Remax Metro Newsletter April, 2013


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Greetings from RE/MAX Metro, Ahmedabad.

It’s our pleasure to send you our first Newsletter for the month of April 2013, we will be sending you this every month and letting you know the progress of our office and real estate market.

We would like you to send us the review for the same as this would help us improve. Please send the review by clicking .

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Remax Metro Newsletter April, 2013

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER RE/MAX Metro Ahmedabad_________________________ R o April - 2013 o 407, Shangrila Arcade, Nr.Shyamal Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380015. Gujarat, India. Contact : 079-40322757 Email : Web : HIGHLIGHTS N������������A����2013 B�����O����S���� A�������RRR-4 B�����A��������S���� N��BAJ����� D��������M���� P������������M���� R�����B���� RE/MAXM����B���L����� P����G������ F���T��D���O� B�����O����: Hello all, We are happy to send you RE/MAX Metro’s first newsletter and what a way to start it! You all will be very happy to know that RE/MAX METRO has won 7 awards in 4th RRR (RE/MAX Yearly Conference) at GOA which includes National Broker Office Veteran League for the year 2012-13, Award for Net Agent Gain and BEST RE/MAX office. Our Business Associates also got several awards which are highligh- ted in Awards section. We team of 8 RE/MAX Metro agents went to the RE/MAX Convention to Goa, convention gave us the right opportunity to network with agents not only across India but also from Canada and USA. There were excellent sessions from Larry Oberly (VP RE/MAX LLC) and Gil-liran (Israel Trainer). This was not only a learning or listening place but was a place to meet new people and relax by having a good time at the cruise party organized by RE/MAX India. With this newsletter we will try to keep you informed of ongoing real estate market news around India and also let you know our recent listings and close deals which will show you the progress of our office. Real estate market is going bit slow now and we assume that for few months it will remain the same but once the clearance from Gujarat Government regarding the zoning and FSI will come we all will start seeing the movement in the market. Let’s start this new journey of ours and we will try to keep you upda- ted with all the real estate news. Thank you Vivek Parikh Broker Owner RE/MAX Metro
  2. 2. R o RE/MAX Metro RE/MAX Metro attended RRR-4 (RE/MAX Realty Rendezvous) Convention in Goa during April 26th - April 28th.____________________________________________________________________________________ RE/MAX Metro Team has been awarded with seven different awards in the National Convention of RE/MAX for the year 2012-2013._____________________________________________________________ We are overjoyed and humbled to receive the Award for 2nd Best National Broker Office for the year, 2012-2013. An achievement that has brought our pride to our family and colleagues. RE/MAX M���� : 2�� B��� N������� B����� O����� Along with that we got 7 different awards : V���� P����� : N������� B����� R�������� A���� P���� : A���� T�� C���� B����� A�������� A���� V��� : G�� T���� A����� 1. N������� B����� A�������� 2. A���� T�� C���� B����� A�������� 3. 100 % C���
  3. 3. R o RE/MAX Metro RE/MAX M���� : M��� RE/MAX’�� A�������� Winning the Award has given us an oppor- tunity to step back and look at what we have achieved in the last year, Receiving the Award has renewed our enthusiasm and allows us to aspire to even greater heights. B�����A��������S����:_____________________________________________________________________ Hello, I am Amish Vyas, Broker Associate with RE/MAX Metro since last 2.5 years. During this time I had an amazing experience with real estate industry and I am very thankful to RE/MAX network for supporting me all the way. I am very happy in terms of recognition as well as financial achievements. I really believe that using RE/MAX technology and network support, team work, marketing tips through the company is very helpful to me for my personal as well as business growth. In terms of financial investment for any kind of business promotion my investment is only 10% and in return I am getting 90% of wealth, reward, recognition and reputation. This is really affordable for me or any other person who wants to join this organization. I am really satisfied and happy with the RE/MAX METRO’S support system such as infrastructure, Broker Owner’s guidance, Team of helpful Broker Associates and Admin staff’s support. Our regular weekly team meetings help us in many ways to increase our business. Every week webinar from Regional Office in different topics for business growth are really helpful, through which we are able to achieve lots of impossible things. Having such an experience and exposure into the market I still feel there is lot more to go and to learn from this sector in terms of professionalism and there are lot more possibility of earning wealth and respect. I am getting a very good mentor support from my broker owner and for which I am very thankful to him and expect the same in the future too. Regards, AMISH VYAS Broker Associate (RE/MAX Metro)
  4. 4. R o RE/MAX Metro N��B�����A��������J�����:________________________________________________________________________ L��� W��’�J�����O��T��� M�.K���� R���� M : 9998708087 E : ������@�����.�� Having11yearsofexperienceinretailsellingand customerservice,hehasmadehimselfastronger focusedperson,andthiswillbeabigassetforhis business.Heistotallycommittedtoachieve desiredoutcomebyprovidingWorldClassservice andexceptionalcommunicationinthishighly competitiveindustry. Congratulations D��������M����:________________________________________________________________________ Welcome To RE/MAX Metro
  5. 5. R o RE/MAX Metro P�����������������:_________________________________ 4BHK L�������� B������� ��� ����, O��. R�������-3, S��������. A���� P���� B������� A�������� RE/MAX M���� M : 9825333907 E-���� : 4BHK Bungalow for sale, Opp. Ratnakar-3 , Prernatirth Road , Satellite , Ahmedabad. - 440 Sq.Yd plot area - 400 Sq.Yd construction area - Fully furnished luxurious Bongalow -Very well maintained ready to live bungalow - A quiet and beautiful place for family to reside - Located in one of the best and very posh area of Ahmedabad. - Near Prernatirth Derasar - Property is nicely located with all facilities nearby such as banking, shopping, commuting, market, hospital, bus stand etc. Sector is very posh and premium. - Price : Rs. 3,71,00000 R����������:______________________________________________________________ H�����������������������������������������������? There is no one-size-fits-all formula for the viability of residential real estate as an asset class for investment. Different investors have different levels of expertise, experience, market knowledge and risk appetites when it comes to different asset classes.Those with insufficient expertise in stock trading are not likely to see satisfactory ROI from their activities on the stock market. Likewise, investors who lack the requisite knowledge and research to make winning real estate investment decisions will not meet with much success in this vertical. Real Estate investors who have sufficient market knowledge or work with experienced real estate consultants will not fail to see lucrative returns on their investments. Three parameters for successful investment in any asset class are when to invest, how much to invest and when to exit. In real estate, three additional variables are where to invest, into which size and con- figuration, and in which location.
  6. 6. R o RE/MAX Metro RE/MAXM����L����������B���: ___________________________________________________________________ P���� G������ :__________________________________________________________________ T��� RE/MAX M���� �� RRR-4 C��������� G�� RE/MAX M���� ( L��� W��� T������� A�� E��� T������� )
  7. 7. R o RE/MAX Metro P���� G������ :__________________________________________________________________ T��� RE/MAX M���� �� RRR-4 C��������� G��
  8. 8. R o RE/MAX Metro P���� G������ :__________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. R o RE/MAX Metro Please send us your reviews about this month’s newsletter. Feel free to give your suggessions and we will incorporate the same in coming newsletter. Send your suggessions to Or o 407, Shangrila Arcade, Nr.Shyamal Cross Road, Ahmedabad - 380015. Gujarat, India. Contact : 079-40322757 Email : Web : “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don't play together, the club won't be worth a dime." YOUR VISION OUR XPERTISE