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Asea > Redox Signaling Molecule Testamonial


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Asea > Redox Signaling Molecule Testamonial

  1. 1. $=%':&,23?$ C'D%./050#?"#E B1> BY KATE LEHNHOF Redox Signaling. Unless you are a scientist, those two words might not mean much to you. But to those who have discovered ASEA and understand the groundbreaking science behind it, those two words are the key to better health. Each bottle of ASEA lists two and only two ingredients: distilled water and sodium chloride. But don’t be fooled by the humble combination. It’s not the ingredients that make ASEA an innovative new product. It’s the patented process that the ingredients undergo that makes the difference. G#GBC,TBCBD?% Every drop of ASEA contains stabilized Redox Signaling molecules. These molecules are found in only two places in the entire world: the human body and in ASEA. And they have the power to change the body at the basic level, the cellular level. Each of the human body’s cells is a tiny machine, which runs efficiently when we are in good health. But how many of us are perfectly healthy all the time? Just scan the headlines and you’ll see the variety and severity of today’s health issues. As our bodies age, our cells become unbalanced and inefficient. Factors including stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, free radicals, environmental toxins and pollutants all contribute to this diminishing efficiency. The balanced Redox Signaling molecules that are brought into the body with each sip of ASEA restore balance to our cells, which 1 4 !"#$!%" V O L U M E allows them to operate at maximum efficiency. This re-balancing act is the Redox Signaling process. !BG%DG%F,BDF,!"#G%?G%F Health and wellness products make up nearly a quarter of all the products sold through the direct sales industry, according to the Direct Selling Association. Many of these products are different formulations of similar foreign fruits and all make the same health promises. What sets ASEA apart from the crowd is its unique technology that has been extensively patented and protected. Aside from being the only Redox Signaling product, ASEA is the first to the market. No other company in the health and wellness industry has tapped into the powerful technology of Redox Signaling. BDG=#]=FBDG$,'^( Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard plenty about antioxidants and their powerful effect on the human body. Several years ago, products containing antioxidants started popping up all over the place. And for good reason. Studies have shown that antioxidants aid in disease 2 I S S U E 4 prevention, protect cells from oxidative damage, boost immunity, slow aging and neutralize harmful free radicals. As we eat healthy fruits and vegetables, we bring antioxidants into the body but they don’t do any good until they are activated. Drinking ASEA activates antioxidants with special reductant molecules. Preliminary studies have shown that ASEA boosts natural antioxidant effectiveness by more than 500 percent. Dr. Rob Ward compares ASEA’s antioxidant-activating properties to the electric current that powers a light bulb. “A light bulb is a nice thing but the magic is the power and electrical current that is applied to it,” Dr. Ward says. ASEA is the electric current that turns on your body’s antioxidants. DBGH"BC,!"%O%DG=#D In today’s world, many of us only pay attention to our health if we experience pain or discomfort when the prevention stage is over and the reactive stage has begun. Treating our health problems reactively often requires drugs or surgery, both of which come with a price tag and side effects. But what if you could avoid health issues? Taking care of the body through diet and exercise, along with proper supplementation such as ASEA, can help you keep the body operating with perfect cellular efficiency. !"#G%?GW,"%!B="W,"%!CB?% The long and short of it is this: healthy cells make for a healthy body and ASEA re-balances cells to improve cellular protection, repair and replacement. Now that’s something you can tip your glass (or bottle) to. "/P:_,$Q4<3MQ<4,*(* Redox Signaling is a process that involves reactive molecules for communicating between cells and within the cells themselves. These reactive molecules are produced naturally by the mitochondria in every cell in our body, along with the ATP that fuels our cells and body. One set of these molecules is responsible for activating antioxidants that fight free radicals and minimize oxidative stress. The second set of reactive molecules participates in intra- and intercellular damage control communications, cellular protection and the healing response.
