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Remote Desktop Manager brochure

  1. 1. Centralize it Secure it Simplify IT!Dedicated to helping network administrators and IT executives securelymanage remote connections, network accesses, passwords and credentials.Remote Desktop Manager lets you centralize and manage all yourremote tools and protocols into one easy-to-use platform.
  2. 2. All of your remoteAll of your remote connections at your fingertipsRemote Desktop Manager VisionA variety of factors have converged to create the needfor a robust, efficient and simplified remote connections 200 000 usersmanagement platform, including:• IT departments are increasingly being asked to do more with less 80+• The number of servers, the size of databases and users continue to substantially increase• IT security has emerged as a critically important countries organizational issue – often the most important• Many teams are no longer co-located in the same room or even the same city, and must find better and smarter ways to work together when they’re separated by time and space 15 min to get started 2 000 active forum membersAdd it all up, and it’s clear that in order for IT professionals using RDMand departments to achieve their objectives and stayahead of their competition, they need a powerful, reliableand trusted business and team-based solution.In a world where productivity, efficiency and security aretop priorities and looming challenges, Remote Desktop 60+ add-ons 160+ fully-integrated toolsManager delivers a unique platform that empowers you to ∞centralize all of your remote connections via a refreshinglysimple and friendly user interface. It’s the elegantly efficientway to create a world in which remote connections areunified, security is strong and manageable, and teamworkis both easy to achieve and enjoyable to experience. Infinite numberThat’s the vision of Remote Desktop Manager, and even of sessionsmore, it’s our unwavering promise to you!Remote Desktop Manager deliversPowerful Productive IntelligentCentralize and manage your Say goodbye to spending Enjoy the industry’s mostremote connections. Create valuable time trying to remember complete and easy-to-usesynergy within your team or locate passwords, credentials remote connectionsby sharing information. and connection settings. management solution.Empower individual and team Focus on tasks that add value Leverage integrated technologiesperformance and productivity. to your organization. to manage your connections,Give the power to your IT team. Save time and simplify your life. tools and entire IT infrastructure. Customize to meet your specific requirements.2 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  3. 3. Remote connecti Remote connection, password and credential management solutions ●● Integrate all your connection types (RDP, VNC, FTP, VPN, Web, SSH, ...) ●● Secure, organize and store your sensitive data ●● Centralize your informationMore than 200,000 users allover the world rely on RemoteDesktop Manager!“I use this product literally everysingle day. With todays distributed ●● Enable teamwork and share sessionnetworks using different platforms and settingsVPN connections, this product hasstreamlined how I access all of them.”Jeremy H.Software Development ManagerApplus Technologies“Remote Desktop Manager isextremely useful in my day to ●● Manage user security rightsday work, making connections toservers and services extremely easyacross a wide variety of customer ●● Monitor, verify and analyseenvironments and connection types.” connection logDavid S.Lead EngineerPC Help Services“After I installed the tool, I wasconnected to servers using VPN andRemote Desktop in an organized ●● Simplify user queriesfashion in just minutes. RDM was soeasy to set up and configure that I ●● Streamline support taskswas back to working on the manyneeded tasks before I could take the ●● Save time and moneytime to look at all the features.”Chris Shaw,SQL Server Database AdministratorAlcohol Monitoring Systems3 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  4. 4. Deploy Remote DDeploy Remote Desktop Manager in a matter of minutesHave you ever wished that you could easily add, edit, organize, delete and manage all your remoteconnections? With Remote Desktop Manager (RDM), you can do it all in a matter of minutes!Here’s how:1. Get started Download Remote Desktop Manager to your computer. The Enterprise version is required to use all features. The free Standard version has limited functionalities. You install it by following the instructions and you’re ready to go.2. Create sessions Set your connection settings, passwords and credentials. You can choose from hundreds of integrated tools and protocols, including RDP, VPN, SSH, TeamViewer, VNC, Putty, LogMeIn and many others.3. Start working You’re now ready to easily add, edit, organize, delete and manage all your remote connections! You can control different servers, machines or any other device via a single click, and rapidly switch between sessions.4 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  5. 5. Support Multiple CSupport Multiple Connection TypesRDM is fully integrated with dozens of leading technologies.We’re proud to say that RDMfeatures the largest integratedtechnology roster in the industry.It’s all part of our vision to offeryou a versatile, all-in-one solutionthat completely achieves all ofyour remote desktop connectionmanagement needs today, andtomorrow.Count on us to create the add-on you need.No extra fees, no worries.RDM supports more than 60 free add-ons and plugins, and the list growsevery week. Our development teamworks day-in and day-out respondingto requests from our amazingcommunity of IT professionals.Tell us what you need, and we’ll makeit happen!5 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  6. 6. A single, easy-to-A single, easy-to-use dashboardGroup your connections Manage your settings Securely share informationTo simplify your life, Remote Desktop Use the RDM dashboard to create, Easily add information, documentsManager lets you organize sessions edit, delete and manage all of your and sensitive data to anyin groups (folders). You can then connection settings. Simply create connection(s), so that you caneasily view all sessions within selected a session and RDM takes care of securely share information with yourgroups and subgroups, and find a the rest. Enjoy the freedom to select team and increase productivity.specific group(s) using the search options and settings that meet your You can also manage each user’sfilter. specific needs. security rights and grant access to a specific group of users.6 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  7. 