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How To Screen & Interview Programmers


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The Most Efficient Way To Screen & Interview Coders! Save 70-80% of time and spending of your engineering and HR team. Learn more at

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  • A good idea for the first step of the screening process would be to give them a coding test. You don't need to know anything about programming to do this, you can just use an online testing platform like TestDome. This way you immediately filter out people who don't have the required skills and narrow your pool of candidates.
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How To Screen & Interview Programmers

  2. 2. Screening Problem Companies spend hundreds of hours just to hire one developer. It costs them thousands of dollars. Reason Companies rely on resumes and phone interviews to screen candidates.
  3. 3. Do Resumes Count?
  4. 4. Problem with Resume Screening •  It’s easy to get misled by a good looking CV •  Great candidates often don’t put enough time to polish their profiles, and so companies easily miss out those talented people •  For programming jobs, companies should screen candidates based actual programming skills and resume can’t demonstrate that.
  5. 5. Problem with Phone Screening •  You can not watch your candidate code •  You can not collaborate in problem solving •  It’s hard to conduct panel interviews •  Simply put, phone or Skype calls are not optimized for coding interviews.
  6. 6. Solution
  7. 7. Screen using Programming Tests •  Instead of Resumes, screen candidates based on their performance in programming tests and quizzes •  Completely automated scoring •  Saves times and money of your engineering and HR team.
  8. 8. Conduct Real-‐Time Interviews using •  Real-‐time online Code editor and compiler •  Audio/Video/Text chat •  Panel Interviews •  Notes System •  Questions Library •  Code Playback
  9. 9. 150 CVs 75 Phone Interviews 20 Hours of Recruiter’s time 75 Hours of your Engineers’ time! 150 Hours of Engineers’ time! 25 On-‐site interviews 1 Hire 225 Hours = $22,500 Hiring for 1 Job Post BEFORE Remote Interview
  10. 10. 150 Attempts by Candidates for Domain Coding Challenge 15 Remote Interviews Automated - 0 Hours 15 Hours of your Engineers’ time! 12 Hours of Engineers’ time! 2 On-‐site interviews Hire 1 27 Hours = $2700 Hiring for 1 Job Post AFTER
  11. 11. Time and Money saved on ONE hire 100+ Hours $10,000+
  12. 12. Featured By
  13. 13. Private Beta Jun 2014 Public Beta Aug 2014 LIVE Jan 2015
  14. 14. Features: Programming Tests
  15. 15. Coding Questions •  Code editor and compiler with 12+ Programming Languages
  16. 16. MCQs with Rich Text Editor
  17. 17. Automated scoring
  18. 18. Detailed Candidate Report
  19. 19. Candidate Report on Email
  20. 20. Runtime calculation for each test case
  21. 21. Code Playback in Candidate Report
  22. 22. Multiple Admins
  23. 23. Candidate Invites
  24. 24. Features: Real-‐time Code Interview
  25. 25. Features •  Real-‐time online Code editor and compiler •  Audio/Video/text chat •  Panel interview •  Notes System •  Questions Library •  Code Playback
  26. 26. Premium Features for Enterprise Customers Phone Call Integration Custom Branding and URL Isolated Cloud Deployment for Security Integration with existing ATS (Applicant Tracking System) using API
  27. 27.