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Group 54 Presentation2


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Presentation of ideas for main task.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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Group 54 Presentation2

  1. 2. As we are doing a British Socialist action film, We are hoping that Pete Cooper, a college student and cage fighter will be our main role. We hope that we could also use a couple of his training partners at his gym as well but this is all still unconfirmed. Louis, Emma and I will be filming and editing the whole production together as a team, all imputing ideas to the final edit.
  2. 3. Location: We hope to use the gym that Pete uses, so that we can get a good accurate perspective of what he sees and does whilst there. Props: We shouldn’t need too many props as most of it will be filmed in a gym, so everything will be there. Music: The music will be appropriate for whatever filming we end up with. As it would be silly to choose the music before we have a final edit.
  3. 5. Our initial ideas were to create a documentary of sorts, fitting into the genre of British Socialism and following the exploits of Pete Cooper, a college student who competes in tournaments cage fighting.
  4. 6. Our main target audience are essentially the same audience that would have followed similar films to the genre e.g. This is England, although the film could potentially appeal to a wider audience, for example those who may enjoy watching documentary etc. Furthermore it would appeal to teens as the central character is of teenager age.
  5. 7. The financial aspects of the film will be entirely covered by the group as we have no means of financial aid.
  6. 8. Were we to be selling our film we could potentially advertise it through magazines etc. dependant on the budget allocated to this part of the film. However as we are not selling the film we will not be marketing it per say.
  7. 9. We anticipate that when we have completed the opening for the task it will be comparable to other films in the genre. For example the likes of Green Street, Football Factory, This is England and other British Socialist films .
  8. 10. Cinema:- Viewing for 6 weeks across UK e.g. ODEON, View, Cineworld DVDs:- Cost- £7.00 Design DVD cover <ul><li>Posters:- </li></ul><ul><li>Bus stops </li></ul><ul><li>Train stations </li></ul><ul><li>Notice boards </li></ul>TV :- Viewing 2 years after release on DVD Magazine & newspaper Adverts:- e.g. Daily Mirror, News of the World DISTRIBUTION
  9. 11. We will produce flyers and posters which will be distributed to cinemas such as, Cineworld, View, ODEON etc. and be on offer for any customers interested in the film. We will also produce posters which will be advertising the film in cinemas, bus stop shelters and train stations .