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Reliv Opportunity Slides


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Published in: Marketing
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Reliv Opportunity Slides

  1. 1. Get healthier. Live happier.
  2. 2. We’re a wellness company that loves to make people healthy and happy.
  3. 3. We’re Reliv. It’s Nice to Meet You. • We make the world’s best shakes that get you results • We created a fitness & weight loss program that transforms lives • We’ve earned 10 product patents • We demand quality and oversee on-site manufacturing and R&D • We’ve led the wellness industry for 30 years
  4. 4. 75% of You Don’t Get Enough Nutrients • Your food isn’t cutting it when it comes to nutrition • Your body needs advanced nutrition every day • We make it so easy to get better health results thanks to complex nutritional formulas
  5. 5. Why Our Products Are Better • Bioavailability: Gives you instant access to nutrients for greater benefits • Synergism: Nutrients perform best when combined • Optimal Nutrition: Go beyond minimum daily requirements with higher levels of key nutrients • Guaranteed Quality Ingredients: Undergo rigorous testing to ensure product purity and potency
  6. 6. Supplements Backed By Science • 10 product patents issued • Clinically proven formulas • Pioneer in nutritional epigenetics Dr. Carl W. Hastings Reliv’s Chief Scientific Officer ExecRank Top 10 Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Alfredo Galvez Reliv Scientist and Discoverer of the Lunasin Soy Peptide
  7. 7. Fitness & Weight Loss: Everyone Wants This! • Fit3 is a fun fitness & weight loss program made up of Reliv nutrition, workouts and nutrition guidelines • Reliv nutritional products fuel fitness and promote healthy weight • Nutritional coaching, workout videos, recipes and a social community help you reach your goals
  8. 8. Be A Reliv Distributor • Share products you love and help others get healthy • Work part-time or full-time with no boss • The potential to earn your first month • $40 gets you started • No-risk, 100% buyback guarantee
  9. 9. The 5 Avenues of Reliv Income • Retail Profit: Customer spends $100, you pocket $40 • Wholesale Profit: Sponsor Distributors and earn more when you help them increase their profit • Residual Income: Earn overrides when you reach Master Affiliate and help others do the same • Bonuses & Trips: The potential to earn dream trips and big cash bonuses • Ambassador Program: Reach a certain level of success and we’ll pay you to help others
  10. 10. Be The Best Boss You’ve Ever Had! • Enjoy family & time freedom • Have freedom of choice – work where and when you want • Earn cash bonuses & all-inclusive trips • Develop relationships with leaders and create a network of support
  11. 11. We Want to Nourish Everyone • Give back through the Reliv Kalogris Foundation • Provides nutrition through hundreds of programs in the US and around the world • Supported by Distributors who want to make a difference with the products they know and love
  12. 12. Get Started! Fuel your body with the highest quality nutritional products BECOME A RETAIL CUSTOMER BECOME A PREFERRED CUSTOMER Sign up for just $10 a year to get: 10% discount Or a 20% discount when you sign up for autoship monthly or quarterly!
  13. 13. Become a Distributor Purchase products at a 20-40% discount/profit level and share them to earn retail and wholesale profit! 2 Smart Options to Get Started! 25% profit $375 investment (start 8-10 people) Earn profit up to $125 QUICK START AS AN AFFILIATE BECOME A MASTER AFFILIATE! 40% profit $3,250 investment (now your Affiliates are sponsoring Affiliates) Profit range $500-$1,500 Opens up all 5 avenues of income!