Group43 Main Task


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Pitch For Group 43 Film 'Die Tonight, Live Forever.'

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Group43 Main Task

  1. 2. Our storyline idea involves a take on popular modern realist films based on youths living in modern day Britain. In fact the protagonist takes a reversal of roles in comparison to films Such as Kidulthood, looking from the perspective of those who try hard to maintain family Value, but are still caught up in the chaotic lifestyle; as opposed to those who take on gang And knife culture as a way of life. Not to the dismay of Kidulthood fans, it still focuses to some extent on similar themes!
  2. 3. Our devised cast and crew are as follows: Director: Matthew Jenner Producer: Robert Palmer Editing: Ziauddin Rarhi Sounds Recordist: Nathan Somovilla Script Writer: Matthew Jenner & Robert Palmer The Protagonist: Matthew Jenner The Councilor: Robert Palmer The Friend: Ziauddin Rarhi The Antagonist: Nathan Somovilla The Girlfriend: Holly Burraway Crew Members: The most likely scenario is that Each crew member will be somewhat Involved in every role, but not to the Extent of the names shown.
  3. 4. Our current focus is the opening two minutes of the film, which will set the tone of the film, let alone give a tentative feel of production costs for the film. The opening two minute sequence involves a series of flashback in which the main Character is trying to set straight in his mind the event which led him up-to the present day, Including his trying to help a friend, encountering his girlfriend cheating on him, and the Divorce of his parent, climatically ending in his attempted suicide, an intense event which Jumps quickly to the present day, where his is in recovery.
  4. 5. -We want to have a couple of establishing shots of early Morning Croydon & Purley, and so would be inclined to some high locations in these areas to achieve such shots. -We are going to film the opening shots of Matt in the park At the log-pile on Kenley Common, most likely at dusk or In the evening, to achieve the dark feel. -We would be inclined to film some of the flashback events, Including Matt's girlfriend cheating on him and Matt assisting his Friend, at Reigate College. -We will film the final scene featuring Matt and his counselor At Rob’s house… as it features a psychiatrist style reclined chair. The opening shots are arguably some of the most Important of our opening, establishing the gritting And unappealing area in which the film is set.
  5. 6. Pre-Production: £0 Cameras: £0 Lighting: £0 Catering: £0 Props: £20 Editing: £0 Sounds: £0 Actors: £0 We have drawn up a realistic budget, based on the needs and the facilities available For constructing our opening sequence. Sub-Total: £20
  6. 7. We’ve adapted our idea from similar low budget productions, to determine who our Audience will be, how we will classify our film in-terms of genre and how we are going to Market the film. These are the results we came up with: Kidulthood – Drama Slumdog Millionaire - Romantic Drama This Is England – Drama Clockwork Orange – Drama Bullet Boy - Drama
  7. 8. We attempted to find statistics based on the films shown previously, based on the Proportions of each age group in the total box office takings, unsuccessfully. So we’ve based this conclusion on the themes and prodominant age of the characters In the film. Teenagers and young adults can most relate to storylines about struggles Living in deprived areas, school, relationships etc. Its sensible to assume that these films attract a largely young audience. Therefore, we predict that our film will attract this type of audience. This is England: £1,500,000 Clockwork Orange: £1,100,000 Bullet Boy: Not available Kidulthood:£800,000
  8. 9. Our Prospective budget reduces opportunities of advertising intensively using national Forms, such as television trailers. We could begin by advertising through services associated with our target audience, such as MySpace & Facebook; social networking sites used by thousands of users across The UK. We could also opt to distribute trailers to through I-Tunes as a cheaper option. In their Service, they offer all trailers for free. I-Tunes is currently the most popular on line music Provider. In comparison to buying spots off of television networks, it would also be cheaper to screen Trailers in cinemas. We are also keen on designing some effective poster designs. We would plan on locations Of distribution carefully so as to hit target audiences as effectively as possible and cut Printing costs.
  9. 10. Distributing Die Tonight, Live Forever As previously stated; with a smaller budget, our prospects for selling our film Become limited. Our most ideal approach would be to screen the film initially in art house Cinemas, by pitching to smaller distributors. However we would also like to gain some critical attention to increase nationwide Screening, and even expansion into international markets. We recognize that the success of this depends a lot on how well crafted our film is, So we intend to focus a lot of our time on this. Our Strategy Simply Is: -Sell our film to small UK distributors to get profit flowing in. -Enter our film into the Cannes Film Festival, a popular event for independent Productions. -With more critical attention, we hope to move nationwide screenings. -Ultimately, if our film garners mostly positive critical attention and high box office Ratings, we hope to get offers to export the film to the US, Europe and Australia, to name A few markets.
  10. 11. Future Plans Themes of teenage culture have been popular in cinema for decades and similar small Budget productions have largely succeeded at the box office. -We would aim to eventually release Die Tonight, Live Forever on DVD, even if the Film is only successful in the UK. -We would aim in a year to have TV screenings.
  11. 12. Thank You for your time and we open the floor to questions.