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Rlewis porfolio

  1. 1. Powered by Focus Current User: robert lewis Contact Information robert lewis rlewis17@student.gptc.edu User Name: bobbylewis47 Your Status : Full Time Student Career and Educational Goals Your Career Goals My Goal is to open up my own computer sales and repair store. Your Educational Goals My Educational goals is to do at least 4 years of College in Computer programing to get my Bachs.degree. Career Planning Status Summary Self Assessment 4.50 Career Exploration 4.50 Career Planning Satisfaction 3.50 1 2 3 4 5 Low Medium High Self Assessment (4.50) Self-Assessment is important because it enables you to identify which occupations and major study areas are most compatible with your personal attributes. Yourhigh self assessment score indicates that you are very involved in examining your your interests, values, personality, and skills. It is important that you stay actively involved in self assessment because it is the most important first step in career planning. Career Exploration (4.50) Career Exploration is important because it enables you to compare and evaluate occupations and major areas of study that appeal to you. Yourhigh score indicates that you are very involved in career exploration. It is important that you continue your high involvement in career exploration because it will help you narrow down your options and map out your career goals. Career Planning Satisfaction (3.50) Planning Satisfaction measures the extent to which you are satisfied with the results of your career planning activities and your ability to resolve problems that can interfere with your decision making. Your medium score suggests you may be experiencing some problems with your career planning. If you think you are not able to resolve problems of concern on your own, you should discuss them with a career advisor. Your Academic Strengths and Weaknesses You indicated that you "Do Pretty Well" in the following: Computers & Technology Music Physical Education You indicated that you "Do OK" in the following: English Language Arts Social Studies You indicated that you "Get By With Help" in the following: Biology and Environmental Sciences Math You indicated that you "Never Took A Class" in the following: Art - Fine Art - Performing Business (eg Management, Marketing, Economics) Foreign Languages
  2. 2. Physical Sciences (eg Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy) Social Sciences (eg Psychology, Philosophy, Religion) Your Personal Development NeedsYou indicated that you need Little or No Improvement In: Discipline - The ability to stay on task and complete projects. Flexibility - The ability to readily adapt to changes, shift your point of view, and/or look at a situation in a different way. Honesty - The human quality or communicating and acting truthfully. Leadership - The ability to direct others. Listening - The ability to pay close attention to, and make sense of, what we hear. Motivation - A desire to achieve a goal, combined with the energy to work towards that goal. Negotiating - The ability to exchange ideas, information and opinions with others. Respect - Consideration for other peoples privacy, their physical space and belongings; and respect for different viewpoints, philosophies, physical ability, beliefs and personality. Sensitivity- The ability to react appropriately to the emotions or feelings of other people. Sociability- The ability to interact with other people on a personal level. Stability - Maintaining composure in stressful situations. Teamwork - The ability to work with other people toward a common vision or goal.You indicated that you need Moderate Improvement In: Creativity - The ability tothink outside the box . Establishing Rapport With Others- Being insync or on the samewavelengthwith others. Organization - Knowing where things are at all times. Time Management - Having the tools or techniques for planning and scheduling time, usually with the aim to increase effectiveness and/or efficiency.You indicated that you need A Great Deal of Improvement In: Commitment - Having persistence with a purpose. Problem Solving- A process that involves, eg, clarifying description of the problem, analyzing causes, identifying alternatives, assessing each alternative, choosing one, implementing it, and evaluating whether the problem was solved or not. Public Speaking- The ability to present material to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner. Writing - The ability express your ideas on paper where the presentation is tightly structured, grammatically and syntactically correct, substantive, and interesting. Work Interest Profile Summary Your interests can be summarized as follows: Your average score in each area is also shown below as a number ranging from 0 to 100 where: 0=Low 50=Moderate 100=High Artistic 54.18 Realistic 50.00 Social 45.83 Enterprising 33.33 Investigative 29.18 Conventional 8.32 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Your top 3 work interests in the order you selected are:
