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SERVE - Week 2 - Connect


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SERVE - Week 2 - Connect

  1. 1. This is the topic of thefirst week - “Connect.”
  2. 2. hmm...
  3. 3. This basically ties into my friendship map, so I’m goingto roll the two together, but mainly focus on themap!
  4. 4. That’s George.The friendship..
  5. 5. So.. About George.. - From Pittsburgh, PA - Mechanical Engineering major - Avid weightlifter - A resident of mine for two years Seems like we’d get along, right? WR0NG (Well, we do, but I have no idea how..)
  6. 6. Music- Country - Rock- Top 40 (or whatever number..) - Old things songs/artists I’ve never heard of before
  7. 7. Girls- Likes brunettes - Meh, brunettes are okay.
  8. 8. Political PersuasionLeft Right
  9. 9. What happens when we get mad.. Ryan George
  10. 10. Frequently Used Words- Party - Meeting- Lifting - Working- I’m going to be late - I might have to leave early
  11. 11. So why are we friends? Well, I asked George.. and he says it’s because we’re lifting buddies. He then pointed me to this video:’s a teaser of it..
  12. 12. Now that video is a little (a lot) ridiculous, but I thinkthere is something to it. I think that by spending timewith anyone, you do connect. You relate. You trust(especially if that person is making sure thousands ofpounds don’t crush you) (yes, THOUSANDS - I’m abeast obviously).
  13. 13. There are other reasons why I think we’ve stayedfriends, despite our many differences:- There’s a mutual understanding of where we’re eachcoming from and the differences we have.- We both have similar values, even though theypresent themselves in different ways (Family, loyalty,etc.).- He’s one of the few people to whom I open up andtell things, both good and bad (When I apply to things,if I get them, if I don’t, my parents’ and their divorceprocess, frustrations with people (and life), girls/relationships, etc.. And you know.. I think he cares about the stuff I tell him.. And I’m the same way with him.
  14. 14. To quote that video I just told you to watch.. A cocktail of testosterone.. oops wrong quote“It’s just two dudes [...] caring, being there..” That took a lot of editing to make it less awkward. (I think it’s still awkward) So maybe that’s why we’re still friends. But maybe not.. I never know with George See ya next week