ChangeCampTO Feb.16, 2010


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This presentation was use to set the context, opportunity and invitation for the event ChangeCampTO: Designing a Civic Engagement Toolkit held at the Bram & Bluma Appel Salon at the Toronto Reference Library on February 16, 2010.

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  • Hi, I’m Mark Kuznicki, and I believe that our politics are broken. I believe that the only way to fix it is by building community and changing ourselves first.
  • ChangeCamp began here in Toronto in January last year, with an event at MARS focused on "reimagining government and citizenship". Inspired by our work, organizers copied the format in Ottawa, Vancouver, Edmonton and Halifax.
  • ChangeCamp spread because we combined engaging self-organized small group conversations with lots of social media content creation and a format that said "copy me please".
  • As a community, we have two goals:
  • I believe we are seeing the re-emergence of everyday superheros. I believe that all of us are heroes-in-waiting, that each of us in our how we live our lives can demonstrate the universal myth - the hero’s journey.
  • If each of us is a hero, then there are unsuspecting heroes among us, everywhere. Because of technology, we are able to connect in new ways, and now we unsuspecting heroes can be known to ourselves and each other.
  • And when you combine community organizing citizen heroes and the social web together with a new style of leadership, amazing things become possible. Previously unimaginable things.
  • These are our inspirations. Clay Shirky writes about technology and society in his book “Here Comes Everybody: The Power of Organizing Without Organizations”. Peter Block developed a model for community transformation using a simple method of small group face-to-face conversations.
  • Peter Block’s method is focused on building our connectedness between each other in our communities. He sees problems as an excuse to get together and build that relatedness.
  • Shirky is highlighting the remarkable transformation happening in our society now that we can all be creators. We can all participate in a global conversation and each of us can participate in multiple communities simultaneously.
  • This is what we’re talking about and this is the quality of our dialogue online.
  • We focus on images and memes rather than the underlying issues or the emerging possibilities.
  • We began this process with a back-casting exercise envisioning the front page of the newspapers the day after the 2010 municipal election on October 25th. We then went back from that date to imagine the things that happened to make such a future possible.
  • So the ChangeCamp community is building a citizen toolkit that combines these ideas and methods: using both face-to-face and online community organizing to convene conversations about the future we want to create.
  • To do this we need to change how we gather, how we engage in dialogue and how we create things of value. We also need a new kind of community leadership to apply these tools in a way that can transform our communities and our politics.
  • This is my invitation to each of you gathered here today. How can we use the 2010 election as an excuse to restore and build community relatedness and shift the conversation about Toronto towards new possibilities?
  • We need to assemble an open toolkit. We’re inviting 240 people to help us co-create a set of tools that can enable organizers across Toronto to invite their fellow citizens to this conversation.
  • We also need to gather a community of community organizers. Some of you are in this room. Some of you are community heroes, and others are heroes-in-waiting. I am challenging all of us to be the heroes that we are.
  • We will need to connect these organizers and these tools with partner organizations that have networks, knowledge, resources, spaces and the capacity to convene community conversations about the future.
  • My name is Mark Kuznicki and I’m here to invite you. Please join us in changing our politics by changing the conversation about Toronto that happens in coffee shops, at watercoolers and in online comment threads.
  • ChangeCampTO Feb.16, 2010

    1. 1. Connecting Torontonians to each other & their civic passions Mark Kuznicki @remarkk
    3. 3. Toronto: January, 2009 Ottawa: May, 2009 Vancouver: June, 2009 Edmonton: October, 2009 Halifax: December, 2009
    4. 4. ChangeCampTO 2009 140 participants 60 face-to-face conversations #1 Trending topic on Twitter 100 wiki pages of notes 450 Flickr photos 40 YouTube videos 96 blog posts 6 major media stories
    5. 5. Two goals: 1. help governments become more open, transparent, participatory, innovative, efficient and effective 2. help citizens become more connected to each other around their civic passions in the place they call home
    6. 6. Rise of the Citizen Hero
    7. 7. Everyday Heros are Everywhere Millions of people are connecting Revealing a collective intelligence Citizenship and responsibility
    8. 8. Our Inspirations Clay Shirky Peter Block
    9. 9. “The essential challenge is to transform the isolation and self- interest within our communities into connectedness and caring for the whole.” - Peter Block
    10. 10. “We are living in the middle of the largest increase in expressive capability in the history of the human race.” - Clay Shirky
    11. 11. Personality Politics & Comment Threads
    12. 12. Outrage over Insight
    13. 13. Imagine Another Possibility
    14. 14. Change Kits Face-to-Face and Online
    15. 15. How We Gather How We Dialogue (ChangeCamp, ChangeCafe) (face-to-face & social media) Change Kits How We Create Value How We Inspire & Enable (ChangeLab) (Community Leadership)
    16. 16. How do we use the weeks leading into the 2010 municipal election as a catalyst for Torontonians to actively shape their desired future, one meaningful conversation at a time?
    17. 17. Assemble a Toolkit
    18. 18. A Community of Community Organizers
    19. 19. Engage & Connect Partners Centre for Social Innovation U of T Cities Centre Toronto Public Library More... Maytree Foundation Framework Foundation United Way Toronto Community Housing Toronto Workforce Innovation Group Neighbourhood Associations Business Improvement Areas Toronto City Summit Alliance
    20. 20. My name is Mark Kuznicki, and I’m here to invite you.
    21. 21. What declaration of possibility can you make that would transform this initiative and inspire you?
    22. 22. What can we create together that we cannot create alone?
    23. 23. Next
    24. 24. Moving into Breakout Tables (1-30)
    25. 25. What gifts do you bring to this gathering? (5 minutes total)
    26. 26. How valuable an experience do you plan this to be? (5 minutes total)
    27. 27. Read Your Design Brief and Complete the Assignment (55 minutes)
    28. 28. Play the Devil’s Advocate Role (15 minutes)
    29. 29. 1 Person Stays, Others move to next table
    30. 30. 90 seconds report on video
    31. 31. 25 minutes marketplace
    33. 33. Closing assembly