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How to ship antique furniture


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How to ship antique furniture

  2. 2. TIPS FOR SHIPPING ANTIQUE FURNITURE Antiques hold a certain sentimental value to its owners, so shipping these items require extra care and attention to detail. Professional movers in Dubai can provide this level of care, but there are still some steps you can take to make sure everything goes smoothly.
  3. 3. ALWAYS EVALUATE THE ITEMS This will allow for proper insurance coverage and be helpful in case you need to make any damage claims.
  4. 4. PHOTOGRAPH ITEMS BEFORE PACKING Photograph the furniture from all angles. Having ‘before’ images helps when filing claims for damage that may occur during transit.
  5. 5. INFORM MOVERS ABOUT ANY LOOSE FITTINGS If there are loose shelves or interior pieces, secure them well and let the movers know about them. It is also best to inform them of delicate areas or pieces of the furniture.
  6. 6. EMPTY ALL DRAWERS AND CUPBOARDS Empty out the furniture prior to shipping. Additional weight and items may damage the furniture during transportation.
  7. 7. AVOID TAPING DRAWERS AND DOORS OF FURNITURE Avoid taping drawers and doors shut or using tape to secure other parts of the furniture, as this can ruin the finish. Professional movers in Dubai will shrink wrap the furniture, contradicting the need for tape.
  8. 8. ALWAYS CONSIDER THE TYPE OF WOOD Always consider the type of wood when shipping, as temperature extremes and moisture might damage certain wood pieces. Ask your antique dealer or moving company in Dubai for advice about transportation and storing pieces of wood.