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Slab tilting machine


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Slab tilting machine

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  3. 3. SLAB TURNOVER DEVICESlab Tilting Machine alongwith other subsidiary units such as slab-handling system,electrical and hydraulic equipment and automation system as well as ancillary equipmentsuch as fine dust filtering system, chips conveyor systems, industrial cooling systems andfire-extinguishing units is used to turn or tilt the slab.Working Process of Slab Tilting Machine:The slab is placed by the overhead crane on loading and unloading stations. Each loadingand unloading stations is designed to take one slab. The cross transfer system takes the slabfrom the loading station to the slab weighing device and then to the grinding table.When the slab has been grounded it is inspected. A cross transfer system takes the slabs to ajoint slab tilting device. The slab is then tilted around its lengthwise axis for inspection.This process is again repeated for the side of the slab which still has to be inspected.On completion of inspection of the slab it is again weighed and placed on the loading andunloading station. And then it is removed by the overhead crane.Operation of MachineOperation of the machine takes place from a separate control cabinet which also includesthe control unit with PLC and frequency converter.The machine is equipped with a process control terminal inside the switchgear cabinetdoor being directly linked with the PLC. This leads to a great number of advantagescompared to conventional machine control systems: Record automatically the ongoing and summary volume of the slab handle and transferring this information to the Steel Plant’s main computer system Easy preselection and speed separately or sequentially for all Arm and via function buttons "Clear text" fault indication with memory later listing of faults Special functions as a standard like Gripping control, indication of the slab in rest position, Vertical Position, totalizer and many more All data being important for the process are available in the PLC and therefore usable for logical combinations Easy to realize Interface for superior control systems Preselection of Lifting Arm and Receiving Arm can be started automatically in required sequence 3
  4. 4. Before Installation: • Carrying out an analysis of the local conditions with respect to installation of the slab tilter; performing all the necessary measurement and installation. • Preparing and providing the user with technical projects both of the slab tilter itself and all installations necessary for its operation: hydraulic, electrical, etc. as well as the auxiliary equipment (transport roller tables, cranes); • Installation of the foundations and structures as well as power, electrical and hydraulic systems; • Slab basic Data / Specification Slab tilter capacity 20 up to 25 slabs / hour Tilted slab weight Max. 70 MT Tilted slabs width 750 up to 2200mm Slabs length 6000 up to 12500mm Slabs thickness 150 up to 450mm Temperature Max 550°C 4
  5. 5. CORE VALUES Customer Loyalty & Customer Satisfaction. Commitment to Quality. Continuous Communication Aim and achieve efficiency improvements and loss reduction. Be open to change and adopt best practices in operations and project management to improve systems availability, quality and security. Create an environment that motivates employee performance and values their contribution. Develop and train employees, enhance their skills by job rotation and job enrichment and encourage them to take greater responsibilities. Ensure that system reliability, safety and security are not compromised.Please contact for more details:REMSO CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES PVT. LTD.D-157, GREATER NOIDA EXPORT PROMOTION INDUSTRIAL PARK, KASNA,GREATER NOIDA, DIST:- GAUTAM BUDH NAGAR,201308,INDIAPhone: +91-120-4290183 , Fax: +91-120-4295183, Mobile :+91-9810339183Email ID : , 5