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Five Alive - CloudCamp North (June 2012)

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Five Alive - CloudCamp North (June 2012)

  1. 1. CloudCamp North Five Alive Christian Reilly – Bechtel Corporation
  2. 2. Disclaimer / Cover My *aaS All the rubbish you’re about to hear is based on experience and opinion.
  3. 3. Who are you? @reillyusa on teh twitterz Loose Couple Blog ( Sort of like a biz > tech guy in a massive “enterprise” company Bechtel is the largest privately owned E&C company, evar Accidentally designing “Clouds” since 2006 mainly in the USA Manchester City FC Season Ticket Holder
  4. 4. It’s Not The Individuals, It’s The Team
  5. 5. Blah. Blah. Security Generally, it’s the #1 excuse for not moving to cloud, not the #1 reason.
  6. 6. Bad securitay is just like bad, m’kay ?
  7. 7. Five Alive - #1 Don’t do cloud just because you think everybody else is.
  8. 8. Not All Things Are Made Equal
  9. 9. Five Alive - #2 The typical enterprise has very few applications that suit public cloud models.
  10. 10. Complexity = Perplexity
  11. 11. Five Alive - #3 Your initial private cloud effort will fail miserably for a variety of reasons.
  12. 12. Your Private Cloud – Version 1
  13. 13. Five Alive - #4 Be prepared for long and epic battles with ops guys and application owners.
  14. 14. Honey Badger Don’t Care
  15. 15. Five Alive - #5 Your cloud deployment will never be complete, not in your career, anyway.
  16. 16. The Long And Winding Road
  17. 17. Five Alive - #5.5 There is no perfect cloud. Use the best fit for each of your target workloads.
  18. 18. Often Asked Question “What is a cloud?”
  19. 19. Often Given Answer “Does it really matter?”
  20. 20. I Think It Looks Like This
  21. 21. Final Thought Cloud is a journey. A new approach and a conduit for business transformation.