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Mini marketing plan%2c campaign and websites of snuggle ice cream


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Mini marketing plan%2c campaign and websites of snuggle ice cream

  1. 1. Hogeschool Inholland Snuggle Group 4 DBDA Part 2 A mini Marketing Plan, Marketing Campaign and Websites for Snuggle Ice - Cream Patience Ekene Nesiagho 504701
  2. 2. Group 4 1 Table of Content Introduction............................................................................2 Mission...................................................................................3 Marketing plan.......................................................................4 Competitor Analysis...............................................................4,5 Marketing Mix.........................................................................5,6 Swot Analysis..........................................................................7 Goal setting..............................................................................7 Business Strategy....................................................................8 Marketing campaign.................................................................8,9,10 Social Media Sites....................................................................11 References................................................................................12,13
  3. 3. Group 4 2 Introduction Snuggle is an Ice Cream company located in London, UK. The brand was founded by five students. The company sells ice-cream made from soya-bean that is suitable for all because they contain no animal produce. The concept of the company is to sell unique flavors of ice cream to the consumer market by adding a fun and quirky experience alongside.
  4. 4. Group 4 3 Mission Snuggle, appearing 'cool' to Generation -Y is at the foremost of importance. Generation-Y (Young generation) is our target market.
  5. 5. Group 4 4 Marketing Plan Market Millennial also known as Generation Y consist of most 13-25 years old. Devices such as mobile phones are commonplace within the demographic affluence. Generation -Y are massively influenced by social media. The challenge with this generation is that our organisation must be ready to act fast enough as a response to their feedback and input . social media helps to detect their thoughts and feelings. Speedy actions to meeting customer needs will be the core of the company/brand. It is very essential for Snuggle to pay special attention to Generation Y in order to be successful as an Ice-cream brand. Our company can engage them by using mobile devices hence Generation Y represents the future of customer engagement. Competitors Analysis In order to have a well-balanced strategy to start a new company one should be well aware of the competition in the market. The direct competitors will give a clear image of what customers interested in the product are accustomed to. The indirect competitors will show us what customers are looking for when searching for certain products. We will be looking at the shops but also the social media that they use and what strategy the different companies use to attract customers Direct Competitors Direct competitors of Snuggle are Ben and Jerry's, although the company have a much larger market share than Snuggle the key aims of the company is correlation with the target audience are similar. Ben and Jerry's also look to create quirky flavours and unusual stores. “Free Cone Day” is a constant campaign which Ben and Jerry’s run weekly. The advantage Snuggle has to this competitor is targeting a niche marketing, and therefore creating a more personal experience to the company rather than appearing as a corporate giant. Other competitor includes Magnum. Ben and Jerry's Ice cream Magnum Ice cream
  6. 6. Group 4 5 Monitoring the Competitors In other to be successful, it is important for Snuggle to monitor their competitors website, check out what they are doing, and not doing ,explore and analyse their competitors website, follow their competitors on social network, check out what works well and what does not and try to improve them, sign up to their emails and newsletter Marketing Mix The 7 P's Product Snuggle is a London based start-up UN-traditional diary ice-cream shop designed and branded for Y Generation (Young generation). The company creates unique techniques in order to be original and stand out against competitors. User experience is very important for Snuggle as our shops will be fitted with Astroturf which will give an authentic and natural fee. The experience will allow users to pick their ice cream which will be placed into a cow shaped pot which ads originality and fun to the user experience. Staff will be trained to talk to customers with a 'quirky personality that will again link closely with the concept of Snuggle as a brand. Place Snuggle is an Ice Cream company located in London,UK. The products of Snuggle must be available at the right place and at the right time. The location of the ice-cream parlour will affect sales, If it is located in an easy and accessible area for the customer, this will increase patronage. British government provides several financial schemes that offer significant tax benefits for start - up companies. Price The price of Snuggle's ice cream ranges from 3-10 pounds each. Pricing of Snuggle's ice-cream should b able to generate profit for the company The company plans to invest on social media for its marketing campaigns, most of the campaign will be done through social media, which are free platforms to use, many consumers won’t know about the brand unless they pass the Snuggle’s physical store which restricts consumers only to Soho, London. Snuggle will spend money on using the promoting feature on Facebook and Twitter that shows the post on people’s news feeds, bring awareness of the brand. Local newspaper and billboard advertisements will be used due to their low expense yet high yield with consumers. Snuggle will budget around £5,000 to begin their marketing campaign which can be extended or reduced depending on the initial public reaction. Promotion The first aspect we need to focus on promotion for Snuggle is to create brand awareness. To get the Generation Y aware of the product , we need to use social media tools such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Utube and so on. Offline Communication, Viral marketing, online partnerships and opt-in-email will play a major part in the company's promotional activities. Promotion must be appealing, it must be able to be able to communicate what the customer's needs and they will gain by purchasing Snuggle's Ice-Cream As offline communications about the promotion in-store to customers will be the point at which sales are most likely to increase. Opt-in emails are the primary purpose of the promotion, as a start up company Snuggle needs to gain customer databases and the competition revolves around an opt-in email scheme.