  2. 2. $=%':&,23?$ V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 1 5
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  4. 4. $=%':&,23?$ 7#$&,23?"#E'$=%'C4MC 6Y#-<1/,!:-12 At ASEA, when Associates talk, management listens. Associates have been asking for a more convenient package and it has finally arrived. It’s the same great ASEA liquid in new and improved packaging. James Pack is proud of the new ASEA 8-ounce pouch. “We are excited to introduce the product because it is something our Associates have been asking about for awhile. We consider each ASEA Associate a business partner and we are intent and listening to them and giving them the tools they need to be successful,” James says. The ASEA Pouch is such a tool and will help ASEA Associates share the product with others. ASEA went about creating the new ASEA Sports Pouch with special consideration to select the proper serving size. “The 32 ounce bottle is great but can be cumbersome when you’re on the go. We decided that 16 ounces was still too big and 4 ounces was not enough. The sweet spot we settled on was 8 ounces,” James says. “We are confident the new pouch will be successful and that our Associates and the athletic community will find it convenient and useful.” G2/,6Y#-<1/,!:-12 V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 1 7
  5. 5. $=%'1?"%#?% C55'4?"%#?% D:,VQ1>Q:< BY KATE LEHNHOF Atomic physicist Dr. Gary L. Samuelson is at the forefront of Redox Signaling and terms like glutathione, oxidative stress and superoxide dismutase are a part of his daily vocabulary. And with a PhD in atomic physics and years of experience as a scientific consultant, it’s safe to say he knows what he is talking about. As he serves in an advisory role at ASEA, he researches and tests ASEA as well as explains the product’s science in terms that everyone can understand. Read our question and answer session below and get acquainted with Redox Signaling. !"#$!%"`!How did you first become interested in Redox Signaling? Redox Signaling molecules actually F"^,$B;H%C$#D`!I have always been interested in the signaling processes that take place between cells, how cells regulate themselves, regenerate themselves, differentiate cellular function, react to environmental stimuli, etc. I first became aware of Redox Signaling as a field of science, however, as I was initially investigating what the Redox Signaling molecules in ASEA did inside the body. Thanks to this rapidly emerging body of science, I was able to tap into hundreds of peer-reviewed articles that reported on fascinating research being done in the last 10 years characterizing what various mixtures of !"#$!%"`,Do you think you understood how powerful ASEA was when you started studying it? 1 8 !"#$!%" V O L U M E do inside the body. 2 F"^,$B;H%C$#D`!I was very skeptical when I first was asked to study the product and I truly had no desire whatsoever to spend time on it. Salt water had certainly been studied before and I strongly suspected that this special “processing” could produce nothing more but toxic or irritating chemicals, whose only benefit might be to force the cells to defend themselves. I was very surprised to find absolutely zero toxicity had been detected in 15 years of “good” toxicity I S S U E 4 studies. I was also very impressed on the strong bioactivity of this product; it seemed to be doing some very significant beneficial things in the body. This aroused a strong sense of curiosity, as it seemed impossible to me at first how something so bioactive could have zero observed toxicity, even in very high doses. After this point, I started to slowly realize how potent this technology could possibly be, covering all fields of health and wellness. !"#$!%"`,What do you find exciting about the study of Redox Signaling? F"^,$B;H%C$#D`!The most interesting facet of Redox Signaling science is that it applies universally to all life on the planet. Redox signaling is active in all forms of life, from simple plants to the most complex forms of life. It is fundamental to the mechanisms that allow all cells to recognize damage or threats and regulate how the cells defend, repair or replace themselves. !"#$!%"` Do you think the fact that ASEA spends time and resources to scientifically validate its product makes it unique in the direct sale industry? F"^,$B;H%C$#D`!I have found the management of ASEA to be unique for a variety of reasons. They are interested in advancing the science and have a deep commitment to
