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  1. 1. ConventionsFrom my genre and form research, it’sobvious that the following points areconventional for all sorts of musicmagazine.However, referring to the USP of mymagazine – Asian Pop MusicI’ll also make reference on the conventionsof Asian music magazine, which may enhanceme to create a crossover of musicmagazines of both cultures.
  2. 2. Firstly I’ll analyse the conventions of English music magazine e.g. Q and Mojo.
  3. 3. Front page Masthead on the top of the cover page Slogan to show reputation Date of issue Headline subject as the biggest splash with description Other cover lines at the side Main photograph - always medium close up Other photographs for particular featuring stories Bolded splash
  4. 4. Contents page often categorized date of issue a photograph of the main story A few photographs - photograph for headline - a few smaller photographs for other articles Brief description under each article Page number in front of the title of article Recent news on concerts or other special events beside main stories Follows house style of magazine
  5. 5. Double page One large photo across two pages Additional photographs for description of article(usually very casual) Standfirst Eye-catching headline Matching colours between background and the music genre of celebrity Quotes by the subject
  6. 6. And I’ll be breaking… Avoid being too wordy - there will be a small opening paragraph and a few captions
  7. 7.  And now, I’ll be analysing the conventions of Asian music magazine…
  8. 8. Front page Colour of masthead is always in contrast with the background colour e.g. red in black. blue in white etc Masthead always takes up the whole row Date of issue is always at the top left corner Splash at the bottom with the largest font - smaller cover lines about the headline story will also be diversed on other place (illustration) (when a pair group)Names will be placed vertically between the medium close up of them (as chinese characters can be written vertically)
  9. 9. Front page over coverlines will be arranged in list - the coverlines are only names of the subjects of the articles - only 2-3 coverlines will include short description some featuring credits such as free poster may be placed on top of masthead with smaller font and lighter-colour Usually simplistic colour scheme - 2 to 3 colours only
  10. 10. And I’ll be breaking… although this will be an English magazine, in order to bring out the taste of Asian, the chinese names of the subjects will also be shown I think the splash is already enough, so I won’t put other coverlines about the headline story
  11. 11. Contents page Images of subject may be cut-ups Less or no photographs from other articles Image of front page is always present at the top left/right corner small subscription section at bottom corner every cover lines will have a brief description with around 2 sentences below usually simplistic, without too many extra images or decorations in order to show audience with a clean layout for them to check out what they want to look for however, description of headline story will sometimes placed on the photograph of the main subject page number is always placed before the coverlines
  12. 12. Double page photographs barely go across two pages - normal two separate pages of the same article many paragraphs - may be short - look less wordy may be cut-ups of subject rather than just proper photographs information of modelling, make-up, hair styles and photographer at the top left corner of the left page contexts are mainly about recent news, future plans and private lives of subjects