  7. 7. Group 4 6 Positioning Snuggle ice cream will be positioned as a unique and 'cool' product for high end of the Y generation. Snuggle creates a competitive advantage by producing an ice cream made from soya-bean that is suitable for all because they contain no animal produce. The concept of the company is to sell unique flavours of ice cream to the consumer market by adding a fun and quirky experience alongside. Packaging Another element in the marketing mix is the packaging. Snuggle can develop the habit of standing back and looking at every visual element in the packaging of its products or service through the eyes of a critical prospect. people create their first impression about a company within the first 30 seconds of seeing some element of a company. Small improvements in the packaging or external appearance of our product or service can often lead to completely different reactions from our customers. People The final P of the marketing mix is people. Snuggle should develop the habit of thinking in terms of the people inside and outside of the business who are responsible for every element of your sales and marketing strategy and activities. To be successful in business, Snuggle must develop the habit of thinking in terms of exactly who is going to carry out each task and responsibility. In many cases, it's not possible to move forward until a company can attract and put the right person into the right position
  8. 8. Group 4 7 SWOT ANALYSIS This SWOT analysis analyses the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of Snuggle. STRENGTH  Quality Ice cream  Price ranged ice cream which allows customers with different income to be able to purchase its products  Cool unique brand dedicated for Generation Y  Ice-cream made with Soya beans, with no animal produce.  Fun and quirky experience  brand created by young, vibrant generation Y group of students with ability to understand the target market (Generation Y) WEAKNESSES  Intense marketing is needed since it's a new product in the market  Big names such as Ben and Jerry, magnum are presently the market leaders in Ice-cream industries OPPORTUNITIES  Increase of brand recognition.  If the company maximises it's social media activities, they will be able to gain interest of high number of potential customers  Would be able to have a larger target market since the demographics of young generation is large. THREATS  Alternative quality ice cream brand  Cheaper ice cream brand Saturated market.  Snuggle brand is highly focused only on Y generation  Consumers might not like the idea Goal Setting: Create unique 'cool 'brand for Y- Generation. (Young generation Customer Engagement boils down to customer experience Loyalty creation Solidifying consumer experience through in-store and web applications Creating an informed experience Positioning Snuggle as a leader in the ice-cream industry of younger generation.
