Letras 2012


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Set of slides for Letras undergraduates about the teaching of English.

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Letras 2012

  1. 1. Theoretical Foundations of ESL teaching / learning - LET 132 Professor Reinildes Dias, Ph.D. March 2012 des .br/profs/reinil t: ww w.letras.ufmg Meet me at:
  2. 2. About the present (here and now)Literacy: a broad concept.Development of students’ capacity tocommunicate in English +Development of students’ sense of citizenship. +Development of students’ capacity to interpretmultimodal texts of different genres.
  3. 3. Features of present AppliedLinguistics studies A shift from linguistics to semioticsA shift from emphasis on language alone (theverbal code) to a focus on different semioticcodes.
  4. 4. Watch this video. List the semiotic codesused to convey the message.http://tinyurl.com/mr-been-warmwelcome
  5. 5. Linguistic - oral and written language: use of vocabulary & grammar Visual - still & moving images, colors. Auditory – music & soundSemiotic codes effects: use of volume, pitch &or modes rhythm. Gestural – facial expressions & body language. Spatial – layout & organization of objects & space.
  6. 6. (Multi)Literacyinvolves students’ capacity to functionappropriately in a (multi) literateenvironment.This (multi)literate environmentincludes reading, writing, and producingmultimodal texts.
  7. 7. Sociocultural theoriesthe importance of societal attitudes andgroup membership.
  8. 8. MultimodalityExpresses meaning throughdifferent semiotic modes.Invites multiple interpretations.
  9. 9. The world told is a different world to the world shown. Kress, 2003MultimodalityInfluenced by digital technologiesand how they have transformedour communicational landscape.
  10. 10. Digital native or digital immigrant? PRENSKY. Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants: http://tiny.cc/aXomB
  11. 11. Digital natives Commitment to our digital native students.Less downloads,more uploads!
  12. 12. http://iteslj.org/links/ESL/Listening/Podcasts/http://www.eslpod.com/website/index_new.htmlhttp://top25.podcast.com/ Reception: LISTENING to podcasts Production: Creating podcasts
  13. 13. http://www.learnenglishfeelgood.com/eslvideo/index.html Reception: LISTENING Production: SPEAKING Create movies in English with WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER Video productionDIAS, R. Websites, video clips, trailers, movies andpodcasts in developing students’ oral skills in English. 2010.http://tiny.cc/n8cae
  14. 14. A W e b Q u e s t a b o u t W e b Q u e s t s by Reinildes Dias http://web.me.com/reinildes/Site_3/A_Web_Quest.html Reading. Researching. Collaborating. Learning. Reception: ReadingC r e a t i n g y o u r o w n W e b Q u e s t by Reinildes Diashttp://web.me.com/reinildes/Site_6/Creating_a_WQ.htmlReading. Writing. Collaborating. Revising. Learning. Production: Writing
  15. 15. L e s s d o w n lo a d s , m o r eu p lo a d s ! WebQuests: guided research on the web. A multimodal learning environment. http://webquest.org/index.phpDIAS, R. Webquests no processo de aprendizagem de L2 no meio on-line.Disponível em www.letras.ufmg.br/profs/reinildes
  16. 16. Web tools in ESLteaching & learning.
  17. 17. r/profs/reinildes w .letras.ufmg.bMeet me at: ww t: Thank you very much diasreinildes@gmail.com Portal for the English Teacher http://tinyurl.com/portalreinildes