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General information about what is a maid, companies that offer this service and how to find companies and their online reviews

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  1. 1. Maids are people who areresponsible for domestic worklike cooking, washing and ironingclothes, cleaning house, caring forchildren and walking the dog.
  2. 2. Now, these people are hiredby companies who trainthem to perform cleaningservices in the homes oftheir clients.
  3. 3. Many services previouslydone by the maids have beendistributed to other peoplewho make them now.
  4. 4. For example, you hire ababysitter to care for childrenand for care for the dog, youcan hire a dogwalking ordogsitter
  5. 5. The term maids or maid usuallyappears in the name of a companythat offers these services to clientswho lack sufficient time to performthese activities due to a schedule fullof work.
  6. 6. Such is the demand for theseservices that there are companiesthat offer franchises of cleaningservices to residences or otherbusinesses all across the country.
  7. 7. Equally, there are localcompanies and evenindividuals who offer theirservices.
  8. 8. It is important to specify whatareas of your home you wantcleaned, when you want to hirea cleaning company.
  9. 9. They usually charge by theamount of space to cleanand the ease or difficulty ofcleaning.
  10. 10. Also, you have to decide howoften you want to clean yourhouse because there are differentprices, according to the frequencyof the services you want.
  11. 11. Some people when they wantto hire a company ofmaids, looking in the localnewspaper ads, yellow pagesor ask for references to familyand/ or friends
  12. 12. Others go to the internet andplaced in their favorite searchengine the name of their city,followed by the words “maid”,
  13. 13. For example, “dallas maid”or put the word “maid” firstand then the city, as “maiddallas“.
  14. 14. You can also use otherkey words like “city +maid services”. Ejm:Dallas maid services
  15. 15. The truth is that you willhave a list of 10 or morecompanies or newsabout them.
  16. 16. The list of these companiesvaries if your browser isGoogle, Yahoo, AOL oranother that you use.
  17. 17. It also varies accordingto the words you put intoyour browser.
  18. 18. To decide on one, you mightconsider the reviews of otherswho have used these servicesand you can find them onlineor use the BBB (BetterBusiness Bureau) in the sameway.
  19. 19. Definitely, we advice you that askfor references to the company, iftheir employees are insured andthat is what the insurance coversto any damage to object or part ofthe house.
  20. 20. Keep in mind that companiestrain their maids to customersatisfaction is complete,
  21. 21. so that when you open thedoor of your home feel theclean smell and when you lookout here and there, see howclean is your home.
  22. 22. Enjoy it and makegood use of the timeyou’ve saved
  23. 23. More information