  6. 6. $=%'1?"%#?% advancing this technology. They are devoted to a higher cause (they could have sold out long ago), and have simply chosen the direct sales industry as a vehicle to this end. All of us at ASEA believe this technology has great potential to make life-changing differences for millions of people; it is bigger than us all. !"#$!%"`,Were you involved with the patent process? Why was this process necessary for ASEA? F"^,$B;H%C$#D`,As the science advisor, I have been heavily involved in the last 12 patent applications, provisional and otherwise. Several patents are already in place for the technology behind the ASEA product. The core technology patent protects the methods used to create ASEA as well as the mixture of components produced. This legally protects us from someone copying the technology. Such protection assures that ASEA will have control of its technology, product and marketing for many years to come. !"#$!%"` Do you think there are still benefits of ASEA that we don’t know about yet? F"^,$B;H%C$#D`,I believe that we are just getting started. There is still much to discover. Redox Signaling molecules are fundamentally involved in so many different pathways in the cells and tissues that it is difficult to see where all the benefits will lie. Until now, it appears that infusing more of these Redox Signaling molecules (or carriers) into the tissues tends to increase the efficiency of intercellular communication. This introduces a whole slew of possible benefits, from helping tissues to accelerate repair mechanisms and elicit correct immune response to helping tissues better deal with dysfunctional cells. There is so much to explore that it is hard to know where to start. ment. In the near future we will be focusing on finding the effects of ASEA on various biomarkers related with oxidative stress, antioxidant action and tissue repair, possibly including markers in the skin, blood, eyes and urine that indicate proper cellular function. Ample safety studies have already been done now we can focus on efficacy and bioactivity. !"#$!%"` Would you consider ASEA a category creator in the health and wellness field? !"#$!%"` Can we expect more testing on ASEA products in the future? F"^,$B;H%C$#D` If ASEA is not a category creator, I don’t know what is. It represents a whole new paradigm for supplements and the health and wellness industries in general. F"^,$B;H%C$#D`!A lot of effort is being spent on athletic benefits at present, including aerobic enhanceV O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 1 9
  7. 7. U31$'<=0$'K=%' F:1>:0,#0P/0/P BY KATE LEHNHOF Stories of ASEA’s amazing effects on health and wellness are abundant and ubiquitous. And while testimonials are powerful, for medical professionals, these accounts are simply not enough. They want science. They want data. And they aren’t going to put their stamp of approval on a product until they get it. 2 0 !"#$!%" V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4
  8. 8. 01%0'2,?$,&1 “I’ve worked in the health and wellness field for more than 20 years, and in that time I’ve formulated and tried many products. But I have never seen a product helping so many people as I have with ASEA.” >&N'>0O%'90&:%#$%&F'720=, > r. Rob Ward of Kentucky is one of these people who looks for data and science. “As a doctor, I’m not too impressed by anecdotes, but when you consistently see scientific results, you know it is real,” Dr. Ward says. After a friend introduced Dr. Ward to ASEA, he began researching Redox Signaling and studied ASEA’s special patented process. As Dr. Ward spoke with scientist Gary Samuelson and found the medical explanation he was in search of. Another key moment that solidified Dr. Ward’s belief in ASEA was when a friend reported that after drinking ASEA for a few weeks, it no longer tasted like pool water to him. “When I heard that, the hairs stood on my arm,” Rob says. “I knew this product was native to the body and that he couldn’t taste it anymore because his system was balanced.” Dr. Ward uses flavor tolerance as an indicator of the product’s effect on each individual. GI%,"%BC,F%BC, As a family physician of more than 30 years, Dr. Ward has seen many companies and individuals claim their products are scientific breakthroughs but ASEA is the first one he actually believes is the real deal. “This is the first new health technology that has been discovered and created during my career. Everything else prior to ASEA was simply a retooling of existing knowledge,” Rob says. “The last big medical breakthrough in my career was the discovery of all the things that antioxidants do for the body.” Antioxidants