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Published on (“Редкая марка”) was one of the first in Russia to offer Social Influence Marketing services.
Our specializatoin is digital strategies and SMM implementation, UGM-research and analysis, bloggers relations, marketing and PR 2.0 activities, social BTL and CRM. experts can provide consulting & education on interactive marketing for corporate clients.
We've found Play Marketing to be very successful and friendly strategy. Our customers love it! Playing communications approach is described in book "Marketing Games. Entertain and Rule". Anton Popov, CEO of the agency, published his second book “Blogs. The New Sphere of Influence” that became a manual for many businesses in developing their corporate blogs.

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  1. 1. Reaching digital growth for your business Agency(Агентство интерактивного маркетинга «Редкая марка») 2012
  2. 2. • Agency has been providing professional service in interactive marketing in Russia since 2005.• was pioneer of playing communications (2006+) and influence marketing & PR at blogosphere (2008+).• Our team (30+ specialists) is spread over Russia’s towns, Norway, Finland, Maldives, Thailand, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and• makes effective digital projects, including strategy consulting, web projects development, UGC-research, marketing and PR 2.0 activities in the social media.
  3. 3. Remarkable clients
  4. 4. Marketing and business objectives Our key point – marketing approach. We are listening for wishes and identifying needs of client. Then our experts suggest reliable (as well as non standard) methods and interactive tools for decision of business objectives: • Launch of product/service • Brand awareness increase • Sales improvement • Reputation management 150+ • Customer support projects • Customer loyalty enhancement for 2 past years • HR-brand promo
  5. 5. SOSTAC planning framework Where are we now? How do we monitor performance? Customers insight Customer satisfaction survey Brand perception Recruitment people under accounts 1/ Situation Internal capabilities and resources Turn consumers into advocates Analysis Track evaluations Frequency of reporting Where do we want to be? Build lovemark 2/ 6/ Control ^ reliability index Objectives ^ awareness of premium and hi-tech productsDetails, who does whatand whenResponsibilities andstructures How do we get there?Internal resources and Contentskills PlatformsExternal resources of 5/ Actions 3/ Strategy Brand Agency SMM tools + How exactly do we get there? 4/ Tactics Communications mix Social networking & Activations Offline events, connected with online Special projects
  6. 6. ResearchResearch is important for all SM stages. We use it primarily for:• Situation analysis before beginning of work• Media planning and brand-platform development• Findings for relevant / actual themes for corporate media• Collecting data of loyal users (to make PR 2.0 with them)• Identifying negative sources (to react and moderate)
  7. 7. Strategy / S7 airlines Strategy can be based on target audience, marketing objectives or SN platform presence. In case S7 Airlines we have divided tools by goals. Year: 2012
  8. 8. SM Indicatorresearch of industry social media activities conducts regular investigations of SM efficiency for different industries (banks, avia, tourism, e-retail, …). We are analyzing results by dynamics of owned media growth, audience engage rate, number and sentiments of mentions, respond rate. Also by request can make content strategy analysis of competitors, best time and frequency of publications, quality of audience (free of bots) and brand presence. Link example: u/social-media-indicator-banks Год: 2011
  9. 9. Reputation Management / RosatomLong-term activities, pointed at brand perception and reputation amongsocial media users.“Rosatom” has been choosing for 4th year to safe and enhance itsreputation in blogosphere and social media. Our staff and trained clients employeeswere rejecting information attacks.Quantity of negative opinions has decreased twice, and positive opinions weredoubled almost every year of reputation management. We have changed attitude tonuclear field from negative to neutral – with positive dynamics.
  10. 10. Social BTL / blog-tours at NPPs In 2011 has organized 6 trips to nuclear power plants around the Russia. 106 opinion leaders have visited these plants, and published their impressions over 230 profiles, including 1800 photos. Summary reach of reports - 670 300 internet-readers. Most comments on these reports, photos and videosDetailed case link: were positive, only 4% were negative.
  11. 11. Site SMO-adaptation / TOP Class International Ability to share links to site, add to bookmarks or email it. Results: Traffic on site = +17%. More than 700 top managers Translation of TCI came at first congress’2010. discussion from Twitter. Friend recommendations Year: 2010
  12. 12. Social media platform Paid & Earned media Own media Activations and community-management Content marketing Fans support ? Reputation management
  13. 13. Content marketing / Absolut Bank During the contest called «Money in profile» we’ve prepared 3d- pictures from coins to visualize services of Absolut Bank. Users who guessed what amount of money was used for picture creation, could received this sum at his bank card (opened in Absolut bank). For contest «Card Olimp» we’ve made video with advices from 4- time winner of Guinness Record Book. He’s build 1+ meter high “new year tree” from Absolut bank cards. After this video seeding there were about 50000 viewings. Year: 2011
  14. 14. Like-gating / HaierOrdinary surveypublished at HaierFacebook page wasnot very effectiveuntil we attracted Results:some traffic withtargeting advertising. 70 000+ votesThen it was going 100 variants of answersviral. (users could add their own) 2413 people have liked the Haier page Cost per fan = 7,7 rub Year: 2012
  15. 15. Own media decoration For real estate agency MIEL we have developed mascot MiElf.
  16. 16. SMM promo of the biggest notebooks e-seller Cost per engaged contact = 0.47 rub. Cost per site visitor ROI 525% from SM = 11.38 rub. for 5 months campaign«Additional» effect: several wholesalerequests via direct message from@uti_twi, one for 50 iPad‘s. Detailed case link: Year: 2010
  17. 17. Paid media / Maidenform1. Site has get 5 times more traffic vs. usual.2. Paid posts were published at 13 popular pages(overall reach 4 180 668 users). Target audience (women21+) - 1 114 836. 21 433 unique visitors3. Advertising campaign in Facebook and reached3 068 577 users and provided 4297 clicks on site. were attracted at site for 3 weeks4. 166 discussions were iniciated in blogs and forums (with campaignbrand mentions, link to site and to online PR-articles). Year: 2012
  18. 18. Recommendations of Remarkable peopleWe are proud to work with remarkable people, and they recommend us to other remarkable people! More recommendations:
  19. 19. Education is ready to educate on issues of SMM and gamification - at corporate seminars and open conferences. More than 500 employees of different companies (logos are below) have received knowledge and were trained on right digital media behavior.
  20. 20. First books about interactive marketing in Russian Founder of Anton Popov is author of business bestsellers “Marketing Games. How to engage customers and defeat competitors“ (2006) and “Blogs. New sphere of influence “ (2008). These books were red by tens of thousands people. Lots of Russian companies were inspired to move to blogosphere and social media after reading of “Blogs…".
  21. 21. Own services – to help clients users are tagging brands and made tags clouds of brand association. We can made express audit of any brand, get customer insights, range brands with the same tags (like “expensive”, “tasty”, ...). Also play word-games. – Infographics in Russian – daily updates on issues of digital marketing, people and business. We are popularizing idea of visualization as well at facebook, pinterest.
  22. 22. Your social media partner in Russia Call on +7 495 697.0.111 Write to Watch cases at Visit us in the center of Moscow