  3. 3. Artistic People in the artistic category prefer to be expressive. They like the opportunity to create new things and be "the creators" innovative. They typically do not like structure or conformity. They prefer to use their imagination and be creative. People in this category generally enjoy activities such as: writing, poetry, photography, designing, singing, acting, dancing, painting, attending theaters and exhibits, and reading. Realistic People in the realistic category often prefer to work with objects and things. They are likely to enjoy creating "the doers" things with their hands and using tools and machines. Some prefer large, powerful machines like tractors, while others prefer precision machinery such as X-ray or electronic equipment. People in this category generally enjoy being physically active, repairing equipment, rebuilding cars, fixing electrical things, solving mechanical problems, playing sports, working outdoors, and using their hands. Social People in the social category prefer to work with others. They tend to be highly verbal, express themselves "the helpers" well, and get along well in groups. Social types typically prefer the team approach to problem solving. People in the social category often describe themselves as cooperative, friendly, and understanding. They generally enjoy teaching, caring for others, volunteering, mediating disputes, meeting new people, and working in groups. Leisure Interest Profile Summary Your interests can be summarized as follows: Your average score in each area is also shown below as a number ranging from 0 to 100 where: 0=Low 50=Moderate 100=High Practical 83.33 Artistic 70.83 Social 62.50 Educational 58.33 Organizing 54.17 Leading 54.17 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 Your top 3 leisure related interests are: Practical People with a practical orientation generally prefer hands-on activities, and tend to focus on things in the "the doers" physical world. They typically enjoy working with tools or machines, and often gravitate to toward careers that can be performed outdoors. They are often described as being frank, genuine, humble, practical, natural, and persistent. Artistic People with an artistic orientation tend to be creative and intuitive, and enjoy activities like writing, painting, "the creators" sculpturing, playing a musical instrument, performing, etc. They enjoy working in an unstructured environment where they can use their imagination and creativity. They are most often described as being: open, imaginative, original, intuitive, emotional, independent, idealistic, and unconventional. Social People with a social orientation enjoy helping and advising people. They tend to be concerned about other "the helpers" peoples welfare. They promote learning and personal development and are very interested in human relationships. They are often described as being helpful, responsible, warm, cooperative, idealistic, sociable, tactful, friendly, kind, sympathetic, generous, patient, and understanding. Skills Profile SummaryThe Skills You Selected Are:Computer ProgrammingWriting computer programs to perform specific information handling operations.Maintenance and RepairPerforming routine maintenance and/or repairs on equipment using the appropriate tools.Operating MachinesOperating equipment and machinery. Personality Profile Summary Your personality can be summarized as follows:Your Personality Type:When working on a project, you place an emphasis on creating a harmonious relationship with the people you associate with by being
  4. 4. tactful and sympathetic to their needs. You see the positive qualities of other persons and enjoy helping them improve their well being, their talents, and their potential. Your approach to work is to set your objectives, and perform the tasks required in an orderly way. You make practical decisions in a systematic fashion based on the facts you have on hand along with your own personal values. Choosing Your Career: People with your personality type are attracted to occupations where you can work directly with people on a cooperative basis, communicate and interact with them on a face-to-face basis, and provide comfort and care to those in need. Examples of such occupations can be found in fields such as health care, community services, teaching, counseling, marketing and certain areas of business. Values Profile Summary The Values You Selected Are: Helping Others Being involved in helping other people in a direct way either individually or in a small group. Income Having a level of income that will afford you with luxuries, and which will allow you to become financially independent. Stability Having a routine job where the duties are very predictable and not likely to change over a long period of time. Saved Occupations Green BrightYour Rating Occupation Jobs Outlook *** Computer Programmer Comments: I love working with computers Factors that appeal to you: Job Duties, Skills, Values, Outlook, Earnings, Advancement, Interest Profile, Working Conditions, Areas of Study Your Saved Areas of Study Majors Computer Programming A program that focuses on the general writing and implementation of generic and customized programs to drive operating systems and that generally prepares individuals to apply the methods and procedures of software design and programming to software installation and maintenance. Includes instruction in software design, low- and high-level languages and program writing; program customization and linking; prototype testing; troubleshooting; and related aspects of operating systems and networks. Comments: I am very interested in computer programming, because I like to work with computers. I worked with computers most of my life, starting with radio, and tv repair when I was in high school. I always had an fascination with electronics, and computers, when I was working. Most of my life was working with some sort of computer equipment such as testing and repairing them. Copyright 2011 Career Dimensions®, Inc. All Rights Reserved