were another part of Dr. Ward’s attraction to ASEA. Every drop of ASEA contains reductant molecules that activate antioxidants within the body. “Just having antioxidants in our bodies isn’t the whole story,” Rob says. “We have to have efficiency in our antioxidant function. They must be activated.” As the body ages, its ability to produce antioxidant-activating reductant molecules decreases and drinking ASEA supplements the body’s production. ;#C%?HCB",;=$$=#D! The next step for Dr. Ward was to share ASEA with his patients. He introduced ASEA to those who had tried other options but had yet to find relief. “I like to say I am on a molecular mission to share ASEA,” Dr. Ward says. Because ASEA doesn’t interact with other medications, Dr. Ward is able to share it with everyone. “It is a big deal to look your patient in the eye and tell him what you are giving will have absolutely no side effects,” Dr. Ward says. “It is completely safe technology.” For example, when Dr. Ward’s patients express concern about the amount of salt in ASEA he assures them the roughly 30 grams of sodium in each ounce of ASEA is a tiny portion of their recommended daily sodium intake. GI%,DBGH"BC,KB9! Dr. Dave Carpenter has always approached health from a natural perspective. As a naturopathic doctor (N.D.), he is holistically minded and believes the human body has the power to heal itself if given the things it needs. At his clinic in Idaho Falls, he encourages patients to solve their health problems through diet, exercise, proper hydration, herbs and supplements as opposed to medication. When a friend asked Dr. Carpenter to investigate ASEA, he took the challenge gladly. After discovering ASEA increased glutathione, SOD and catalyse efficiency by 500 percent, he developed a serious interest in the product. As he studied and learned more about ASEA’s powerful Redox Signaling molecules, the product made sense to him. “Having a sufficient supply of the molecules is why children heal faster than adults and have such high levels of energy compared to adults,” Dr. Carpenter says. “Children never consider that if they play too hard they will be sore the following day (like adults do) because they don’t get sore.” Samuelson explained the product’s scientific foundation and convinced her the trip was not a waste. The fact that ASEA was a natural health solution was appealing to Shelley who prefers natural supplements over prescription medicine. “When I was in school I always asked the question, ‘Why should I give this to a patient?’ and they couldn’t give me the answers I wanted,” Shelley says. “I knew the answers were out there somewhere and I found them as I took naturopathic courses and studied alternative health approaches. ASEA fits into my natural approach.” GI%,G"%BF;=CC,G%$G, Shelley left Utah believing ASEA was an effective product, but she still wanted to test it out before she would give it to patients. Back home in Kentucky, she conducted an informal trial of the product. The subject? Herself. Shelley had not run on the treadmill for at least 10 years when she first tried ASEA and she wanted to see if it would affect her endurance. At first, Shelley was only able to run a fourth of a mile before she was gasping for air. Then she drank ASEA for two and half weeks and braved the treadmill again. This time she was able to run a mile easily. Now Shelley uses the product daily along with her husband and children and shares it with many of her patients. G"=%F,BDF,G"H%, Dr. Carpenter also started drinking ASEA and found more endurance, deeper sleep and the best skin he has had in years. “I’ve worked in the health and wellness field for more than 20 years and in that time I’ve formulated and tried many products,” Dr. Carpenter says. “But I have never seen a product helping so many people as I have with ASEA.” =G,GBJ%$,GK# Nurse practitioner Shelley Roby traveled from her home in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, to Salt Lake City, Utah, to find out what ASEA was all about. When she arrived at ASEA headquarters and was told that ASEA was a saline solution with two ingredients, she thought they were kidding. They weren’t. A presentation by Dr. Gary V O L U M E F#?G#"$,#"F%"$! ASEA is making believers out of skeptics right and left and right. And with recommendations from savvy professionals like Dr. Ward, Dr. Carpenter and Shelley Roby, ASEA has medical expertise on its side. So drink up, it’s just what the doctor ordered. 2 I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 2 1
