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LineMetrics Real-time Asset Monitoring


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LineMetrics provides an real-time asset monitoring solution which helps customer to monitor any kind of physical objects as easy as possible, optimise workflows, efficiency and ressources - or provide new additional services to their existing products.

LineMetrics is a full IoT stack consisting of mesh-network sensors, GSM-based data-logging device, analytics cloud, API and mobile apps (Android, iOS).
Because LineMetrics is offered "as a Service" and has a strong focus on simplicity, monitoring any kind of assets has never been easer.

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LineMetrics Real-time Asset Monitoring

  1. 1. Real-time Asset Monitoring Version 2.5
  2. 2. What is LineMetrics about? LineMetrics offers a complete solution that provides you the opportunity to collect data from your sensors in a simple way and for a reasonable price. The capture of the data is linked to minimal integration effort (clear interfaces, easy-to-use Cloud software, communication via GSM) and low costs (small usage fee per month). LineMetrics Wireless
 (Sensor-Adapter) LineMetrics Box LineMetrics Cloud AnalysisYour sensor
  3. 3. Your software solution How does LineMetrics work? The LineMetrics Box captures the measured value and continually transfers it via GSM to the LineMetrics Box. Finally, the collected data is easily analyzed and visualized in the LineMetrics Cloud. Asset sensor wired
 0-10V / 4-20mA / PT100 / S0 radio GSM Asset wired
 0-10V / digital / S0 Asset wired
 Modbus RTU
 (RS-485) Internet sensor
 control system sensor
 control system LineMetrics SDK Place the sensor at the desired location. Afterwards wire the sensor with the LineMetrics Wireless Adapter or with the LineMetrics Box.
  4. 4. Why LineMetrics? Easy implementation and usage guaranteed: • simple installation of sensors • LineMetrics Box communicates directly via integrated GSM with the Cloud and sensors • a clear web interface used for data interpretation on browser or smartphones
 Highest data security provided: • Data is sent encrypted and stored in highly secured data centers in Europe • Captured data can be downloaded at any time and used for further processing in existing IT systems
 The whole solution can be rented without capital cost and allows a fast Return on Investment. everything at once ...
  5. 5. How can LineMetrics help you?
  6. 6. LineMetrics Cloud • Web-based software used to manage assets and analyze/evaluate recorded data • Active alert in real time based on configured rules • Accessible every time and everywhere (über browser) • Small usage fee per month without capital costs • No IT effort or knowledge needed • High security standard • data is stored in highly secured data centers in Austria • encrypted data communication • highly available infrastructure
  7. 7. Asset overview The map shows all stored assets / measurements including location and condition. Following features are available: • Filtering by asset type • Overview of the current status of all assets • Display of latest value
  8. 8. Asset Details Following information can be added to the assets. • Characteristics • Values • Dashboards • Documents • Instructions • Optimization measures
  9. 9. Values Feasible analysis of the measured values. Examples values: • Weather conditons (temperature, air humidity) • Energy consumption • Filling level • Flow measurement • Performance KPI Example alert: • Defined threshold value has been reached Example Analysis: • Less consumption under similar conditions
  10. 10. Dashboards Values and key figures can be represented in lucid dashboards. Feasibility: • Fast and complete overview • Free configuration and design • Widgets for: • charts • key figures • tabels • Full-screen mode (for monitors)
  11. 11. Hardware Management • Configuration of the Hardware devices over Cloud • Monitoring of the device status • Device management (e.g. frmware update) • Common gauges and sensors are already saved in the data base – easy configuration with just a few clicks
  12. 12. LineMetrics Wireless • Wireless and battery-driven (duration of up to 3 years) • Allows wireless data transfer of any sensor • Connect independently to a steady network of sensors • Universally usable with different external connections (4-20 mA; 0-10 V; S0; PT 100) • Suitable for outdoor use
  13. 13. LineMetrics Box • Independent from IT-structure due to GSM connection • Data buffer in case of communication failure • 8 voltage inputs (0-10 V analog, digital up to 24 V, S0) • Modbus RTU (RS-485) interface • Base station for LineMetrics Wireless sensors • Configuration on web interface of LineMetrics Cloud • Communication within EU38+ at a fixed price possible
  14. 14. Setup 1. Place the sensor at the desired location. 2. Connect the sensor to the LineMetrics Box. 3. Provide supply voltage for the LineMetrics Box. 4. Configure input with just a few clicks in the 
 LineMetrics Cloud Data is automatically transferred in 
 real-time into the LineMetrics Cloud LineMetrics Wireless
 (Sensor-Adapter) LineMetrics Box LineMetrics Cloud AnalysisYour sensor
  15. 15. LineMetrics Mobile LineMetrics Mobile is a mobile application (iOS / Android), which enables suppliers or end-customers to access the data of the monitored assets. • Characteristics • Values • Documents • Instructions • Measures
  16. 16. LineMetrics SDK LineMetrics SDK allows the connection of the LineMetrics Cloud with own hardware / software or to create own applications based on LineMetrics. The programming interface (API) of the LineMetrics Cloud provides following opportunities: • capture and query data • create, edit and query objects and lists • insert charts with few lines of code into own website • transfer captured and computed data into own IT systems For this you can use following software libraries / projects: • libraries in different programming languages (e.g. Java, C#, Arduino, Linux) • reference implementation (e.g. websites, mobile applications)
  17. 17. Contact person I will be happy to answer any further questions you might have! Reinhard Nowak Co-founder & CEO Phone: +43 720 988 776 E-Mail:
  18. 18. LineMetrics Smart asset monitoring made simple