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Results of questionnaire

  1. 1. Final QuestionnaireI’ve chosen 10 English people to do the questionnairefor me, 5 males and 5 females.As my magazine does not target a specific gender,picking both male and female would provide me witha fair and reliable results about present teenagerespecially English teenagers’ perspective andexpectations on Asian music because England is mytarget market.Views on Asian pop music may differ in every culture.
  2. 2. Which gender would you like the musician of themain story to be?80%  The figure shows that teenagers are more70% interested in male group or60% celebrity.50%  Therefore, the headline musician of my magazine40% will be male.30%20%10%0% Male Female
  3. 3. What type of musician do you want to readabout? 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Individual Boy band Girl band Mixed band  From the above results, half of them are more interested in a boy band/group. Same number of them prefer a girl or mixed band/group. Only 1 person chose an individual musician.  Therefore, I’ll be presenting a boy band for headline story.
  4. 4. What type of instruments would you prefer themusician to play?45%  Same number of them prefer my40% dedicated musician to be playing35% guitar and piano, which is also the30% most popular choice.25%  Same number of them are interested20% in a simple singer and a proper band.15%10%  As the choice of guitar and piano5% have the most and same votes, the0% boy group I’m going to promote will consist of 2 members, one plays guitar while the other plays piano.
  5. 5. What lighting would you prefer the front pageand the double page to be? Half of them prefer high key lighting while the other half prefer low key 60% lighting. 50% It’s hard to put both high and low key lighting on the front page, unlike the 40% previous question. 30% Therefore I’ll apply 2 narrative ideas with low key lighting (as my initial idea is also low key lighting), and 20% another idea with high key lighting. The final decision will be made after 10% the consulting my focus group and further comparison. 0% High key Low Key
  6. 6. What sort of format would attract you more? 80% 70% of the them are more likely to be attracted by a simplistic format 70% of music magazine. 60% Unlike fashion magazines or other 50% types of tabloid, music magazine 40% tend to be more concern about the actual content, but not 30% designs, despite the importance of 20% attractive layout. 10% In conclusion, my music magazine 0% will tend to be more simplistic. Simplistic Epic
  7. 7. Would you like more or less photographs on thefront page? More60%50% 80%40% 60%30%20% 40%10% 20% 0% 0% More Less Headline celebrity Other stories From the above results, they clearly show that audience would Less prefer less or only one 100% 80% photograph for the 60% headline, while there could be 40% 20% some or a few smaller 0% photographs of other features. one from headline one from other feature
  8. 8. For the double page, would you prefer more photographs or texts? Photographs60%  Though the results show equal50% number of votes on both more and40% less photographs, but referring to30% the question about format which is20% preferably simplistic, I’ll go for less10% photographs in this case. 0% More Less Texts 80%  70% of them prefer to read 60% more texts instead of less which only 30% of them are 40% less interested in reading. 20% 0% More Less
  9. 9. What colour scheme would attract you most?70%  More than half of them would be attracted by black and white colour60% tone than colourful colour scheme.50%  But almost half of them would like40% the magazine to be colourful.  Therefore, I’ll apply black and white30% colour scheme onto the first two20% narrative ideas, while a colourful scheme for the last one.10%  The more appealing idea will be0% taken into the final pitch. Dark (black & white) Colourful
  10. 10. Do you want more featuring stories besides theheadline or less? 70% Due to the simplicity of the front page, a relatively more features 60% around could help accompanying the headline to make it look less 50% dull and boring. 40% Therefore, there will be a few more features in proportion of 30% the headline story on my front cover. 20% 10% 0% More Less
  11. 11. Would you like to read a fact file or question andanswer with my chosen band? 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Fact file Question & Both Doesnt matter answer The figure shows that it will be less appealing if there will either be fact file or Q&A. Therefore in all of my narrative ideas, I’ll create the group with a fact file and a few Q&As.
  12. 12. SummaryBased on the analysis of the questionnaire results, I’ll be taking a decision fromeach of the question and put them into the elements of the magazine. 1. The subject of the headline story will be male. 2. The subject will be a boy band/group with more than 1 person. 3. The main subject will be playing guitar and piano. 4. As they have equal results, I’ll be constructing a narrative idea and draft for both high key and low key lighting. 5. The layout / background will be simplistic.
  13. 13. Summary 6. There may be a few photos of the other articles. 7. The double page will have relatively more texts 8. The colour scheme of the front page will be plain (not colourful), I can make use of binary oppositions such as black and white, red and black etc. 9. There will be a few more articles beside the headline story. 10. As the audience don’t really have a particular view on the content on the double page, I’ll decide which to add alongside the production and see if they may fit in