  9. 9. C4MC'0$=5%$%1 4:,&$1 $H!%" K&"0$=5%$%'U0-%1'H0!&%#?%'"1' ,#'$=%'&"2%',B'="1'5"B%'01'=%' 0$$%-:$1'$,'A&%0R'$=%'!,&52' &%?,&2'B,&'-,1$'+05B.7&,#-0#' $&"0$=05,#1'?,-:5%$%2'"#',#%' ;%0&N'+%'2&"#R1'C4MC'$,'R%%:' ="1'A,2;'"#':%&B,&-"#E'0$'"$1' A%1$N' 5 2 !"#$!%" V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4
  10. 10. C4MC'0$=5%$%1 ?IB"E%" BY KATE LEHNHOF ASEA’s simple saline solution, when combined with groundbreaking Redox Signaling technology, is a potent and powerful drink that can help both competitive and recreational athletes step up their game. Interestingly enough, the liquid’s exciting effects on athletic performance were discovered unintentionally. In the early days of the company, co-founders James Pack and Verdis Norton gave 40 of their close friends and family members ASEA to drink. Several of the people involved were competitive athletes and reported enhanced workouts and improved athletic performance. B$%B,#D,G"=BC, These unexpected findings prompted James and Verdis to investigate the matter further. They commissioned Dr. Gary L. Samuelson, a leading Redox Signaling scientist, to conduct a clinical trial exploring ASEA’s effects on athletic endurance. Dr. Samuelson tested athletic endurance, ventilatory threshold and the VO2 max rate of 17 competitive athletes over a period of two weeks. They drank ASEA daily and their levels were closely monitored. The result? The group averaged a 12 percent increase in their ventilatory V O L U M E 2 threshold, meaning they were able to exercise 12 percent longer before they hit the runner’s wall. That increase might sound small, but it’s extremely significant considering the small margins by which winners and losers are separated at high levels of athletic competition. For instance, the 2010 Tour de France winner finished only 39 seconds ahead of the second place rider after 21 days of racing. In athletic competition, seconds make a difference and ASEA can give athletes those extra seconds. The results of Dr. Samuelson’s trial also concluded “based on I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 5 3
  11. 11. C4MC'0$=5%$%1 9;?5"1$'C31$"#'90&&,55'"1'0'-%-A%&',B'$=%'C20. E%,'M#%&E;'J&,'?;?5"#E'$%0-N'+%'"1'1%%#'=%&%' 0$'$=%'40#'>"-01'4$0E%'D0?%F'0':"?$3&%1e3%'0#2' ?=055%#E"#E'f.20;'&0?%'1%$'"#'$=%'=%0&$',B'40#' 80A&"%5'T055%;'"#'905"B,&#"0N' F0^,$3@-/MR:<UR "/1:@@/<P3>Q:<R Z:0,B$%B,B>2M/>/R F0Q<[,+Y6,:-<1/R,:Z,B$%B,:<,3<,/@.>A, R>:@312,'(,@Q<->/R,N/Z:0/,/_/01QR/^ V:0,/<23<1/P,0/1:/0AW,P0Q<[,+,:-<1/R :Z,B$%B,Q<,>2/,2:-0R,Q@@/PQ3>/MA Z:MM:XQ<4,3,>:-42,X:0[:->^, the data, about 70 percent of athletes who try ASEA should experience the ability to maintain a higher power output without crossing the ventilatory threshold . . . allowing them to go longer at the same power burn or to operate at a higher power burn than possible before ASEA.” Several athletes also experienced an increase in power output and endurance of more than 30 percent. Lower average heart rates and less soreness and fatigue were also reported. B$%BU$,="#D,;BD James Lawrence is an ASEA advocate and athlete. But he isn’t just any athlete. He is currently on a quest to break the world re5 4 !"#$!%" V O L U M E 2 cord for most Half-Ironman triathalons finished in one year. In 2010, he has already completed 15 Half-Ironmans. If all goes according to plan he will break the world record on November 13 in Clearwater, Fla. with 21 HalfIronmans behind him. That’s a colossal 1,176 miles of biking, 275.1 miles of running and 25.1 miles of swimming. And ASEA helps him through every mile. While James has always been a competitive athlete, he hasn’t always been a runner. Less than 10 years ago, his wife signed him up for a Thanksgiving Fun Run and he struggled to finish. “I thought running four miles was going to be totally easy for me and that I could hammer it I S S U E 4 out no problem,” James says. “But I was totally pathetic when it came to running.” The race started James down a path that would eventually change his life. He went on to train for and complete a marathon and he hit his stride when he did his first triathlon. A few years later he completed his first Half-Ironman. His Ironman performance was a far cry from his showing at the Thanksgiving Fun Run several years earlier. He placed as one of the fastest three runners in his age group. James eventually decided to undertake the challenge of breaking the Half-Ironman world record. He teamed up with a Utah charity, In Our Own Quiet Way, and created the TriAndGiveaDam Project, which would sponsor his Ironman challenge. About that time a friend recommended ASEA to him. %DG%",B$%B “Initially, I dismissed her claims about its effects as outlandish,” James says. He decided to give it a try anyway. First, he had his VO2 max rate tested. Then he drank ASEA for six weeks and tested it again. The results were impressive. “Clinical data doesn’t lie,” James says. “I was able to run at a faster pace, at a steeper incline and a lower heart rate. ASEA increased my body’s natural ability to process oxygen, allowing me
