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  • topic of this discussion isseo and social media, not how to do social media
  • For instance, I did a search on Google PandaThe author of the article is présented in a picture, with the number of persons who has him in circles.This is another example with one of my posts. If a person does a +1, it will show in the SERP
  • Searchengines do not see imagesQuality content, engaging content, relevant
  • But i wastalking about it back in 2009
  • When a user uses the Tweet button, the text should have the important keyword. The brand name is important to keep.
  • Default description for a Pinterest pin should include the name of the brand and short appealing text.The fun of Pinterest is to share images. Most images are associated with links. Users do the leg work. A greater involvement in Pinterest will:Increase valued traffic.Increase sales, as pinners are more likely to make purchases.
  • Back linking the social way
  • Seo social media_2013

    1. 1. Sophie Massé Digital Strategist
    2. 2. Authorship Picture Name Link to Google+ In how many circles Date
    3. 3.  The panda is all about quality content  Google Panda is designed to penalize sites with low quality content and reward sites with quality content  Promote your content through social media
    4. 4. • The penguin is fighting against low quality links • Keyword stuffing • Overoptimised anchor text • Punishes « questionnable » seo tactics
    5. 5.  The importance of good on site optimization is more important then ever  User experience is a priority (responsive design, speed, bounce rate, time on page)  Compeling content for your audience, diverse content, tags, semantic web  Rel:Authorship  Generate highly creative sharable content  Long lasting domaine, branding  Link diversity  High quality guest blogguing  Manually checked quality directory submissions  PR  Blog Comments  Social media
    6. 6. Before Panda and Penguin updates, ranking in search engines was relatively easy (). Pages full of keywords, backdoor pages and massive link building worked charms. The sheer number of backlinks could have a good impact on ranking. But not anymore, links have to be content related, social, relevant and shared..
    7. 7. Before the Panda and Penguin, links were more important than Social Media This is no longer the case Social media is the core of your content promotional channel Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook are the most important.
    8. 8. Content is Text
    9. 9.  In 2013, Social media has taking a major stand when we look at it from an SEO perspective. The face of SEO has changed. More than ever, the focus is on content, consumer engagement, social media and authorship.  Social media has a direct impact on the search engine friendliness of your website. It is now a major factor affecting ranking. But now social media plays a crucial role in determining the search engine friendliness of a website.  Google Panda is all about content and Google Penguin is all about links. Social Media addresses both.
    10. 10. More social media followers = More back links
    11. 11. Authority is now a key measure The concept of authority refers to the strength of your website when it is compared to other websites. If your website is stronger, it will appear higher in the organic search results. There is no specific on how to calculate authority but Google does take into account quality content. High quality content is based on content for users and social media signals. Engagement Social media likes, shares and re-Tweets indicate new and interesting content. In theory, it is only good quality content that is talked about and shared – Googlebot likes content that is shared and both the frequency of these shares and the authority of those sharing plays a significant role. Mentions Social media mentions indicate to search engines that you are authoritative, authentic and that you have engaged followers that like your content. Linked Content Using tools such as rel=”author” lets Google track all of your linked content and attribute it to one original source. In theory, this should stop websites that syndicate or scrape content benefiting by being wrongly accredited as the original source. Backlinks Even in the new Content Optimisation landscape, backlinks to a website matter. Forced black-hat techniques are no longer as effect as they once were, the emphasis now being placed firmly upon natural backlink building, the sort of backlinks that are generated as a result of content sharing on sites such as Pinterest or re-blogging for example.
    12. 12.  Google takes into account the number of Tweets a page has. Each page should be tweeted. Use the same keywords you use for SEO and AdWords.  The number of tweets per day should around 10, each day. Twitter should be a major traffic driver.  The authority of people who tweet is also taken into consideration. Those are people who have an “old” account and have massive number of followers. They have more effect that new Twitter accounts. To use an image, Justin Beiber tweeting about your brand would have more impact in terms of seo, than if I created 10 new accounts and tweeted all day.  Contact people whom you would like to tweet about you.
    13. 13.  Google does not see all Facebook accounts, but it is likely that they take into accounts the number of likes on a link shared  The number of shares is similar to backlinks. This has more direct impact than likes. We do not have access to see the stats of the shares of the page. The Authority of Facebook accounts is also taken into consideration.
    14. 14.  Pinterest breaks all records in popularity. It is the biggest traffic driver in eCommerce. The number of conversions is greater than Facebook.  In 2012, statistics showed that Pinterest drove close to 4% of referral traffic. The number of pins is taking into accounts in rankings. It offers great quality links.  Pinterest users are more likely to puschase than any other social media site. Pinterest is rapidly rising in popularity. Pinterest is mostly adopted by women (80%).
    15. 15.  Google+ is a major social media when we look at it from a SEO perfective. Google will prefer showing results if they are associated from a Google+ account.  Google attributes a greater authority to Google+ accounts.  The number of +1 is taking into accounts in rankings and in SERP. A user’s search results will show links from people in their circles before others.  Google+ will improve your ranking
    16. 16. Tumblr Yahoo’s favorite Blogger Google’s favorite blog platform WordPress Of course  Blogging is social media and search engines love it so much !
    17. 17. VOTES ON SOCIAL SHARING SITES  The number of votes on StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious and Digg has an impact on ranking.  Add those sharing buttons on the site will improve sharing abilities.
    18. 18. Thank you for your time
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