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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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  1. 1. Setting: It takes place in Samarwhere the former Gandara Falls is located .
  2. 2. The enchanted sisters who fell inlove to the two spanish playboysTwo Spanish playboys who left the two sisters to marry the city girls The trees that the people believes that they are therelatives guarding the bodies of
  3. 3. The plot of the story is the love that blossomed between the two sisters and the two spanish playboys. The sisters felt sadness when the two spanish playboys left them to marry thecity girls. The sisters was very dipressedand their deppression lead them to death. After the death of the two pretty girls, mysterious tree began to grow around the falls. Soon, the natives renamed the alls from Gandara to Aurora Blanca in honor of the two enchanted sisters.
  4. 4. Complications The physical absence of thetwo Romeos seemed to verity the rumor and it made the two girls heart-broken.
  5. 5. Climax When the news of the marriage of the Spanish boys reached thetown, the naked bodies of the twowomen were seen floating on the falls.
  6. 6. Consequence:Two days after the death of the prettysisters, mysterious trees began to grow around the falls and the native believes that the trees are relatives guarding the deceased bodies
  7. 7. DenoumentThe natives renamed the Gandara falls to Aurorablanca in honor of the two enchanted sisters
  8. 8. Theme How girls love their partners butmost of the time their partners left them without saying anything because they find another girl.
  9. 9. Point of View:It is in the third person point of view.
  10. 10. Lesson:We must love ourselves more than anyone else. And girls should always try to save little for their self and not give everything fortheir love ones specially if they are not yet sure about their partners