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Web basics


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Web basics

  1. 1. Web Integration IDT 285 QC
  2. 2. What is the Internet Internet Local ISP Computer Regional ISP TCP/IP DNShttp:// ServerLAN
  3. 3. Terms  URL  Provides “Address” to a hosted site.  Uniform Resource Locator EDU .COM .Gov .Mil .TV Protocol,Hostname, Port, Path  Protocol  Rules for posting, retrieving or interacting with the web  http:, ftp, TCP/IP
  4. 4. Terms Browser HTML--A Protocol? XML Form Handling Gadgets Browser Plug-ins Software to view/interact with a website. Flash Player, Quicktime, Shockwave, Reader Smart Technology Browser will determine what is needed and install.
  5. 5. Terms--Networking • Protocols • HTTP-For browsing the Web • FTP--For writing to the web • HTTPS • TCP/IP • Security • WEP • WPA2 • 802.1x  IP Address (  Relationship with DNS  Server/Client Model
  6. 6. Terms-Hosting Hosting Where does the server reside? FTP: to push the site from local computer to remote computer That server becomes the host. ISP (Internet Service Provider) Provides “Gateway” between your computer and the web.
  7. 7. Internet Vs. Web Internet Uses a Wide Variety of Protocols E-mail Usenet Newsgroups HTTP Web A function of the Internet A series of Hypertext documents (HTTP)
  8. 8. Web Uses Search Engines Google, Ask, Yahoo Boolean Operators Distance Learning WesternOnline Asynchronous--Not Immediate Synchronous—Immediate Communication (Web 2.0) Home Appliance
  9. 9. The Browser The Browser as a Tool Syncing Bookmarks Webmail Add – On’s Security
  10. 10. The Browser The Browser as a Tool Syncing Bookmarks Webmail Add – On’s Security