  12. 12. C4MC'0$=5%$%1 %<P-03<1/,G0Q3M,"/R-M>R G,$',#5;'2"2'$=%"&'%#23&0#?%'"#?&%01%'A3$'-,1$',B'$=%'0$=5%$%1'%S:%. &"%#?%2'0'-%013&0A5%'&%23?$",#'"#'$=%"&'0O%&0E%'=%0&$'&0$%'0#2'055',B' $=%-'&%:,&$%2'B%%5"#E'5%11'B0$"E3%2'0#2'5%11'1,&%#%11'0B$%&'1$&%#3,31' !,&R,3$1N''' C$=5%$%1'!=,':0&$"?":0$%2'"#'C4MCI1'M#23&0#?%'95"#"?05'K&"05'"#?&%01%2' $=%"&'2"1$0#?%'A%B,&%'$="1'?0&A.A3&#'153-:',#'0O%&0E%',O%&'*(kN G3[Q<4,Q>,G:,>2/,;3_   The VO2 max rate, also known as maximal oxygen consumption, is a measurement of the amount of oxygen the body uses during exercise. It is measured by milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight. The higher a person’s VO2 max rate is, the harder and longer they are able to exercise. Reaching the body’s maximum VO2 rate is extremely important for competitive athletes — specifically cyclists and skiers — who are known to have some of the highest to get as close as possible to my maximum VO2 rate. ” But before James saw the numbers, he felt a difference in his workouts. His swims were easier and he was able to hold his breath longer during swim drills. ASEA also helps James with recovery. James believes the grueling strain he puts on his body competing every weekend is minimized by ASEA’s remarkable recovery properties. “It enhances the other supplement I’m taking and it’s amazing at how well I’m able to recover after a race,” James says. “Most people train the whole year for a Half-Ironman and need weeks or months to recover.” T%$G,FB9,#D,GI%,T=J%, Another notable athlete who has taken his athletic performance to the max with ASEA is Los Angeles native Josh Horowitz. Josh developed an affinity for cycling at age 12 and has been racing ever since. He manages and competes with a professional cycling team — Adageo Energy Pro. As a teenager, Josh decided his lifelong athletic dream was to compete in the Philadelphia International Championship bike race. The 156-mile course is the longest-running cycling road race in the United States, and many of its participants also compete in the Tour de France. That teenage dream became a VO2 max rates ever recorded. At high levels of athletic competition, a tiny increase in ventilatory threshold (ventilatory threshold is the endurance or the time it takes to hit the runner’s wall) can mean the difference between first and second place.    ASEA’s clinical trials and testimonials of dozens of top athletes are proving that drinking ASEA can assist high performance athletes in reaching their best VO2 max rate. reality on June 6, 2010, when he hit the pavement with 20 years of training behind him and ASEA fueling his body. Josh drank ASEA in the weeks prior to the event and believes it helped him have an amazing race day. “It was literally the best day I have ever had on the bike, and I definitely think ASEA helped me,” Josh says. “In competitive cycling, every little thing matters and you have to do everything in your power to make your ride perfect.” “In the cycling world there are different supplements and different products being pushed on you all the time,” Josh says. “So when I came to them and told them I wanted them to drink ASEA, I was met with a lot of skepticism.” After some coaxing, the Adageo team started drinking ASEA and experiencing its athletic benefits. GI%,O%"F=?G,=$,=D For competitive athletes like Josh, it’s also important the supplements they take are considered legal and don’t fall into the category of banned substances that could disqualify them from races. F"=DJ$,BCC,B"#HDF Once Josh saw that ASEA gave him a competitive advantage, he wanted to share the product with his cycling team. V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 5 5
