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RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification Approach


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Use of RFID for controlling entry and exit to parking areas for vehicles in airports, ports, commercial complexes is adding to the ROI of fleet managers.

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RFID Automatic Vehicle Identification Approach

  1. 1. Automated Vehicle Identification RFID Vehicle Access Control System
  2. 2. What is RFID?Radio-frequency Identification is an Automatic Data Collection (ADC)Technology.Uses radio-frequency waves to transfer data between a reader and amovable item to identify, categorize, track. Ethernet RFID Reader RFID Tag RF Antenna Network Workstation
  3. 3. The ChallengeOperate, manage and monitor a busy entrances and exits.Some of the vehicles are registered and some are not.Hands free barrier operation with secure access control. An automated, efficient monitoring system that allows for accurate vehicle access control as well as easy in-and- out access.
  4. 4. The SolutionA Passive RFID based Vehicle Management Solution.Each gate will have one exit and one entrance lane.Each lane is equipped with RFID readers and circular antennas.Each Registered four wheeler has a passive tag, applied inside the windshield.Each Registered two wheeler has a passive tag, applied on the front side.A reusable passive tag is applied to each Visitor vehicle, on the exterior.RFID antennas sense passive tag from 6-7 m and the barrier opens hands free.The log of each vehicle entering and leaving is maintained.
  5. 5. BenefitsEcourja AVI passive RFID solution allows for Automatic VehicleIdentification, facilitating hands-free access at entrances and exist • Non-stop, hands-free operation • No need to roll down the window • Reduced pollutants emissions since non stop access • Improves security • Automates logging and tracking • Automates billing and access authorization • Is reliable, robust and cost effective
  6. 6. Vehicle Access Standalone ModeNetworked Mode
  7. 7. System Components Windshield Tag Optimized for attachment to vehicle windshields Special anti-tamper feature to prevent misuse Strong adhesive release liner for ease of installation Each reader contains a antenna and reader logic board in a weatherproof unit The reader collects data from the antennasprocesses the data and interfaces with the SecuriTrak Software
  8. 8. System Components Application Software The SecuriTrak software can be operated in Standalone and Networked mode. • Operators administer premises, gates, lanes, access groups • Managers administer clients, parkers, vehicles and accounts • View entrants and exits logs online Automatic Barrier Interface with RFID Reader GPSAutomatically open when an authorized vehicle is identified Failsafe manual button operation mode
  9. 9. Professional ServicesHolistic approach to deliver the whole solution
  10. 10. Nishant Kumar DeanEcourja Pvt LtdBC-1B, Skyloft BusinessSuites, 1st Floor, Advant-NavisBusiness Park, Plot No. 07,Sector-142, NoidaExpressway, NoidaMobile: +91-9650317950Phone:+91-120-2459869Email: Thank You