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commission structure


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This document is an overview of our commission structure but its in beta mode, things can be modified for the safety of the company

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commission structure

  1. 1.  Disbursements to Affiliates Part  Commission Structure I  Compensation Plan  Building a FoundationWhat you  Networking Part will you II  Your Business Plan learn  Your Objectives from  Identifying Your Strengths & this Weaknesses training?  Controlling your sales pipeline Part III  Keeping an eye on your metrics  brush up your closing skills
  2. 2. Disbursements of Commission to AffiliatesWhen do you get paid?5 business days after we receive. • 3 day after payment is1. Signed Client Agreement pulled2. Authorization and Confirmed • 5 day after date to Charge initial payment payment is3. 3 days after payment is pulled pulled Meracord will confirm with us if payment was successfully processed You as an agent can will be sent an direct deposit form from Meracord to manage and track all commission. At the end of the year you will receive a 1099 form.
  3. 3. Commission Structure $$$HOW DO YOUSTART MAKING IN THE FRONT END $$$MONEY? RESIDULE INCOME $$$ IN THE BACK END $$$ You as an agent can generate income from multiple courses. In the next slide we will go over the compensation plans.
  4. 4. Two Types of Loan Modification Commission Structure For Affiliates Counseling Services IN THE FRONT END 1st and 2nd 1st Mortgage $2,000 one Mortgage Mortgage Plus $2,250 Two Mortgages•Price:$2,000 •Price:$2,250 Monthly Foreclosure Monitoring and performance Fee Example 1: Client has 1 Mortgage 1st Mortgage $2,000 x 40% = $800 pay to affiliate 1st and 2nd Mortgage Example 2: Client has 2 Mortgages $2,250 x 44.5% = $1,000 In case of monthly installments 1st payment must be at least half of the full price
  5. 5. Since we offer counseling services, 1stspecial 2nd shortsale most likely we will have 2 types of assistance scenarios that we can use Meracord •Price:$100 to •Price:$500 1,000 refundable Example 1: Client wants me to help them Special service fill out forms and summit to lender $500 for the services Example 2: we charge a 500 upfront fee to process a shortsale through our system.In case the shortsale doesn’t go through The $500 are refundable once the lender pays us at closing.
  6. 6. 3 Types of Credit Repair Commission Structure 50% per lien and 33.3% Residual income Programs$75.00 per negative soft lien 90 Day Credit 3 Month 6 Month Credit Makeover Credit Repair Repair100.00 per negative hard liens lien •$350 Upfront •$350 Upfront •$350 Upfront$75.00 Monthly Credit Monitoring •$25 Residual •$25 Residule •$25 ResiduleFee •For 3 months •For 3 months •For 6 months Example 1: Client has 10 negative liens 90 Day Credit Makeover 75 x 10 = $750 plus residual for 3 months 100 x 4 = $400 plus residual for 3 months Example 2: Client has 10 negative liens 3 Month Credit Repair 75 x 10 = $750 plus residual for 3 months 75 x 10 = $750 plus residual for 3 months Example 2: Client has 10 negative liens 6 Month Credit Repair 75 x 10 = $750 plus residual for 3 months
  7. 7. 1 Types of Debt Settlement Commission Structure Programs$12.50 Monthly Trust Account Fee 12 Month 18 Month 24 Month Program Program Program$50.00 Monthly Credit MonitoringFee •$200 Upfront •$150 Upfront •$125 Upfront •$100 Upfront •$125 Upfront •$125 UpfrontWe Settle All Debt at 35% •25 % Back End •20 % Back End •18 % Back End Example 1: Client has $25,000 debt 12 Month Program 50% =$12,500 debt entered in program Monthly payment of 1104.16 Example 2: Client has $25,000 debt 18 Month Program 50% =$12,500 debt entered in program Monthly payment of 756.94 Example 2: Client has $25,000 debt 24 Month Program 50% =$12,500 debt entered in program Monthly payment of 583.33 Part II
  8. 8. 1. Each person starts a business with different skills and talents2. You need a user friendly plan that is not only “one way”3. Knowledge is not power. It’s potential power. 5th point on star.4. Know the number one rule to getting ahead: Know what you know, know what you don’t know and know that you need to know what you don’t know before you know it.This training program is designed to not only get you the knowledge to gain profitableresults, but to also gain these results at a much faster pace.How?Again, the answers are:1. MAXIMIZING YOUR PROFITS. 2. BUILDING A MONEY GENERATING NETWORK. In the business world, there is basically no other way.“Our strongest fear is not that our mind is incapable, Our strongest fear is that our mindis beyond powerful” Benjamin Worbucks Let’s get started…
  9. 9. You need to have a network to grow your business Where to find good networks?  LinkedIn  Real estate sites  Blogs  Internet Create Social Media Accounts.  Twitter  Facebook  Google plus Create ads on the internet to offer your services.   
  10. 10. People don’t believe what they hear, Now, please write down your 2012 objectives: __________________________________________People believe what they see. The first 1. 2. __________________________________________step is setting up your business plan. 3. __________________________________________The following section is set up for you 4. __________________________________________to write down where you would like to 5. __________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________be financially in the next 5 years. Enhance my ward robe t o reflect the____________________________________________________________________________________ professional that I am.__________________________________________ Make this year’s holidays the best ever.__________________________________________ Attend Remco Online, llc “Agent__________________________________________ Achievement Award” Dinners (AAA)_________________________________________
  11. 11.  I work to get a client each and every single week, “salable client flow” is the key word to the fortune that I seek. Networking is the way to go and when I make this clear, success will then be mine. Lead generating  Plan ahead Prospect (Talk to everyone)  Use your checklist Convert prospect to a client  Reduce the number of errors Service all your clients  Save time by saving trips Follow up on closed clients  Develop a farm & Plant seeds Ask for referrals / more business  Be flexible with your commissions Schedule courtesy calls  Use our staff to learn more  Re-train and re-educate yourself
