Ali, Harry, Olivia presentation


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Ali, Harry, Olivia presentation

  1. 1. Double dealing This title orgionated from the story-line about a female and male character who deal drugs together. She decides to change her ways because her ‘best friend’ found out and threatens her to stop herThis title originated from the story-line ways. about afemale and male character who deal drugstogether. She decides to change her waysbecause her ‘best friend’ found out and threatensher to stop her ways.
  2. 2. GenreThe main genre of Double dealing is thriller, this is becausethe film is about youth crime and escaping authority.The sub genres that we have are crime, romance andaction. We have these sub genres because they are thevariety of element s that we use in our film.We have crime because of the references of drugs and thepolice in addition to this we have romance because the twocharacters Nikki and Grant become emotionally attachedthroughout the film.We also have the sub genre action because youth crimeinvolves a lot of violence and guns as teens try to live bythe rules of the streets.
  3. 3. Target AudienceThe target audience that we have for our film is18 to 25 year olds. This because the sub genreswe have chosen, include a lot of violencebecause it is related to youth crime whichdetermines our target audience. . Also theinvolvement of drugs are used throughout thefilm. 18-25 years old would be interested in thisfilm because this may relate to them in someways as they may know people who could beinvolved with drugs and youth crime.
  4. 4. SynopsisNicki(girl) and Grant(boy) are two acquaintances who arebrought up the rough sides of east London, since then they havebeen really close mates. All of this changes as they set out to selldrugs to abide by the rule on the street.Since being pressured into selling drugs by the urban street rulerit has become more of an easy way for rep and money.Throughout the film they encounter many problems from thelaw, friendship betrayals and family. Constant satisfied customers means trouble for them ,they areforced out to move of the streets by the top dealer within acertain time limit but they can’t just leave their friends, can they?As their friendships have barriers to overcome they start to bemore emotionally attached for each other and becomeemotionally attached.