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The Ten Commandments of Remote Work



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The Ten Commandments of Remote Work

  1. The Ten Commandments Of Remote Work
  2. Remote Work Commandment One Thou Shall Be Transparent • Let others know your schedule • Be clear when you are in the office or off-site • Keep it all above board
  3. Remote Work Commandment Two Thou Shall Be Effective • Work in a comfortable space • Work in ninety minute intervals and take regular breaks • Purchase quality equipment and a reliable high speed internet connection, keep backups
  4. Remote Work Commandment Three Thou Shall Not Become Isolated • Use video conferencing for meetings when feasible • Meet face to face when possible • Keep up with family and friends
  5. Remote Work Commandment Four Thou Shall Not Love Thy Work More Than Thy Self • Take regular real vacations and become completely disconnected from work • Schedule work hours and stick with your routine • Maintain non-work family time, friendships, and hobbies
  6. Remote Work Commandment Five Thou Shall Be Healthy • Eat well • Stretch and exercise regularly • Get a good nights sleep
  7. Remote Work Commandment Six Thou Shall Sharpen Thy Saw • Continue your education • Keep up with technology and other innovations that make remote work easier • Learn and sharpen skills that are marketable online
  8. Remote Work Commandment Seven Thou Shall Not Be Ungrateful • Be thankful for the opportunity to work remotely • Promote the remote worker lifestyle and help others find opportunity • Give back to your community, online and offline
  9. Remote Work Commandment Eight Thou Shall Flourish Across The Earth • Take advantage of travel opportunities • Move to a lower cost location • Work in different locations regularly, coffee shops, co- working spaces, etc.
  10. Remote Work Commandment Nine Thou Shall Eventually Work For Thy Self • Being an employee means you can get stuck back in a cubicle at any time without due notice • Become a freelancer, contractor or business owner to fully take advantage of remote work opportunities • Create remote work for others
  11. Remote Work Commandment Ten Thou Shall Not Be An Ass • Help promote remote work and telework by being effective • Be professional, even when working at home in pajamas • Have fun and enjoy yourself, that’s ultimately what its all about.