  9. 9. Group 4 8 Business Strategy Online Strategy Snuggle will make use of the essential online strategies to ensure success of the web shop in the UK. Social Media Marketing will be used and there will be special personnel hired to manage these accounts .Snuggle will use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blog platforms to interact with customers in order to strengthen the customer base to achieve repeated sales. Snuggle will make good use of SEO to ensure that the site is visible to the potential customers that are looking for the products when using a search engine. By optimizing the search engine Snuggle web shop will appear higher in the search results when individual are search for products that are related to the company. Email marketing will also be used because the list of names and emails that you acquire are from people who are interested in the business because they opted into the list themselves. With this you can keep in touch with customers about all the latest updates of the business. Snuggle will also make use of content marketing through the website like this when customers have inquires they will be able to find the responses on the website. By proving customers with general information and information about the products they will be more likely to purchase from Snuggle because they are instilling confidence in the customers. Marketing Campaign 1. Campaign Goals: Increase the level of online interaction from customers, existing and potential, by influencing people to visit the social media platforms and websites which in turn will increase sales revenue in stores. Within the first 3 months of launching the campaign we want to see a rise of 20% at least in sales. Branding objectives: As a start up company Snuggle need to build awareness in order to begin the conversion strategy. The campaign aims to increase sales over a long period of time, the short term aim of the campaign is to increase customer base and brand awareness, the way the campaign will achieve long term sales increase is by firstly raising brand awareness through the campaign which will in turn collect customer data which Snuggle can use to inform customers of promotions, which will eventually lead to the influence of customer sales. Engagement goals & Profiling: The registration of customers to the competition will be the assessment of audience engagement, if levels of registration are high then the campaign has been successful for the company. An added advantage would be customer sharing as a method of secondary viral marketing through social media sites using the hashtag #namethepug.
  10. 10. Group 4 9 2. Campaign Targeting: The primary target audience for the campaign is generation-Y, however as the campaign will be launched online mostly, it could also attract a variety of other ice cream enthusiasts. Audience motivations: the aspect of the campaign which will motivate customers to respond is the ‘take home value’ the customers will be motivated to partake in the campaign competition due to the availability of a prize, which -due to previous buzz created around the product will have an added value. 3. Campaign Messages and offers The campaign will offer a prize for an individual who can ”name the pug”: a relative mascot for the brand. Snuggle will introduce the dog on the website and ask for suggestions from users to give it a name. The winner will receive Snuggle merchandise and a free ice-cream for themselves and a friend. The aim of this campaign is to involve customers in a data collection experience, where the customer can also benefit. The customer will need to interact with the company through social media in order to be in with a chance of winning. Campaign “Big Idea”: The main message behind the campaign is to engage customers with the brand. Naming the pug, which is a fun way to interact with our audience, will increase the consumer’s perception of brand image of Snuggle, making them enquire into the brand of Snuggle. Unique Value Proposition: Unique Value Proposition is also known as unique selling point (USP), this shows how our company Snuggle is different from our competitor. Identifying our Unique value proposition will give us an insight on how to market our products effectively. The outcome of the campaign will be customer retention and growing sign up rates through customers responses, the chosen method compared to other channels of communication is that online and social media are the mediums which most appeal to Generation-Y: one other benefit is that through using a service with such a widespread customer base is that there is a huge potential for the company to gain a secondary audience. 4. Strategy Snuggle will launch the campaign on Instagram, twitter, facebook, blogger and the company website, this will connect with the target market as Generation-Y are only too familiar with social media platforms. There will be a clause in the campaign which states the customer can only win if they connect to the company via all social media platforms: thus ensuring a higher level of online participation adhering to the key performance indicators of the brand. The audience will be convinced to part-take as there is a potential physical reward. Rather than exploit the company with a shocking viral campaign in order to gain interruption on the market, Snuggle’s strategy is to build customer relations through a fun and quirky method of building customer relationships. Creating excitement with prizes/ giveaways will encourage customer participation and increase brand awareness. 5. Media Mix and Budgeting: As most of the campaign will be done through social media, which are free platforms to use, many consumers won’t know about the brand unless they pass the Snuggle’s physical store which restricts consumers only to Soho, London. Snuggle will spend money on using the promoting feature on facebook and twitter that shows the post on people’s news feeds, bring awareness of the brand. Local newspaper and billboard advertisements will be used due to
  11. 11. Group 4 10 their low expense yet high yield with consumers. Snuggle will budget around £5,000 to begin their marketing campaign which can be extended or reduced depending on the initial public reaction. As the campaign is an introductory campaign, the budget will not need to be excessive as the company will rely on viral marketing and less expensive means of promoting the brand. The company should account for the prizes which will be given to customers as a part of the marketing budget.
  12. 12. Group 4 11 Social Media Sites twitter: Blog: Instagram: Facebook: Utube
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