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MidWest & Gascoyne Bush Food Network


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TAFE WA, Central West

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MidWest & Gascoyne Bush Food Network

  1. 1. MidWest & Gascoyne Bush Food Network 1
  2. 2. Bush Foods Project Overview The Bush Food Project is aimed at providing employment  opportunities for Aboriginal Communities and Towns , by developing  networks and partnerships with groups  and organisations throughout  the Mid West and Gascoyne to set up a few production sites for the  cultivation of  Australian Bush  Foods.  This Project will provide Training in Tourism , Business,  Food  Production and Horticulture  and will also acknowledge the Nutritional  properties, Culinary  and Traditional uses of Bush Foods. A Variety of Products such as relishes, jams and chutney’s will be made  from the produce and marketed throughout  the Towns. This project will also promote the Indigenous Art Industry in the Mid  West, Gascoyne and surrounding area, making the towns  key places  for Tourists to visit, buy Art and to develop the area as a base for Art  and Nature based Tourism. Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 2
  3. 3. Bush Foods Project Purpose of the Project • Inspire People • Promote Team work • Promote  Products and Services in the Australian Bush Foods Industry • Develop  Partnerships  • Promote Tourism •Generate Training  •Create Employment • Provide Business Enterprise Opportunities Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 3
  4. 4. The Mid West & Gascoyne Bush Food Network Emu Services MEEDAC Yanjet The Food  Sorcery Small goods  Processor Emu  Gascoyne  Nukara  XXX MEEDAC Yanjet Services Fresh Farm Farm Independent  Cultural Centre Wholesalers 4
  5. 5. Bush Foods Project Range of Products Lemon Myrtle Pesto Chilli Jam Bush Tomato Chutney Quandong Relish Bush Dukkah  Caperberries in Native Thyme Oil Papaya, Watermelon and Quandong Relish Davidson Plum Jam Illawarrah Plum  etc etc etc Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 5
  6. 6. Bush Foods Project “Planting the Seed” Horticulture Program The Horticulture Program being run currently at CDEP could  grow some of the  bush foods needed to produce the  Bush  products. Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 6
  7. 7. Bush Foods Project Main Cultivation Site and Production Sites •Carnarvon •Mullewa Other Potential Cultivation Sites     •Yalgoo •Mt Magnet •Karalundi •Wiluna Training & Employment 7 For Aboriginal people
  8. 8. Bush Foods Project Horticulture Programs Yulga Jinna Community Lecturer: Robyn Westlake Certificate II in Horticulture (S030) Training & Employment For Aboriginal people
  9. 9. Bush Foods Project Training & Employment For Aboriginal people
  10. 10. Bush Foods Project Kardaloo  (30kms north of Mullewa) Community Training & Employment For Aboriginal people
  11. 11. Bush Foods Project Site Preparation Training & Employment For Aboriginal people
  12. 12. Bush Foods Project Planting Training & Employment For Aboriginal people
  13. 13. Bush Foods Project Training & Employment For Aboriginal people
  14. 14. Bush Foods Project Production Standard Recipes  will be developed, exclusive gourmet products  produced and packaged in accordance with Food Safety  Regulations for each of the Network Members to market under  their own label. Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 14
  15. 15. Bush Foods Project Potential Training Opportunities and Career  Pathways Tourism Operations  Tourism Guiding Art Horticulture Business Retail Cookery Food Safety Nutrition Potential Traineeships  Gallery Attendant    (Tourism Operations) Nature Based Site Guide   (Tourism Guiding) Cook   (Certificate II Kitchen Operations) ???? Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 15
  16. 16. Bush Foods Project The Food Sorcery together with  project partners  could Plan, Promote and Host an  Art and Bush Foods Fair In the Mid West and/or Gascoyne tastings  ‐ entertainment  ‐ gourmet bush BBQ   artists at work Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 16
  17. 17. Bush Foods Project Summary The Mid West & Gascoyne Bush Foods Network /project partners to set up a  bush foods operations in WA. A number of cultivation sites to be set up through the Midwest and Gascoyne  area. Products to be produced by one central production company. Products can be marketed by each individual Business under their own label  and/or  through  the Network  wholesaler. The Project will offer a simulated work environment for  Participants to  develop and practice employability skills  This project will create Employment  and Business Enterprise opportunities  in  the Mid West and Gascoyne. Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 17
  18. 18. Bush Foods Project Contact persons Rhonda Richardson Aboriginal Education Training & Employment Tourism/Hospitality Central West TAFE Ph    9956 2775 FAX  9956 6161 Mob 0427 566 112  Training & Employment For Aboriginal people 18