7. LicensingLicensingWhether you work as a sole specialist or as part of a global team, there’s a Remote Desktop Manager(RDM) license that’s right for you.All of the freedom you want Single user licenseRDM licenses are available per USER -- notper machine. We’ve done this so that youcan benefit from our product at home andin your office without paying additionallicensing fees. Multiple user licensePlus, RDM is not a subscription-based service,and your license will never expire. You’llalso receive one full year of upgrades andsupport at no additional cost.After that, you can choose to pay a nominal (x) User licensefee and receive regular maintenance andupgrades, along with the capacity to install Site licensethe latest RDM version(s). 1 Site (office), Unlimited Users Global license Unlimited Sites (offices) UsersSite license vs Global licenseA site license grants you the right to use RDM for an unlimited number of employees/users for asingle site/office.A global license grants you the right to use RDM for an unlimited number of employees/usersacross multiple sites/offices, anywhere in the world.7 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  8. 8. 99 Free subscription Remote Desktop Manager Online (RDMO) is a powerful, secure (up to 15 sessions) and low cost cloud-based data source that empowers IT pros99 Create an online data and network executives to save time and money, while they source and access all your strengthen their workforce, increase security for sensitive data, remote connections from and enjoy the rewards of being among their organization’s anywhere strongest business assets. Used in combination with the Remote99 All transfers are encrypted Desktop Manager (RDM) client, RDMO lets you access remote using Triple DES and connections from any Internet connection. Rjindael encryption99 Add users and create With RDMO, user data is stored in Devolutions’ hosted cloud security groups database, and encrypted with a private key, or a mix of private keys and passphrase. Like the SQL Server data source, the RDMO99 Share your sessions with multiple users data source enables access to sessions as well as connection logs and attachments. Plus, RDMO offers unlimited user connections and security groups. Visit for more details and create your free Basic Account8 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  9. 9. 99 High-end security server Remote Desktop Manager Server (RDMS) is ideal for clients who for your organization would prefer to store their data in-house, want to deploy their99 Share your sessions with own SSL certificate or firewall, or who need Active Directory multiple users integration with role management. Remote Desktop Manager99 Can be deployed online client connects to an RDMS data source, but it is hosted and or internally controlled within your own infrastructure. With RDMS, you have99 Support Windows total control over security, configuration and network topology. authentication and Active Directory group RDMS also offers a very smooth transition from the SQL Server data management source to an RDMS data source. With an RDMS subscription, you99 Client and server side enjoy all the features of the SQL Server data source, plus client caching optimization and server caching and Active Directory group management capabilities.99 Includes Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise client (global license) Many users opt to start with RDM Enterprise using SQL Server data source, and then upgrade up to Remote Desktop Manager99 100% compatible with the Server. RDMS comes with a full RDM Global license. If you’ve SQL Server data source previously purchased an RDM license prior to upgrading, you will receive a credit from your first purchase. Visit for more details and your free 30-day trial9 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  10. 10. Ressources Ressources Support We have RDM answers when you need them! Plus, we simplify the support process by empowering you to choose the channel that’s best for you: Support team Our world-class support and development team is always ready to help you! We don’t just sell licenses; we create partnerships. And we don’t just develop new technologies; we deliver concrete solutions. That’s why our support team is always ready to answer your questions and respond to your requests. Blog Our blog serves a global community of IT pros and other users, and focuses on both technical and non-technical topics of interest. Our blog is also a great way to learn more about us, who we are, and what we do. You’ll also find information on software updates, new tools, and tips and tricks to help you get the most of RDM’s many enhanced features. Forum Our RDM forum is your one-stop source for RDM-related knowledge, technical information, expert-to-expert conversation, and more. With over 2,000 active members from across the globe, be assured that you’ll be in exactly the right place to ask your questions, request new features, or tell us about an add-on or plugin that you’d like to see. We take all requests very seriously, and pride ourselves on being responsive to our community. Tutorials Explore more than a dozen video tutorials that clearly explain RDM’s key features. Learn how to setup new connections, share sessions, manage security groups, install add-ons, manage credentials, store passwords, and more. Plus, we’re always adding new videos and updating existing ones to capture the latest features. Online help RDM online help is your 24/7 go-to resource for answers regarding various features, functions, integrated tools, protocols and much more.10 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  11. 11. DevolutionsDevolutionsA Technology-based businesssolution companyDevolutions is a leading provider of remoteconnections, network accesses, passwordand credential management tools for networkadministrators and IT executives.We believe that IT departments are no longera source of expenses but a source of revenues.IT have become part of organizations’ mostimportant asset in order to get an edge on thecompetition. That’s why we don’t fall in love withour technology and launch products just to feelgood about it. We listen to REAL world IT challengesand come up with REAL answers. We are expertat designing and creating REAL concrete ITsolutions that increase efficiency and productivityin businesses throughout the world Centralize itFounded in 2004, Devolutions helps IT departmentsbecome more efficient by delivering professional, Secure itlow cost, easy-to-use management tools backedby a world-class support team. Devolutions is a Simplify IT!privately owned company located in Montreal,Canada. Contact Us For any technical questions, please contact Head office RD Office us by email. Devolutions inc. 871, Notre-Dame Street, Suite 101 40 Des Jardins Street Lavaltrie, QC J5T 1T7 Lavaltrie, QC J5T 1R1 Canada Canada Email: Tel: +1 (450) 935 0608 fax: +1 (888) 935 060811 / PRODUCT BROCHURE
  12. 12. For more information, please visit