Canadian Relocation Systems Mobile Marketing from Website


Published on, the comprehensive Canadian relocation resource for people on the move, will soon (October/November 2009) be introducing Interactive Mobile Advertising. The service can be easily incorporated into your current banner ad or can be offered as part of your broader marketing campaign incorporating print, radio and TV advertising.

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Canadian Relocation Systems Mobile Marketing from Website

  1. 1. Canadian Relocation Systems – Mobile Marketing July 2009
  2. 2. Introduction Canadian Relocation Systems is a privately owned company, established in 1997 Head office in Victoria, Canada Providing an online up-to-date relocation resource for people moving in and to Canada XXXX hits/per month To expand services, Canadian Relocation Systems is going mobile! We specialize in relocation services for 54 cities in Canada
  3. 3. The Value of Canadian Relocation Systems The Canadian Relocation Systems brand • A well known brand • 250,000 unique visitors per month • When visitors find us they find you, we’ve proven it! • Customized Advertising in one of many categories • Our visitors come back due to our fast and personal customer service Canadian Relocation Systems mobile services • Adds new marketing channels to new and existing clients • Consultative approach, not just a technology provider - We help our clients successfully maneuver through the minefield of mobile marketing regulations and define mobile marketing strategies • Rapid deployment of sophisticated mobile marketing services. • Established mobile delivery channels worldwide, allowing our clients to deliver mobile marketing in Canada and abroad, increasing marketing reach
  4. 4. Global use of Mobile Phones 6.6 bn People Total Population 4.1 bn Cell Phones 1.4 bn 1.1 bn Internet Landlines Half the world’s population own a mobile phone – That’s 4 times the number who own a landline phone – And 3 times the number of people who access the internet
  5. 5. Global use of Mobile Phones Not just for teenage kicks – In a Recent survey (2007) by Insight express in the USA:“80% of Younger Baby Boomers (45-54 year olds) and 79% of older Baby Boomers (55-64 year olds) own a cell phone in the USA today”
  6. 6. Cell Phone Use • Using our website statistics we know that – 60% of our visitors are from Canada – 20% from USA – 20% from rest of world (with majority from UK and Germany) • Translating to cell phone ownership – Canada 88% ownership – USA 86% ownership – UK and Germany close to 100% • Nielsen Mobile report December 2008 – Texting is now more popular than voice calling on an average US caller plan – 58% of mobile users have been exposed to mobile marketing in past 30 days, 45% responded.
  7. 7. Texting now more popular than calling in US Average Number of Monthly Calls vs. Text Messages Among U.S. Wireless Subscribers Calls Texts Qtr 1, 2006 198 65 Qtr 2, 2006 216 79 Qtr 3, 2006 221 85 Qtr 4, 2006 213 108 Qtr 1, 2007 208 129 Qtr 2, 2007 228 172 Qtr 3, 2007 226 193 Qtr 4, 2007 213 218 Qtr 1, 2008 207 288 Qtr 2, 2008 204 357 Source: Nielsen Mobile
  8. 8. Global Coverage Latvia Argentina Lithuania Austria Malaysia Australia Mexico Belgium Netherlands Brazil Norway Canada Peru Chile Colombia Canadian Relocation Systems Philippines Poland Croatia Czech Republic can reach: Portugal Romania Denmark Russia Egypt Saudi Arabia Estonia Finland • Over 230 Countries Singapore Slovenia France Germany • 650+ Cellular Networks Slovakia Spain Greece Sweden Hong Kong Switzerland Hungary Taiwan India Thailand Indonesia Turkey Ireland Ukraine Italy United Kingdom Japan USA Korea
  9. 9. Mobile Marketing What are the options?
  10. 10. Mobile Marketing - Introduction • Mobile marketing channel options – SMS or text messaging – MMS or ‘picture’ messaging (more accurately multi-media messaging: video, audio, graphics) – Mobile Internet • Click through rates are consistently 5-10 times higher than on a PC – Downloadable applications (eg. iPhone applications) – Proximity based options such as Bluetooth, GPS, point-of-sale promotions etc. • Immediate value • Desire and motivation meet opportunity – Participation ads, eg. Interaction with TV/radio, eg SMS call- to-action to enter sweepstake, enter polls etc
  11. 11. Mobile Marketing - Introduction • Rapidly emerging channel – Intimate and interactive touch point – phone is with consumer most an average of 16 hours a day – Strategy must take this intimacy into account and offer a relevant and compelling call-to-action – Offers a channel for long-term, value-driven relationship with loyal customer that increases brand engagement – Early adoption methods have included “Secret sales’, “VIP Offers” , “Mobile Loyalty” etc • Effective mobile marketing introduction – Crawl-walk-run to gauge effectiveness – Avoid channel “contamination” and keep it simple • Opt-in based advertising – In return consumer receives something of value to them now and/or in future – Opt-in leads to ongoing permission based marketing
  12. 12. Mobile Marketing - Introduction • Examples of Mobile Marketing approaches in the consumer experience – Coupons: SMS/MMS/Mobile Internet – Proximity promotions using Bluetooth, GPS or simply Post code/ZIP Code – Free samples – Survey’s/polls – Rewards program – Loyalty applications
  13. 13. Mobile Marketing guidelines • General Mobile Marketing guidelines include guidance on: – Opt-in regulations – Customer Care – Premium services – Privacy and confidentiality – Industry dependant mobile marketing – Marketing to minors • Network carrier guidelines
  14. 14. How to ‘mobilize’ printed, radio or television media campaigns • Requires Short Code/Keyword combination • A mobile campaign can easily be added to traditional media • Allows clients to gauge effectiveness of traditional media advertising by using unique call to actions, eg. Text ‘TV’, ‘RADIO’ or ‘MAGAZINE’ depending on where the promotion is seen
  15. 15. Options for media based promotions • All promotions will have a call to action asking consumer to text a keyword eg. A ‘light’ consumer product “To receive a mobile coupon, text LIGHT to 80880” From : 80880 • Demographic based campaigns can be added to L IG$1T with Get H off call-to-action to personalize promotions. Eg. For your next purchase of age based demographics: “To enter the LIGHT sweepstakes, text LIGHT <age> to 80880. Eg if you are 25 text LIGHT 25 to 80880”. • Location Based Services, allowing consumer to text their zip to get promotions specific to store location and local/state preferences, brand preference etc. Eg. “To receive a mobile coupon, text LIGHT<zip> to 80880, eg. LIGHT 90210” • Additional demographic information can be stored and used to target future campaigns
  16. 16. Canadian Relocation based mobile campaigns • The consumer enters their phone number and is sent a promotion • For existing clients, simply replace your existing banner with a mobile call to action eg. “Enter your mobile number here to receive a 20% discount” • Call to action banners can also be used on other websites, such as clients own website
  17. 17. • Consumer enters number on website and is sent a promotion via text
  18. 18. Next steps – for discussion • Establish your marketing challenges and objectives and align to appropriate mobile strategy, strategy can include • Decide on Mobile Marketing approach; can include – Call-to-action text messaging campaigns – Message enabling existing CRM software/Websites – Mobile internet websites – iPhone applications – Branded Short code – the channel for delivering recognized brand mobile content!