lim , 2010, p.50).Boyles noted that human disruption remains number onethreat to tamaraws (as cited in Alave, 2011, p.3).T.David also stated that , before, it was cattle ranchingthat affected the tamaraws (personal communication,November 9, 2011).
  5. 5. As T.David stated, Minodoreños are not only the ones whoare responsible for taking care of this animal (personalcommunication, November 9 , 2011).If ever something will happen in the wild, they have stocksleft due to continuos decrease of tamaraw population inthe wild(personal communication, November 9, 2011).
  6. 6. Indeed that harmful human activity is the one to blamefor the loss of the tamaraws. People are the one who isresponsible for their loss and they are the one who shouldmake a move in bringing back the number of it.We are in the fact that tamaraws is in its stage of nearextinction, people have the key and the only thing peopleneed is effort. Tamaraws are also living things, they shouldn’tbe harmed nor killed.
  7. 7. The researchers recommended the further study to bebroaden, and set no limitations in the study to give morepublic awareness