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  1. 1. Leadership <br>• Leadership Lessons from UCLA's John Wooden<br>
  2. 2. The Pyramid of Success <br>• The pyramid of success outlines life lessons he taught his players  <br>• These lessons can be used by business professionals today <br>
  3. 3. John Wooden <br>1. Great coach and leader <br>2. Many said he was the best basketball coach ever <br>3. He describes leadership as being a teacher with authority <br>4. He believes any activity requires leadership to be successful<br>
  4. 4. UCLA school of management established John Wooden the global leadership award.<br>
  5. 5. (No header) <br>• He thinks that the most important thing is to care about your people <br>• He was interested in his players lives, families, overall well being <br>• Too many people get caught up in the  material gain of being a leader<br>
  6. 6. (No header) <br>• &quot;A strong organization starts with caring for people&quot; <br>• John Wooden<br>
  7. 7. (No header)<br>