  12. 12. The following crystal ball is used to identify where you need improvement on. Strengths WeaknessesYou’re extremely persistent You have poor time managementYou Communicate well You procrastinateYou have great selling skills You take “no” for an answerYou work smart You have no computer skillsYou enjoy your work You are not a “go getter” At Remco Online, llc, You control your own destiny. Part III
  13. 13.  Almost every salesperson is held  Controlling your pipeline starts with accountable to a set of goals. And your very first contact with a new lead. commission payments are usually tied to that goal structure, After you’ve opened the conversation meaning that salespeople are and piqued the lead’s interest, but highly motivated to meet and before you start scheduling the exceed those goals. appointment, confirm that you’re speaking with the homeowner. Regularly meeting those monthly or quarterly targets requires planning. A salesperson needs to  This may sound like common sense, be aware of how many sales she’s but an amazing number of salespeople made so far, how many they can will spend enormous amounts of time expect to get from their sales and energy courting a lead only to find currently in process, and how many more they needs to build out that they’ve been speaking with the from scratch. wrong person. Careful planning comes with an  Use your Prequa to ask the important additional bonus – it leads to a questions and always make your own steady flow of sales, instead of the personal note. feast-or-famine cycle that accompanies poor pipeline management.
  14. 14.  Once you’ve determined that you  And don’t forget to call and email have the actual decision maker on the day before an appointment with a quick reminder of your visit. the phone, ask some probing Yes, this does give the prospect a questions to find out the chance to cancel on you, but it’s magnitude of the prospective sale. better than showing up and Ideally, you’ll want to find out (1) wasting an hour on a no-hope sale. And when the appointment how many months are they late on ends, the follow-through should their mortgage/ credit cards (2) continue. how long they lived at the property/ how long they had that  When a prospect is slow to make debt.(3) What are they interested in up his mind, try dangling a carrot optioning from our services or two. Free trials, discounts, and First month free are ideal for this After you’ve made the initial purpose, since once the prospect contact, follow-through is a major has actually used your product or factor in speeding a sale along service they’re much more likely to stick with it all the way until the toward a happy conclusion. end. Freemiums - small, no- Schedule your appointments with obligation gifts to a prospect - can prospects as early as possible, and also kick the sale out of neutral respond promptly to any requests gear. for information.
  15. 15.  Finally, keep track of how many  Keeping an eye on your metrics can prospects you have in each stage also help you become aware of any of the process. If you have lots of weaknesses in your sales strategies. sales that are close to closing but For instance, if you schedule tons of no appointments scheduled, you appointments but only a few of them need to do lots of cold calling. If convert into actual sales., it’s time you’re in the opposite situation, to brush up your closing skills. cut back on the cold calls and focus on research and  Spotting and fixing problems with presentation touch-ups. your technique early on – before they affect your final numbers – Don’t forget to make a note of keeps you out of those awkward the expected budget for each discussions with your sales prospect as well, since a really manager! large sale might be worth two or 2 key factors three small ones. It’s worth the extra effort Track Your Sales Metrics How to Close a Sale
  16. 16.  How many cold calls did you make  If you’re not keeping track of any of last week? If you can’t answer that your activities right now, start with question with an exact number, you the basics – the aforementioned have a problem. number of cold calls, your total number of appointments, and your total number of sales. These three There is no way you can consistently metrics will allow you to track your improve your performance if you pipeline and to know exactly what don’t know how well you’re doing percentage of leads you’re turning right now. That’s a fact in all walks of into customers. life, not just in sales.  Please feel free to use it as you wish For instance, studies have shown that people who track how many calories they eat per day have far fewer weight issues on average than those Prospect Plant Seeds who don’t. And families that keep exact records of where and how much money they spend are much less likely to struggle with debt. Stay in Convert contact and leads to ask for Sales referrals
  17. 17.  The most important step in the sales process is also one of the most  Basic Closes These are fairly simple to neglected. Im talking about the close, implement and will work on a wide of course. Every salesperson should range of prospects. If you presented the attempt to close every sale with no product well and responded to the exceptions. If a prospect seems prospects objections, the close follows unreceptive you can use a softer close, naturally. while an eager prospect is a good candidate for a harder close.  Intermediate Closes Once youve mastered the basic art of closing a sale, Unfortunately its quite common for its time to review some intermediate- salespeople to panic and blurt out level strategies. These closes arent “Would you like to think it over?” or necessarily more difficult than the basic other such sale-killing statement. Few closing strategies, but they tend to be people will buy a product if the more complex. salesperson recommends he think about it first.  Advanced Closes These closes are a bit trickier to apply than the basic or After all, the prospect reasons, if even intermediate closes. They require more the guy selling the product doesnt setup time or a willingness to push the think I should buy it right now, I should prospect a little harder. But when used definitely wait. wisely, they can seal the deal with prospects who otherwise wouldnt buy from you.
  18. 18. Hey, you finished training session I! Congrands!!!!! You may ask questions or make a comment.By Miguel Villarreal© copywriters remcoonnline llc 2012