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OpenCoesione - The Italian open government strategy on cohesion policy

  1. OpenCoesione The Italian open government strategy on cohesion policy Webinar: Cohesion policy national portals 2014-2020 Discover different approaches to the creation of the national Cohesion policy portal from France, Italy and Poland 6 February 2015 Carlo Amati – Simona De Luca – Luigi Reggi OpenCoesione Steering Committee
  2. Italian Constitution (art. 119): “In order to promote economic development and cohesion … the State shall allocate additional resources …”. Italy: some key facts Italy is the third largest contributor to the EU budget after Germany and France Large regional disparities GDP per capita Youth unemployment rate Less developed Transition More developed Relative poverty index
  3. 2007-2013 Total ~100 bn€ (27 from EU) 800.000+ projects 80.000+ bodies Cohesion policy in Italy: some key facts All over Italy (although mostly in the South) in many different policy sectors in order to reduce disparities, attract business and enhance opportunities and the quality of services EU funds + national cohesion fund ERDF ESF 2014-2020 More developed regions Transition regions Less developed regions + 20 bn€ national cofinancing + national cohesion fund ~31 bn from EU
  4. An open government strategy on Cohesion Policy for: • a more efficient and effective use of resources and destination of funds consistent with people’s needs • improve decision making and policy design, also by increasing access to and quality of information • increasing involvement of stakeholders and civic partners • broadening the opportunities for analyses and evaluations on relevant policy issues • encouraging the creation of new tools and services revolving around the availability of open data
  5. • Profound awareness within administration of benefits of open data (pre-existing examples) • Political insight on benefits of transparency: not a challenge but an opportunity • Quick responsiveness of administration to political input • A national unitary monitoring system (available since 2007) A strong drive towards publication of open data, but OpenCoesione is not just following the trend: it is a major communication operation based on transparency that calls for participation by citizens and aims at increasing the effectiveness of cohesion policy. Enabling factors
  6. Open government paradigm
  7. Information about projects undertaken for implementing regional policies: • title • funding (amount and sources) • locations • thematic areas • public/private subjects involved • deployment timing 100+ variables for each project in open data section (CSV) + access via API The web portal Open data licence to support re-use
  8. Widget Widget List of operations (Art. 115 Gen. Reg.) Unitary Monitoring System …. Ministry of Interior MISE MIUR … Sicily Region Emilia Romagna Region Veneto Region Compliance to requirements for standardization and completeness of information with licence for reuse Cohesion policy + agriculture & fisheries • Beneficiary name; • operation name; • operation summary; • operation start date; • operation end date (expected date for physical completion or full implementation of the operation); • total eligible expenditure allocated to the operation; • Union co-financing rate, as per priority axis; • operation postcode; or other appropriate location indicator; • country; • name of category of intervention for the operation; • date of last update of the list of operations. In 2014-2020 List of operations (Art. 115 Gen. Reg.)
  9. Projects and funds (total or subets accoding to user’s queries) Interactive graphs for immediate distribution of investment and number of projects by nature and policy theme Interactive table on investment by nature and policy theme Direct search of public authorities in charge for programming and other recipients of projects Direct access to locations through interactive maps and search to discover the number of projects undertaken, the amount of overall investments in the place and the list of projects Top projects listing in home page (most recently completed and largest financially) Periodical insights and short focuses What is in the web portal?
