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Cgo: When and (Usually) When Not to Use It


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Cgo is pretty awesome. But there are a lot of reasons you probably shouldn't use it. This is both why to think hard about that, and then some lessons learned from building a Cgo project and running it in production.

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Cgo: When and (Usually) When Not to Use It

  1. 1. Cgo When and (Usually) When Not to Use it Karl Matthias Principal Systems Engineer Nitro Software - Dublin Co-Author: “Docker: Up and Running”
  2. 2. Why You Should Not Use Cgo ● Breaks a lot of Go’s awesome tooling ● Everyone loves C builds/compiles, right? ● Puts Go’s concurrency promise at risk ● Might break your static binary ● No cross compiling ● You get to manage C-allocated memory yourself ● Calls into C via Cgo are much slower than Go calls
  3. 3. When to Use Cgo ● There is no Go equivalent to a library you need/can’t write in Go ● Legacy code that needs a web frontend ● Proprietary libraries/SDKs ● Legacy business logic e.g. with no functional tests/hard to rewrite/replace So many caveats, but Cgo is actually really good for what it is
  4. 4. How to Do It ● Be comfortable in C! ● Plan on having a Makefile—go build won’t cut it ● Wrap Cgo code into a package to help isolate it and its nasty build ● Ideally link to static C libraries or your install gets complicated ● Write C bridge functions when necessary (e.g. Cgo can’t call macros) ● Reduce calls back and forth between Go/C ● Work around any nasty typecasting in C—Go types are stronger ● Wrap any C functions you need to test in Go—can’t use Cgo in tests! ● Leverage Go’s defer to make sure you free memory ● Pass Go-allocated memory to C functions when possible
  5. 5. Links ● Twitter: @relistan ● GitHub: relistan ● Web: ○ ○ Cgo: ● Our Cgo project: ● Go Blog: ● Dave Cheney: