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innovaChron\'s Workshop Catalog

A complete description of the workshops offered by InnovaChron. Note that these are licensed from Innovative Management Tools LLC, a US-based company.

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innovaChron\'s Workshop Catalog

  1. 1. InnovaChron Providing Timely Help to Managers Workshop Catalogue May 2009 © Copyright 2009, InnovaChron Inc., 83 Lynn, Gatineau, Québec, Canada, J9H 1B5 All rights reserved. Any unauthorized use, sharing, reproduction or distribution of these materials by any means, electronic, mechanical, or otherwise is strictly prohibited.
  2. 2. InnovaChron Providing Timely Help to Managers A manager may have three different types of focus: 1. Managers can work in their team. 2. Managers can work on themselves 3. Managers can work on their team Managers work in their team when they focus on project management, defining new products, or do some technical work themselves. Managers work on themselves when they develop their leadership or management skills through training sessions, readings, spending time with a mentor or a coach, etc. Managers work on their team when they build and share a vision for their team, when they research ways to optimize the team’s activities or the team structure, when they develop a culture for their organization, when they coach their employees, etc. Working on their team is what will bring the most freedom to the managers. Yes, they have to develop themselves and dive in to help their team once in a while. However, what will allow a manager to really get his team moving and give him time to really do what he is supposed to do is when he develops his people, coaches them, train them, ensures that the team members all share the same vision, the same set of goals, ensures that the structure and processes are efficient and optimal. The workshops listed below are all meant to allow managers and their team members to work on their own team. They are providing frameworks to analyze the team from various angles and to lead the team towards finding their own solutions to problems. They ensure buy-in from the team members since they found the problems themselves and they worked on the solutions as a team. The workshops create a bond between the team members as they work together towards improving their own performance and quality of life! It is to note that the list of workshops is growing fast at the moment and so it will be updated regularly in the near future. It is also important to note that all the workshops presented in this document were created by Innovative Management Tools LLC, (see for more information on this company) and are licensed to InnovaChron Inc. for its own usage. For more information on these workshops or to reserve your next session, please email Rémi Côté at or call him at (819) 332-1592. Thanks for your interest!
  3. 3. InnovaChron Task Management and Workload Distribution Barrier Identification and Elimination How can you identify, HATS™ is a task What barriers or hurdles HURDLES™ is a analyze, and assign management activity are prohibiting your barrier identification responsibilities to that helps you assess department or and elimination maximize employees’ how many and which organization from moving activity that helps you capabilities and “hats” your employees forward? What solutions assess what barriers productivity? What’s are wearing. exist to eliminate these exist between a the proper balance of hurdles? Do the various current state and a job tasks between departments or future state, as well as employees? Are your employees know what what needs to be employees ideally solutions they are done to eliminate suited for their roles expected to implement, these barriers. and responsibilities? and when? HATS™ helps you and Use HATS™ to HURDLES™ helps you Use HURDLES™ to your employees cope Identify roles and and your employees Define a current state with transitions and responsibilities cope with transitions of being embrace change Balance employee and embrace change Define a future, initiatives by putting workloads desired state vision initiatives by Identify duplication of Identify progress the right people in the eliminating those efforts barriers right jobs. Address time barriers that prohibit Brainstorm solutions to management issues you from getting to the the barriers Align employee goals desired change state. Assign action plans to and priorities against employees company goals Assess resource Create job descriptions commitment needed to Justify staff expansions reach the future state or reductions Secure buy-in from multiple areas of the organization A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools For more information on these workshops or to reserve your next session, please email Rémi Côté at or call him at (819) 332- 1592. Thanks for your interest!
  4. 4. InnovaChron Process Improvement Waste Analysis What steps make up your SNAPSHOT™ is a What parts of your IDENTIFY™ is a waste internal processes? Do the process improvement processes are not adding analysis activity that various departments or activity that helps you any value? What are the helps you discover all employees know exactly define and analyze the steps where people the inefficiencies of what is required of them various steps of a almost always block? Is your processes and within each process? process and there a lot of wasted time brainstorm possible Which steps within your brainstorm changes to introduced in your changes to the processes are roadblocks the process in order to processes? process in order to to smooth performance? make it more effective make it optimal for all and efficient. participants, for your team, and for your corporation. SNAPSHOT™ helps you Use SNAPSHOT™ to IDENTIFY™ helps you Use IDENTIFY™ to and your employees Define process owners and your employees Study your current map out processes and and champions identify various forms processes analyze them to see Map process steps of waste in your Find wasted effort where things are going processes and to Eliminate steps adding Highlight conflicting well and where no value process steps and develop a waste Utilize your employees improvements could be timing elimination plan to to their full capacity made. Identify gaps in optimize your Ensure all steps in a processes operations. process achieve a Uncover training common goal deficiencies Identify all downtime Confirm where decision in your processes and metric points are within processes Brainstorm process improvement ideas Evaluate process output requirements A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools For more information on these workshops or to reserve your next session, please email Rémi Côté at or call him at (819) 332- 1592. Thanks for your interest!
