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Jacques Cousteau


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A brief presentation about Jacques Cousteau to use with the book Manfish; A Story of Jacques Cousteau written by Jennifer Berne and illustrated by Eric Puybaret.

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Jacques Cousteau

  1. 1. The Cousteau Society “Custodians of the Sea Since 1943”
  2. 2. “The more we dived with the aqualung the more we feared a sudden disaster.” Cousteau The story of the Aqua-Lung goes back to World War II. In 1942, on a small beach of the Riviera, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, wearing rubber fins, shouldered the new completely autonomous diving gear.
  3. 3. During the war, Engineer Emile Gagnon invented a demand regulator that would feed cooking gas to a car’s carburetor in the exact amount the jet needed. In 1943, Cousteau and Gagnon modified the first modern demand regulator. Cousteau makes it the crowning piece of his Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus (SCUBA), the Aqua-Lung.
  4. 4. In Malta, Cousteau discovered Calypso, a former Royal Navy mine-sweeper. The sale contract was signed on July 19, 1950. Calypso left immediately for the shipyard in Antibes, France, where she was transformed into an oceanographic ship. One of her many innovations was the underwater observation chamber built around the prow and equipped with eight portholes for viewing.