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Record label presentation


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Record label presentation

  1. 1. Record labels and how they work??
  2. 2. This is a table of how record companies work
  3. 3. Promotion Promotion is critical when selling releases for record labels. The major aspects for promotion are: • Radio - both local and national • Print media - newspapers, magazines • Online media – Facebook, blogs, websites • Clubs • Advertising – posters, print ads, internet ads, TV ads• The major decision for promotion is if you handle it all yourself or hire people to do it for you. The A&R companies are specialized in promotion , this includes, print media, online media, advertising and radios. Several A&R companies would be hired to complete all aspects and advertise their talent to the world. A promotional campaign is began by this . Not all labels want to hire A&R companies as they want to minimize their budget. This also limits how a group or talent is promoted as they won’t have a wider audience.
  4. 4. • A&R stands for artists andA&R repertoire, this is the part of a record label that is responsible for finding up and coming bands or talent and overseeing their development. Every activity the talent does for the record label is organized by the A&R , this ranges from concerts to album releases. • They are often known as scouts for the record label as they find young, talent which will be commercially successful. Most of these people at already musicians or record producers.
  5. 5. Can artists make it without a record label???• Record companies. Who needs em? Well, if you believe a report released this week, every would-be musician currently sitting in their bedrooms with their eye on the big time does. The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) says it wants to counter the "myth" that new artists can make it on their own in the age of the internet. In its report it says that no new artists have broken through without a label behind them. Even those, such as Lily Allen or Sandi Thom, who claim to have made their names through MySpace pages, did so with the silent backing of a label.• If this smacks of record companies trying to justify their existence, you can hardly blame them. For years record labels have been told that their days are numbered. New technology has marked a shift in how music is sold and made it possible for the self-determining artist to make and distribute music on their own terms and independently of the major corporations. And this week Charlotte Church abandoned record labels in favour of a new business model when she signed a £2million deal with an investment company. But theres more to making it in the music business than recording an album and releasing it. So lets look at exactly what record companies have to offer the aspiring musician.• As labels see it, they can offer knowledge of the market and the latest trends, as well as crucial relationships with other industries that can take the music to the wider audience. They have a crack team of experts, from radio pluggers and publicists to seasoned talent scouts, all under one roof to make sure that the artists get what they need. Need to book a nationwide tour? No problem. Want to get your picture in the paper? Done.
  6. 6. This is a video on how a record label works, please click the hyperlink.• d-label_.html