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SmartM Care is an open, secure and scalable platform targeted to Contact Centers to exploit the true capabilities of smart phones. It is designed to let customers connect with the contact center from within a mobile application and gives contact center agents a panoramic view of customer prior to connecting with them.

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SmartM Mobile Customer Care

  1. 1. Traditional Voice / IVR Channels Contact Center PSTN PBX, ACD, IVR, CRM Human Agent  Toll-free Calls – IVR + Hold Time + Live Help = Costs  Smart Device acts “Dumb” – Customer Experience Suffers  Voice/IVR Channel – Very Limited – Lost Sales opportunities
  2. 2. SmartM Care Optimized Channel User Data Contact Center WEB PBX, ACD, IVR, CRM Call Back PSTN Human Agent  IVR is replaced with Mobile App: IVR + Hold Time Telecom Costs Eliminated  User request gets into the existing callback queue via Web query: Customer Experience Improves  Relevant User Social Media, Location Data delivered to agent: Increased Sales Opportunities
  3. 3. Introducing SmartM Care Button SmartM SmartM Thank You, Bob! Our Team Member will call you within 5 minutes.• SmartM button / API is embedded onto each screen of the app• Captures User Contextual Data: Account #, ScreenID, Social Profile, Likes, User type (promoter, passive), current Location -> All sent to Contact Center
  4. 4. SmartM Care via Social Media • Social Media Information • Net Promoter Score • Account Data, ScreenID • Location Data • Coupons & Incentives Contact SmartM • Product Info Center Care • Directions & Maps • SurveysCapture and deliver Contextual Information for interactions-> Enables Contact Center to make informed conversations-> Improved Customer Experience & Increase Sales opportunities
  5. 5. SmartM Care Target Market Banks and Financial institutions Wireless Carriers & ISPs Retail and eCommerce Travel, Hospitality & entertainment Healthcare UtilitiesBusinesses where: loyal customers are likely to be influencers call volumes can easily exceed the capabilities of available customer service representatives conversational transactions are a must to ensure service completion in a timely manner
  6. 6. SmartM Care Setup Phonologies SugarCRM* WEB Web CTI* CustomerSmart Phone Phonologies Application SIP ACD & Dialer* Call Back via PSTN/SIP Contact Center - Agent CRM Screen Pop* - GoogleTalk SIP Client**Replaceable by Customer
  7. 7. Value Proposition Customer loyalty programs & increased real-time Up- selling / Cross-selling opportunities = Revenues Improved Customer Experience by the growing smart device user base Cost Savings from cut in IVR / hold time + better use of infrastructure (ports) & operational optimization (callbacks) ZERO risk deployment: Little or no changes to existing Contact Center Systems and easy Customer Mobile App integration with SmartM API