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rest3d - webGL meetup - SF 11/07/2012


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rest3d update :: asset browser prototyping
presented 11/07/2012 at the San Francisco webGL meetup

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    Perhaps not truly RESTful (avoiding the RET definition holy wars, but check out OGC 3D Portrayal Interoperability Experiment FINAL REPORT ( This document describes the results of an OGC Interoperability Experiment (IE) on the portrayal of 3D geospatial information. It contains technical details on processing 3D information in an OGC service environment as well as best practices on how to portray large data sets in urban planning scenarios, taking into account architectures and capabilities of interactive 3D graphics. Especially Web 3D Service and Web View Service, two draft standards (published as OGC discussions paper), have been in the focus of 3DPIE. They considered multiple data encodings and bindings: CityGML, KML, COLLADA, X3D, X3DOM, HTML5/WebGL, and OpenStreetMap. Cheers
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rest3d - webGL meetup - SF 11/07/2012

  1. 1. Rest3D update(for webGL meetup) Nov 2012 Rémi Arnaud AMD
  2. 2. Rest APIs are fueling the web ecosystem Graph API
  3. 3. What about 3D?
  4. 4. RESTful Principles Build on http protocol [get/put/post/delete] Addressable resources – resources can be accessed via a URI Uniform & constrained interface – small set of well-defined methods to manipulate resources Representation oriented – different platforms need different formats: Communicate statelessly – Stateless applications are easier to scale Hypermedia As The Engine Of Application State (HATEOAS) – let your data formats drive state transitions in your applications
  5. 5. Accessing 3D assets on the web (no API)browse
  6. 6. Accessing 3D assets on the web (no API)Search
  7. 7. Accessing 3D assets on the web (no API)Download
  8. 8. Accessing 3D assets on the web (no API)Import / analysis / fix / combine
  9. 9. Accessing 3D assets on the web (no API)export/convert and serve
  10. 10. Accessing 3D assets on the web (no API)Serving the content Your on your own, since there is no rest-3d services !
  11. 11. Architecture Client Server(browser) (http) REST-3D
  12. 12. Prototype implementation Browser ServerWebGL Qooxdoo Node.js BaseXviewer UI REST-3D http XML MVC Server DB COLLADA Images Shaders
  13. 13. Case study – rest3D viewer browse/search/analyse/view rest3d/assets : returns list of assets  What is an asset? What is the asset URI? How are they organized? rest3d/search : return assets matching with search  What are the search criteria? rest3d/assets/path/asset: return a particular asset  Source asset? Processed asset? For what platform/software ? rest3d/asset/path/asset?build-options  Control server-side content pipelineNote: this is not the rest3D API, examples used for illustration
  14. 14. Rest3d prototyping app
  15. 15. Thanks Check the blog:  Join the discussion: !forum/3d-rest