The Devils Pact


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The Devils Pact

  1. 1. The Devils Pact
  2. 2. This is Marc. He was a normal surfer boy at Venice Beach. He always slept with the bestlooking girls and never saw themagain. He wasn‘t nice to ugly girls though. When he was in a good mood he just ignored them butsometimes he would make jokes about their appearance. Sometimes the girls would even shad some tears about his rude words.
  3. 3. One evening he was visited by a strange looking guy who said he was the devil. He said he had a present for Marc. He just hadto sign some papers and seconds later he would get a power that would allow him to alter a persons reality. He would then get to change two ugly girls into whatever type of girl he desired. He could even alter their minds and make them sex slaves. Thedevil assured him that there was no catch.
  4. 4. This is Shauna. She‘s a teacher at high school for history and sports. She doesn‘t shave her legs nor does she care a bit about her outer appearance. Now, in the next 24 hourswhatever you say will happen to her. Go ahead, change her life.
  5. 5. First, i want her face to be muchcuter. And the obvious next step is that she needs bigger tits but don‘t make it too drastic. Why does she look so sad? Please make her more sultry.I want her to act like a stripper.
  6. 6. Much better. Let‘s make herpants and shirt into a little dress. That‘s so much fun. Does she really do whatever I say? Dance sexy for me, Shauna. Lean forward on that stone. Wow. That‘s really turning me on. I want her to be turned on by me in the same way.
  7. 7. If I really can change whatever i want, maybe let‘s try something out: Make her a blonde and lower her IQ a little. Forget whatever you‘ve learned or done since high school. You‘ve been a beautiful highschool diva and still live like that.
  8. 8. Her hair needs to be longer, herskin smoother and give it some color.
  9. 9. I want her to always look the most fuckable she can.I want her to feel uncomfortable if she doesn‘t look her best. Also can we make her much dumber? She shouldn‘t be able to count to 10 - that‘s funny. But fill all the blank space there now is in her brain with knowledge how to please men.
  10. 10. Now that‘s a little dumb slut,isn‘t it? But I need to give her something slutty to wear. Also i want her curves to be more feminine. Some bigger tits and ass shouldn‘t hurt her.
  11. 11. I have the perfect outfit for her in mind. I want her to be a flirty slutty dumb cowgirly.I want her to flirt with every guy she see but she only has sex with me so every boy in the world will be jealous.
  12. 12. Teehe. Hi there, sweety.You wanna dizzy old me to suck your super jummy cockie? Pleeeease. I wanna swallow.Tehe. My head‘s so craazy. Cum here big boy. I‘m your sexy slave forever.
  13. 13. So Marc got himself a sex slave.I knew he‘d do that. Maybe thatlittle dork should have read the contract more carefully.Now he has only one chance left to do something the girl wouldreally want or else his sould will be mine forever. Let‘s see how he does with girl #2.
  14. 14. This is Helena. She‘s a high school student but she‘s not very popular. In fact, the only thing she‘s popular for is hergeekiness. No boys want to take her to prom and the girls laugh at her. What will you do with her? Another super hot sex slave, maybe?
  15. 15. That‘s a tough one. First, off with those ugly glasses, make her wear a skirt. Maybe make her wear some make up and feelbeautiful.You can‘t look good if you don‘t think you do.
  16. 16. Smooth skin, cute eyes, big pouty lips. Much better. I want her to love her ownlooks. She has been made fun of all her life now I want her to become the tease. I want her to want revenge by stealing all the girls‘ boyfriends.
  17. 17. To be the perfect tease she needs some luxury.Dresses, shoes, jewelry - she gets all she wants. But i like my girls a little bit more mature. And I like her hairs to be dyed red.
  18. 18. Uhm. By saying mature i didn‘t mean prude. Forget about that whole thingabout all the clothes she wants - from now on i will choose her wardrobe. I‘d like a showgirl outfit.
  19. 19. Haha. That gives me an idea. I already have one sex slave. I don‘t need another. Instead i could make her an attraction and get some cash out of it. I‘ll change her looks a little bit.For my new plan I‘d rather like a more slutty look with real red hair and the least clothes possible. Make her look more like a skank redhead everyone would want to fuck.
