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  2. 2. AVFoundation CoreMotion Capturing ARKit Rendering Application SceneKit SpriteKit Metal Processing ARKit ARSessionConfiguration ARFrame ARFrame ARFrame AVCaptureSession CMMotionManager run(_ configuration) currentFrame ARSession World Tracking Position and orientation Physical distances Relative to starting position 3D-feature points 1m
  3. 3. Scene Understanding Plane detection Hit-testing Light estimation Plane Detection Horizontal with respect to gravity Runs over multiple frames Aligned extent for surface Plane merging Existing plane using extent Existing plane Estimated plane Hit-Test Types Light Estimation Ambient intensity based on captured image Defaults to 1000 lumen Enabled by default configuration.isLightEstimationEnabled = true // Get ambient intensity value let intensity = frame.lightEstimate?.ambientIntensity
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  6. 6. Optimized for Hardware Dog playing in a soccer field Context Switching Runs on GPU Runs on CPU Today’s lunch was terrible and disappointing Word Counts Use NLP to Process Text { "Core" : 1, "ML" : 1, "is" : 1, "awesome" : 1, "I" : 1, "love" : 1, "using" : 1, "it" : 1, } Xcode Your App Model as CodeGetting the Model Model Function learned from data Observed inputs Predicts outputs ?Model photo: flowerType: Underlying Function Scene Classification Style TransferTranslation Sentiment Analysis Handwriting Recognition Music Tagging Predicting Text !That was totally 
 awesome Leo! I love you mom 사랑해 엄마 7 Do you know the way to San Jose Beach Rock