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Final questionnaire


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Final questionnaire

  2. 2. • After piloting my questionnaire, I’ve chosen to replace the first three questions by the following ones instead.• In fact the questions I decide to remove are effective on their own or in a magazine without specific genre or USP, because they grab the taste of my target audience about music.• However, the USP of my magazine is Asian popular music, which means the region and type of music are already fixed.
  3. 3. 1. Which genre of music magazine would interest you more?(you can choose more than one)a. Rock and popb. Countryc. Jazzd. Rhythm and Bluese. Folkf. Others: ________________________________This is a useless question because I’ve already made clear in theinitial idea and response to brief that the genre of my musicmagazine is going to be popular music.
  4. 4. 2. Do you have other interest on foreign music (not only English)a. Yes (please go to Q3)b. No (skip Q3)This question is pointless because if NOs are more than YESs, allof the following questions will not make sense which has nopoint to continue.
  5. 5. 3. If yes, music which country or culture would attract you most?a. Europei. Germanyii. Franceiii. Italyiv. Other:____________________________b. Asiai. Chinaii. Japaniii. Koreaiv. Hong Kongv. Other:____________________________This is an ineffective question because I’ve initially clarified my USPof the magazine that is to promote Asian pop music, there’s nothingto do with knowing what countries would my target audience like toknow about.
  6. 6. Therefore…the following will officially be my final questionnaire.
  7. 7. • 1. Which gender would you like the musician of the main story to be?a. Maleb. Female• 2. What type of musician do you want to read about?a. Individualb. Boy bandc. Girl bandd. Mixed-band• 3. What type of instruments would you prefer the musician to play?a. Without instrument (plain singer)b. A proper band (drum-set, guitars, bass, vocalist)c. Guitar(s)d. Pianoe. Percussionf. Others:______________________________• 4. What lighting would you prefer the front page and the double page to be?a. High key (bright colours)b. Low key (dark colours)• 5. What sort of format would attract you more?a. Simplistic (plain photographs and neat headlines)b. Epic (edited photographs and rich headlines around)
  8. 8. • 6. Would you like more or less photographs on the front page?a. Morei. More of headline celebrityii. More from other storiesb. Lessi. just a photograph from the main storyii. Just a photograph with a photographs of another headline• 7. For the double page, would you prefer more photographs or words?[Photographs]a. more photographsb. less photographs[Texts]a. more wordsb. fewer words• 8. What colour scheme would attract you most?a. Black and whiteb. Colourful• 9. Do you want more featuring stories one the front page besides the headline or less?a. Moreb. Less• 10. Would you like to read a fact file or question and answer with my chosen band?a. Fact fileb. Question and answerc. Bothd. Doesn’t matter
  9. 9. DONE! YAY!(Cough cough~)E x c u s e me ,c o u l d y o u p l e a s e d o t h i sq u e s t i o n n a i r e f o r me ? :D