Demonstrating Impact through Digital Storytelling: Fundraising Online 2013


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This is a short presentation looking at a few of the key themes to consider for creating, implementing and distributing digital storytelling for the purposes of raising funds and awareness for nonprofit organisations.

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Demonstrating Impact through Digital Storytelling: Fundraising Online 2013

  1. 1. Demonstrating Impact through Digital Storytelling Colin Habberton Thursday 16th May 2013 Supported by -
  2. 2. Overview 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Introduction Storytelling The Digital Age Facing the Facts Connecting the Dots Painting the Picture Telling Your Story Impactful Success Supported by -
  3. 3. Introduction • Colin Habberton Director: Global Partnerships • GivenGain Foundation Social Fundraising Platform Global Presence 1100+ Causes Worldwide 3400+ Funded Projects 4000+ Activists (Peer to Peer) • Integrated Communication Online Publishing Email & Text Social Media Supported by -
  4. 4. Storytelling Structure The Beginning A Middle The End Format Print, Pictures, Movies Style Happy, Sad, Scary Supported by -
  5. 5. Storytelling Characters The Hero The Villain Supporting Acts Plot Good vs. Evil Outcome Happily Ever After Tragedy & Loss Supported by -
  6. 6. Storytelling - Words Supported by -
  7. 7. Storytelling - Pictures Supported by -
  8. 8. Storytelling – Film/Movie/Video Supported by -
  9. 9. The Digital Age The Internet Zero Barriers Mobile Devices Global Access Interconnection Social Media New Audiences New Tools Supported by -
  10. 10. The Digital Age ‘Geosocial Universe’ Global Community Common Language Personal Networks Multi-media Text Pictures Video People Supported by -
  11. 11. Facing the Facts ‘Factivism’ Performance by Results Monitoring & Evaluation Data = Delivery Donor Evidence What is your Impact? Do you measure it? Can it be quantified? How do you present it? Supported by -
  12. 12. Benchmark: CharityWater Simplicity Clear Purpose Very Little Text Sexy High Quality Imagery Multi-media Storytelling Sticky Calls to Action Tangible, Transparent Impact Supported by -
  13. 13. Case Study: GreenPop Reforestation Cause Founded in 2010 Tree ‘Gifting’ & Planting Creative Campaigning Growth Plan Shoestring Budget Event-based Mobilisation Web, Video, Emailers Stakeholder Partnerships Continental Expansion Supported by -
  14. 14. Case Study: GreenPop Supported by -
  15. 15. Case Study: Equal Education Activism for Education Youth-based Organisation Lobbying & Advocacy Network-based Interventions Events, Marches & Animations Progress & Achievements Taken Government to Court Minister of Education settled New Norms & Standards Accountability & Transparency Supported by -
  16. 16. Connecting the Dots Who is your Audience? Demographics Expectations Preferences Do you use Infographics? Simplify Complexity Visual Language Emotive & Creative Supported by -
  17. 17. Painting the Picture What’s ‘Inside your Box’? Success by Evidence Beneficiary Testimonials Donors, Staff & Volunteers Partners Communication Tools Brand, Team, Print, TV etc Web, Email, Social Media Budget Supported by -
  18. 18. Telling YOUR Story What are your favourite stories? Feel Good or Tragedy? Hero or Villain? Book, Picture or Film? Benchmarks Competitors Collaborators Industry Leaders see Case Studies (links to follow) Supported by -
  19. 19. Impactful Success Measure your impact Determine your difference Document your facts Compile your stories Know your audience Present, promote & share Build trust through transparency Supported by -
  20. 20. Demonstrating Impact through Digital Storytelling Colin Habberton @relatomics Supported by -