  20. 20. Even though i have totally changed my direction this isexactly what i need - except the tattoos, get rid of them and make her lust for cock.Yeah,look how she looks at my cock right now. She wants it. Haha. No Candy, this candy‘s not for you. That‘s your new name.
  21. 21. Now let‘s see how to get some money out of this. I‘ll start my very own business.You‘ll soon be the perfect porn star.
  22. 22. Take off your clothes, bitch. No, don‘t look like this.You lookalmost sad. If you want to makepeople happy - which is the only way they‘ll pay for the video - you need to look like you love being fucked like a little toy allnight long. Come on, show them how much you like it.
  23. 23. That‘s it.You‘re gonna make all the guys happy, aren‘t you? Yes, master.Now go ahead and start having sex with every man you find.You can make good money with it, don‘t you think. Yes, master.
  24. 24. Here we are. Marc didn‘t readthe contract so now he shall get his punishment.Your destiny shall be given in the hands of my next victim.
  25. 25. The next morning Marc awoke, feeling very weird. His skin was smooth and he couldn‘t think straight. Suddenly a wave ofpleasure hit him and then he lost control of his body. He heard a voice in his head.
  26. 26. This is Marcy. She likes to surf but she has never been with a boy so be gentle. I think she might be a lesbian, but you can change that. Remember, in thenext 24 hours whatever you say will happen to her. Go ahead, change her life.What is happening? Who is thisMarcy? Oh fuck. How do i look? Am i a chick? Am i Marcy?What the fuck? Is this the devils‘ work?
  27. 27. That‘s a girl? Oh my god, when i‘m done with her, she‘ll be a real girl. Let‘s get rid of those manlyglasses and clothes and give her a real haircut and some makeup.
  28. 28. Please don‘t do this. Fuck! Thecontract! There must have been something in there. I‘m such an idiot to trust the fucking devil. Think straight, Marcy. How canI get back to my old form? Did I just call myself Marcy? This is some fucked up shit.
  29. 29. She looks kind of scared. I need to do something against that. I want her to feel pretty. I want her to feel like a really pretty girl. I want her to feel like a sensual goddess. She can have every man she wants and she wants them. She‘s no lesbiananymore. I want you to lust for cock all day long.
  30. 30. Oh fuck. This can‘t be happening. I‘m not a fucking girl.Wait...Yes I am. What the hell am I talking about. Just look at me.I‘m a gorgeous girl who can have any man she wants. Why would I want men? Because I like men. I can‘t getthe image of their big juicy cocks out of my head.
  31. 31. Nice. Now if she thinks she can haveeverything, she should look like it. I want longer hair, a smoother skin, a cuter face.
  32. 32. That‘s okay but not quite thereyet. First of all, she still looks too intelligent. Men don‘t likeintelligent girls. Men like bimbos. So make her an airhead bimbo that laughes about all the mens jokes and hangs on their every word. Fine. Let‘s try some outfits. I want her to look like a disco diva.
  33. 33. Like - ohmygaaawd. This place issooo awesum. There arr so many cutsy boys here. I‘m gunna getcha all buyyys. Watchout. Huh. That‘s a little too much.
  34. 34. You like surfing? You‘ll never surf again. That‘s such a waste of time. When at the beach you‘ll just walk around searching formore men to please.Hmm. Well. This was fun but somehow i‘m still not satisfied.She looks too unrealistic.I want myself a realgirl not some plastic puppet. Andmake her a little bit more sultry.
  35. 35. Whoa. Now, that‘s my kind ofgirl and i want her all for myself. Look at me girl.You‘ll be mine. Whenever you see a cock youwill think of my cock as the best cock in the world.You will lust after me every minute of the day.You will wear only the clothes i like so you look good for me because i am everythingyou want. There‘s nothing else in your head.
  36. 36. Tehee. I hope master likes this outfit. He often says he likesfishnet tops and string tangas looking out of the trousers. There he is, my cutiepie.Hey barbie. I have something to do with a business partner. I want you to wait in my appartment the way you doevery day lusting after my cock.
  37. 37. It could take a little longer so i send you some male company. Show them how good you are at pleasuring men and how much you like cock. But never forget what is your favourite cock. Wait there and don‘t move except they ask you to.Don‘t speak unless you‘re toldto.You only dream of sex with me all the time. I‘ll be back soon.I‘ll always wait for you, master.
  38. 38. Some time later on masters business meeting.
  39. 39. The End