  10. For each policy theme a selection of territorial indicators on the social and economic context of each region Highlighted indicators assure comparable information among regions The idea is to invite the user to make connections between projects and the issues they should impact on Highlights of other data provided
  11. Main contents: project search
  12. 31.08.2014 Main contents: project at a glance 2014
  13. Main contents: recipients at a glance
  14. Some contents available in English In the footer, available throughout the portal, links to contents in English: • About OpenCoesione • Complete FAQs Soon bilingual, for now…
  15. • Data from the monitoring system are updated every two months by the Administrations in charge of managing the funds, and are made available in OpenCoesione approximately three months after the reference date. • The set of published variables and web-portal default analyses are increasing over time, on the basis both of capacity to inspect quality standards and of user demands How often are data updated? Var1 …………………… VarN
  16. Access to the web portal • 2.6 million page views • 800K sessions • 630K new visitors • 4.4% from abroad • 2 minutes: average time of the visit 30 months of operation (July 2012)
  17. • Reinforced link between centre and managing authorities, based on greater awareness of monitoring importance • Stronger motivation for managing authorities to enhance high-quality data from local implementing bodies, as their commitment to improve regularly quality of information provided to the system is crucial in order to achieve better spending • From multiple requests of data at different public entities to public availability in a single access point First outcomes
  18. EU27 2007-2013 OPs average level of compliance with the requirements set by the 2007-2013 COCOF and 2014-2020 Regulation Source: Italian survey “Transparency on the beneficiaries of Structural Funds in Europe” (2013) Easier compliance to regulations
  19. From transparency to participation and collaboration • Citizen engagement is essential for open government and effective development, strengthening the quality of policymaking and the “science” of service delivery with improved social accountability • It requires a committed and responsive government. There is often little discussion about to how to design and implement participatory processes that deliver their expected benefits Availability of open data on public spending and ICT innovations are working to successfully build transparency, increase accountability and overcome a long history of mistrust in many different development projects all around the world.
  20. Monithon: a meso-level action top-down bottom-up meso-level GOVERNMENT CIVIL SOCIETY Monithon is an independent initiative for Citizen monitoring of Cohesion policy projects in Italy based on the Open Data from OpenCoesione
  21. Citizen monitoring Government Open Data Portals Citizen monitoring Administrative data Open Data + visualizations Evidence, Ideas, suggestions Media
  22. Citizen monitoring on Cohesion Policy in Italy Managing Authorities Citizen monitorin g Monitoring data APIs Citizen Monitoring Reports Media
  23. Monithon website 1. Interactive map including: • “Citizen monitoring reports” • Campaigns: Set of relevant projects selected by the communities 2. Toolkit / Common methodology 3. Storytelling • Blog • Tips&tricks 4. News on financed projects
  24. Monithon: the tools Citizen monitoring reports Local communities January 2015: • 60 reports • In-depth investigations • 10+ local communities • 500+ people involved + thousands of high-school students
  25. OpenCoesione School Open Data Data Journalism Civic Monitoring Launched in 2013 ≈ 80 schools selected ≈ 2500 students On the map: 2014/2015 school year SCHOOLS ASSOCIATIONS
  26. High school students as civic reporters Students monitor the time schedule of local trains Sicily’s regional agency opens up the transport data for all! Local transportation in Palermo: from citizen monitoring to open data
  27. The association “Libera” promotes citizen monitoring of the projects aimed at re-using buildings previously owned by the mafia for social purposes A working group of central and local administrations is active to use the data to design specific actions Deciding together how to re-use mafia assets now confiscated
  28. The community “Monithon Piemonte” is watching the progress of the renovation of the museum The Director has met the crew and has implemented some the suggestions received Now working on a documentary on the improvements realized through the EU funding Monitoring the progress of the renovation of the Egyptian museum in Turin
  29. A different way of communicating Uni-directional Multi-directional (processing feedback) The authority tells the story The citizens tell the story Selecting good practices Solving problems together Publicity Collaboration. Involving local communities Aggregated facts & figures Going into the details: Engendering trust through real openness
  30. What a Managing Authority can do: Ideas from the 1. Collect and open up relevant data: detail, detail, detail on each project (coordinates / addresses, results, contact details…) 1. QR codes on the projects signs => link to the data 1. A unique EU code for each project financed by ESI funds
  31. International activities & awards of the OpenCoesione + Monithon partnership • Included in: • Italy’s G8 Open Data Charter Plan • Open Government Partnership Italian Action Plan • Open Government Awards 2014 focused on Civic Participation: 4th place, Silver Award! • UK Open Data Institute (ODI) Award 2014 – Shortlisted • EU Hackathon 2014 in Brussels – Selected • Ongoing collaborations and connections with: • MIT – Center for Civic Media • Center for Technology in Goverrment – University at Albany, State University of New York • New York University – GovLab Project
  32. Papers, articles and reports Section with on line resources (IT & EN) Transparency on Structural Funds' Beneficiaries in Italy and Europe Materiali UVAL, Issue 27 (Analyses and studies), 2012 Monithon and monitorial citizenship in Italy Monithon, a Government “Monitoring Marathon” in Italy Why should we all become monitorial citizens?
  33. Thank you for your attention!

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