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Decisions made according to the focus group


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Decisions made according to the focus group

  1. 1.  Dark costume Without a mask Not revealed as much
  2. 2.  A boy Nightmares are usually more of a problem or scare to children rather than to teenagers or adults
  3. 3.  Protagonist and antagonist will both be on the magazine Only protagonist will be shown on poster with the shadow of the antagonist behind
  4. 4.  House Will not be as run-down Preferably to be in remote areas (or looks like it locates in remote areas)
  5. 5.  Orchestral music is suggested Conventional in horror movies But there are different view points Other types of music such as dissident and atonal music are also conventional to a horror film Therefore further experiments on sounds will be done during production
  6. 6.  A shot of antagonist after title card Conventional in horror film trailer Makes audience jump when they assume that the trailer is finishing
  7. 7.  Long shot  Atmosphere of poster may be thoroughly portrayed• Medium or long shot• As other texts such as coverlines and splash have to fit in
  8. 8.  Low key lighting (dark) Or bedroom (ambient)
  9. 9.  Use of unconventional shot types and focusing