  5. 5. InnovaChron Complex Change Preparation Idea Generation When you are faced with NAVIGATE™ is a How many brainstorming IDEAS™ is a a complex change to change preparation sessions have you been in brainstorm activity define, communicate, and activity that helps you that lack structure and that helps you put implement, where do you consider several results? How much better structure and a start? Do you have a clear elements that directly would the results have process around what direction for the change? impact the success of been if the session’s is often nothing more Do you know what an upcoming change facilitator had more than an unorganized resources and training are before the control over the process conversation needed to effect the implementation and the participants? change? How will your begins. employees react when they learn of the change? NAVIGATE™ helps you Use NAVIGATE™ to IDEAS™ helps put form Use IDEAS™ to and your employees Establish and and process to an Generate ideas in a cope with transitions communicate a change activity that is usually structured but creative and embrace change vision or direction anything but manner initiatives by addressing Define resources structured. By Minimize wasted time those factors that needed to effect a providing a process and through focused cause employee change structure to a discussion frustration, anxiety, Identify ways to brainstorming activity, Solicit input from all false starts, motivate people to sessions can be participants in a inefficiencies, and embrace the change nonthreatening way completed in less time confusion before Address training needs Minimize chaos and with better results. launching into the prior to introducing debates change Highlight the best change plan. Review the process ideas and procedural changes needed to effect the change Generate change action plans based on A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools actual needs A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools For more information on these workshops or to reserve your next session, please email Rémi Côté at or call him at (819) 332- 1592. Thanks for your interest!
  6. 6. InnovaChron Strength – Weakness – Opportunity - Threat Product Portfolio Analysis What is the current OVERVIEW™ is a Are your products or INNOVATE™ is a state of your team? high-level SWOT services reaching their portfolio analysis What are its strengths activity that allows a maturity level? Are they activity designed to and weaknesses? How group to brainstorm stale and in need of a help organizations is your team positioned the most important new look or focus? Are analyze a product or for the future? What strengths and you losing market share service to see where are the opportunities weaknesses for an because you are seen as or how it can be and threats that it will organization and then offering “old” products improved and brought face? Do you know continue identifying and services? Are you “to the next level.” what to do to ensure potential opportunities ready to ditch the whole success of your team in and threats that may product and start over? the future? be on the horizon. Don’t! OVERVIEW™ allows Use OVERVIEW™ to you, your board of Bring the visionaries of directors, and/or your the company together INNOVATE™ is Use INNOVATE™ to staff to look at the to assess the current Explore improvements designed for those state of the without totally current state of your companies that need to reengineering a organization organization or rejuvenate and revamp product or service Brainstorm a finite department while also amount of information their products and Brainstorm new ways looking into the future to serve as action services without to market, position, for growth items moving forward starting over from and promote a product opportunities. Once Compare multiple scratch. INNOVATE or service the information is SWOT data from has you look at 20 Breathe new life into a captured, the critical employees and stale product or service different aspects of a management to define Define new market items can be turned product or service, perception gaps niches to grow into a management understanding what the revenues Create proactive skills roadmap to set in the organization to current state is, and priorities, metrics, and prepare for future exploring future measurements moving opportunities enhancements. forward. Align staff to ready the organization against future threats A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools For more information on these workshops or to reserve your next session, please email Rémi Côté at or call him at (819) 332- 1592. Thanks for your interest!
  7. 7. InnovaChron Skills Analysis Workgroup Management What are the skills PROFILE™ is a skills Why is it that so many TEAMS™ is a required by your team? analysis activity that teams fail to produce the workgroup Are your people paints a picture of the desired results? Why do management activity equipped with the right skills needed to some teams continually that walks a group of skill set to perform their perform specific job struggle and “storm”? people through the work adequately? Are positions and whether What steps can be taken team chartering you vulnerable because your staff possesses to improve a team’s process – planning your team does not have those skills at the chance for success? their path to becoming the right expertise? Do required level of What brings a group of a high-performing your employees need competency. people together so that team. training to perform their they begin to act and job with success? produce like a team? PROFILE™ helps a Use PROFILE™ to TEAMS™ focuses on Use TEAMS™ to department manager or Analyze people’s the planning phase of Put clarity and supervisor take an strengths and weaknesses compared team development. By definition to the team’s inventory of the staff’s existence to job requirements developing a team skills and experiences Allow the team to plan Determine where you charter as the group’s compared to the job its strategies and work have multiple people first order of business requirements. The with the same skills plans prior to rushing (and success), the to produce something analysis pinpoints and interests team is able to Establish the “rules of where skills are not Highlight personal adequately define its the game” by which quite at the level development purpose, product, the team members will needed for optimum opportunities for employee growth measurements, and abide performance or where Define team Assess where training goals. But almost more there are skill voids – leadership, milestones, needs exist importantly, the team creating a potentially performance goals, Learn more about your spends time defining vulnerable position for staff’s experiences roles and their team processes – responsibilities, and the future. beyond their current the backbone of their recognition strategies position future success. Inspire the team members by empowering them to A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools create the best team possible A workshop kit from Innovative Management Tools For more information on these workshops or to reserve your next session, please email Rémi Côté at or call him at (819) 332- 1592. Thanks for your interest!