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Streaming music Vs Streaming books
As streaming is becoming the main model for the music industry, will the book embrace the same future

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Slides r boutonbookstreaming

  1. 1. Les nouveaux modèles d’accès du livre : cloud, plateformes de streaming services d’abonnement @labodeledition #LabLivre Justo Hidalgo @24symbols Hélène Mérillon @youboox Thomas Salomon @Storyplayr Rémi Bouton @Rbouton @RBouton - Labo de l'édition - 30 Janvier 2014
  2. 2. #1 cultural industry to enter the digital age Music is THE digital laboratory 1998 first commercial MP3 player released SDMI : secure digital music initiative (more than 200 IT, consumer electronics, security technology, ISP and recording companies) 1999 Napster creates the P2P 2001 Apple launch the Ipod + iTunes Music Store 2003 2006 Google buys YouTube 2007 The year of the Deezer - Iphone – Amazon's Kindle 2008 Spotify is on air 2009 Apple removes the DRM on music 2013 Digital represents around 50 % of the global music market mainly download 2014 Streaming becomes the main model ? @RBouton - Labo de l'édition - 30 Janvier 2014
  3. 3. “ While industry executives initially refused to attribute the early signs this year of digital sales weakness to the consumer's growing appetite for streaming... … in the second half of the year many were conceding that adsupported and paid subscription services were indeed cannibalizing digital sales “ @RBouton - Labo de l'édition - 30 Janvier 2014
  4. 4. Streaming is already the king in North Europe Norway 2013 CD = 22,3 % of total revenue Streaming = 84 % of digital revenue Sweden S1 2013 CD = 25 % of total revenue Streaming = 94 % of digital revenue @RBouton - Labo de l'édition - 30 Janvier 2014
  5. 5. Reasons of this success Territories where paid download is not so much developped In 2008, the year Spotify launched in Norway, digital sales accounted for just 8.5% of total revenue in Norway Vs 38.7% in the US In France streaming = 50 % digital revenues 12,5 % whole market (S1 2013) : 1/3 paid 2/3 free 2013 : for the 1st time since 2002 the market is up @RBouton - Labo de l'édition - 30 Janvier 2014
  6. 6. Revenues 0,007 € : the average revenue for 1 stream Streaming services' per-stream royalties may seem small given current listening activity but payouts will vastly improve when far more consumers are streaming for more often 29 million subscribers worldwide at the end of 2013 >191 million by end2018 $5 billion by end of 2013 to more than $46 billion end 2018 >more than 2x the worldwide Less than @RBouton - Labo demarket !!!!!! Janvier 2014 l'édition - 30 (according to ABI Research)
  7. 7. Streaming is the futur Deezer = $ 500 million (late 2012) Spotify $ 4 billion (late 2013) after invest $ 250 million from Netflix Netflix in the US (33 M subscribers + 11 M abroad + launch in France next sept. Turn over $ 4 billion Launch of Beats Music in the US Partnership with telecom company Connected devices will help streaming grow : better integration for listening at home and in the car Youtube is the first musical streaming service in term of audience and revenues : ahead of Spotify or Deezer @RBouton - Labo de l'édition - 30 Janvier 2014
  8. 8. Streaming Books ? Are you sure ?  Books have been ATAWAD for centuries...  In France digital is around 3% of the market, when will that grow ?  Music is international (in terme of langage, but also taste) > book is local  Music is interoperable mp3 with no DRM  Signing catalog for music is easy, with only 3 majors and one big indie pool you have 95% of the offer + collective management (Sacem's style) for authors rights  Right holders had no choice because the had to face piracy  In France music and record shops are not protected with fixed price or "anti-Amazon law"...    Listening to recorded music has always been possible only with a device so everybody has the habit to use technology You can still read a book without any devices (maybe some glasses) but you have many different dedicated and not interoperable reading devices Kindle, Kobo, Ipad, Sony etc Music listeners are the young Y generation, they have embrassed digital very fast. Book readers are (in general) conservative people... but the USA show the way @RBouton - Labo de l'édition - 30 Janvier 2014