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   How do you connect to my PC?
         We use the market’s most trusted remote connecti...
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Rid Dc Brochure V1


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remoteitdesk brochure

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Rid Dc Brochure V1

  1. 1. INTRODUCING 24 X 7 STATE OF THE ART PC SUPPORT – FOR HOME OR BUSINESS SPECIAL OFFER BELOW – GO TO: or call toll free 877-ITDESK1 WHAT IS Frustrated with your PC Problems? remoteITdesk? ABOUT US Do You Need Help? Tired of Waiting in RemoteITdesk is a diverse end-to-end IT solutions Line or Being Put on provider. We offer a range of IT support service plans for small business, home office and home users. Our Hold for Hours? foundation is built on uncompromising integrity and knowledge acquired by study, investigation, observation Let remoteITdesk take and experience. Through these values we attain our customer’s confidence and satisfaction care of all your needs – day or night – 24 x 7 – OUR MISSION with SECURE remote access right into your Our goal is to set the standard for remote computer computer system(s)! support solutions through fast service and response with 24 x 7 availability. Our customers will always receive one- on -one personal attention at a very affordable price. Our customers will receive the highest quality of customer service available. Our employees will be provided with The Smart Way to extensive training, a great place to work, competitive Support Yourself pay and benefits, and the freedom to use their own good judgment and experience to meet our customers’ or Your Business needs. SEE AN ONLINE DEMO & LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW REMOTEITDESK CAN SUPPORT YOU OR YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS AT: WWW.REMOTEITDESK.COM 1-877-ITDESK1 OR EMAIL US AT SALES@REMOTEITDESK.COM
  2. 2. OUR SERVICES Specialized Support Solutions for Every Business Need remoteITdesk supports most small business software applications. We Virtual Helpdesk also specialize in customized support geared especially for your specialized PC & Peripheral Support markets, including: (call us now!) Application Install and Support Virus and Spyware Protection and Removal Accounting Software Support Software/ Hardware Installs and Upgrades Technical Advising  Payroll  Billing Network Support  Accounts Payable Network Monitoring Services  Accounts Receivable Network Configuration Setup & Install  Inventory Incident Support & Troubleshooting  Account Reconciliation Software/ Hardware Upgrades  401(k) Technical Advising Web Solutions  Medical Office Support Web Hosting, Design, Development & Maintenance  Electronic Medical Records  Medical Billing  Image Management  Practice Management Solutions for Your  Medical Database  Research Software And many more, including support for:  Educational Institutes  Small Businesses   Retail Non-Profits Home or Office or Business  Entertainment  Finance Your Personal Helpdesk – 24 x 7  Manufacturing New PC Setup Hard Drive Crashes PC Purchase Assistance and Advising Application Support How we do it: Printer Setup Internet Connections Auxiliary Speaker Setup 1. Remote via secure login Monitor Problems Email Help 2. Via Phone Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Help 3. Via Live Chat Virus and Spyware Protection and Removal 4. Via Email Software/ Hardware Installs and Upgrades 5. We come to you Technical Advising Software Compatibility Issues Cable Help PC to TV Hookups Graphics Support
  3. 3. TO THE RESCUE …. SEE HOW EASY IT IS TO GET HELP WHEN YOU NEED IT – SEE HOW IT WORKS… You Log on Download evaluate Request Tell us your to Create Allow the "Log Case ID Technician your Enter issue via live remote a Tech to Me In" is sent evaluates experience Your Case chat with our Secure Access applet (one to you and takes itdesk. Account ID experienced with Connection Your PC time by mail action com technican remoteIT process) desk $ Pricing $ Call us or go to to view our limitless pricing plans and options – we are here to make sure you get the service you need within the budget you have! Call today for a special remoteITdesk introductory offer – 15% off of any service – for a limited Flexible pricing time only! plans customizable to your needs or You pick one of our Home Call 877-ITDESK1 popular standard plans Business
  4. 4. YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED – FAQ’S  How do you connect to my PC? We use the market’s most trusted remote connecting solution by LogMeIn to connect to your system. You can be assured that this is the latest technology and is completely secure. You control when we have access to your system.  What If I am behind a firewall? Since the session is initiated by you the you still can receive support from behind the firewall without having to modify your firewall settings.  How do you assure me that this connection is secure? All communications are channeled over a 128bit encrypted connection to ensure security.  Can you get into my PC without my consent? No, the session is initiated by the client and is a onetime session. Therefore, your technician or any other remoteITdesk technician cannot initiate or access your PC without your consent.  What if I decide to deny connections or revoke access during a session Clients always retain the right to deny, revoke or cancel the connection anytime during the session. It’s as simple as a click of your mouse.  Can you abuse the privilege and access my personal information? No, you can monitor everything and every click we make as we are servicing your system. And, every session is recorded and logged to ensure the security and integrity of your information.  Where are the technicians located that are working on my system? Our technicians are located primarily within the U.S. and are also based at outsourcing centers around the world, all over a secured firewalled connection  How do I communicate with your clients? We communicate with you via online chat sessions, via telephone calls that you initiate or you can have the technician call you, all based on your preference and with little or no wait time.  How long does it take for a technician to come to my business if I need an on-site technician? This service will depend on your subscription, terms, and conditions; however, we can usually have a technician on-site in less than 24 hours.  I have a large business and need extensive support – can you send a team of technicians to my place of business? YES, we can assign dedicated resources for your firm working either offsite or onsite.  Are your technicians certified? YES, our technicians are extensively trained and certified by major vendors including Microsoft, UNIX, Novell, Cisco, Nortel, Juniper, Oracle, Sun etc  Will your technicians come to my home? YES, but for the security of our technicians and to save you money, we only come to individual residences if it is absolutely necessary and requested by you.  How long does it typically take to get an issue resolved? As with any support needs for any type of system, it all depends on the complexity or availability of equipment or software. Most issues are resolved instantaneously while some may take 2-6 hours, we guarantee service level agreements (SLAs) of 24 hours*.  Is there an audit of what your technician did on my machine? YES, we have extensive detailed reports generated within our system and all sessions are monitored and recorded to ensure there is no abuse.  Can I see the log at any time? YES, we can provide it on request basis.  Can I check on the status of my solution at any time? YES, you can track and check the status of any ticket you open.  What if I have a problem with a technician – how can I escalate an issue? You may at any time escalate to one of our administrators who will re-assign or escalate the issue if needed. Our goal is to ensure your problems are solved and you are happy with both your service and your remoteITdesk experience.  Will the same technician always work on my system? Not necessarily, however, if you prefer we can assign the same technician based on availability. We know that building relationships and trust is one of the best ways to keep our clients happy. Your satisfaction is our number one goal!!