  13. 13. C4MC'0$=5%$%1 U,1='+,&,!"$d'?&%2"$1'C4MC'"#'=%5:"#E'="-'B35B"55' ="1'?="52=,,2'2&%0-',B'&0?"#E'"#'$=%'J="502%5. :="0'7#$%&#0$",#05'9=0-:",#1=":',#'U3#%'iF' ()*)N' In February 2010, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), reviewed ASEA and declared the product a legal substance that cyclists may use in all UCI events. The organization is a Switzerland-based cycling association that oversees rules, regulations and drug testing for cycling events around he world. V="$G,"BG%,"%?#O%"9, In addition to improved athletic endurance, ASEA is giving athletes a competitive advantage in recovery. In many sports, the post-workout recovery process is just as important as the beforethe-finish-line moments. “Cycling is all about workout recovery,” Josh says. “Some of the big races we compete in are 5 6 !"#$!%" V O L U M E spread out across six days, and the body’s ability to recover and recharge for the next day is critical. The failure to properly recover after just one day will stay with you and can ruin the whole race.” Recovery is essential in order for the body to repair and rebuild muscles, replenish energy stores, replace fluids and avoid injury. Both competitive and recreational athletes have reported that drinking ASEA in the hours and days after a strenuous workout or event can boost the speed and quality of their recovery. B$%B,KBG%"$,"HD,F%%!, ASEA is effective for recreational athletes, too. Take 2 I S S U E 4 Alastair Norcross, for example. When Alastair moved to Boulder, Colo., to teach at The University of Colorado at Boulder, he immediately noticed the community’s health-conscious crowd and wanted to get involved. Alastair decided to take up running and began training for a half-marathon with a local running group. The undertaking was a challenge for Alastair, considering he was in his late 40s and had never run in his life. But drinking ASEA made it easier. Alastair’s running coach recommended ASEA to Alastair, and after some reading he decided to give it a try. “Because the only ingredients were salt and water I figured there was nothing to lose and there was no way the product could actually hurt me,” Alastair says. “And the fact that it was a personal recommendation made a difference. I never would have tried it if I would have just seen it on a commercial.” After just 14 days of drinking two ounces of ASEA a day, Alastair saw dramatic results. “I shaved 10 minutes of my 10-K race time and I was breathing much easier on my runs,” Alastair says. Whether it’s about racing an international cycling competition or simply feeling better during a long run, ASEA has the power to help people achieve their fitness goals. Both personal success stories and scientific statistics back that claim up. Drink up!
  14. 14. C1'U0-%1'H0!&%#?%'?,-:%$%1'"#'$&"0$=05,#1'!%%R. %#2'0B$%&'!%%R%#2F'=%'=01'B,3#2'$=0$'C4MC'0"21'="1' A,2;I1'&%?,O%&;N'VIt’s amazing how well I’m able to C4MC'0$=5%$%1 recover after a race,” James says. V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 5 7
  15. 15. C4MC'0$=5%$%1 C$=5%$% G/R>Q@:<Q3MR P,3#$0"#'A"R%&1F'A01R%$A055':50;%&1F'$&"0$=5%$%1'0#2'%O%#'@5;-:"0#1'0&% 2"1?,O%&"#E'C4MCF'0#2'$=%;'=0O%',#5;'E,,2'$="#E1'$,'10;N' “I love that this is not an energy drink—it is an endurance product, which is completely different. With energy drinks there is a high and then there’s a low. With ASEA, there’s not ever a low.” C55"'/"551 CHH7'/7HH4F'/C4YMK/CHH'9@C9+'CG>'6@DPMD'/C4YMK/CHH'JHC[MD “As an athlete ASEA makes me stronger. I can’t imagine training without ASEA. I drink 4-6 ounces about 20 minutes before the race. I will never run without ASEA again.” 97G>['HCPJMMF KD7CK+HMKM “People at the races ask me what I am on that is impacting my results. I tell them that I am on ASEA. I feel that ASEA provides me an edge in the races that I compete in. I don’t see myself ever stopping drinking ASEA.” +CDD['9HM88F KD7CK+HMKM Beach volleyball is a very difficult sport. It requires a lot from your body to move around and cover the court. It can be very grueling. I have been searching for 25 years for a product that would help me perform and be safe to compete with. I decided to try ASEA . . . The next day I felt great. ASEA allows me to actually go out and train, feel good, recover, and then train more often. +0&&;'95%EE 47GU7G'4P7K+F'DMK7DM>'JD@6M447@GCH'/MC9+'T@HHM[/CHH'JHC[MD'CG>'6@DPMD'@H[PJ7CG I have tried several products over the years. The very first time I used ASEA on a ride that was very familiar to me. I noticed as the ride progressed that I felt stronger at the end of the ride. By the end I had shaved off 4 minutes of my personal best for this ride. As a professional rider I am usually pleased when I can cut off a few seconds. By shaving off four minutes it blew my mind. 8M@66DM['P@GKC8ZMF 5 8 !"#$!%" V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4 JD@6M447@GCH'P@ZGKC7G/7YMD
  16. 16. C4MC'0$=5%$%1 Y&"1$"#'5,O%1'?,0?="#E' ;,3#E'?="52&%#'0#2' "1':"?$3&%2'=%&%'!"$=' H03&%#F',#%',B'=%&' B0O,&"$%'1$32%#$1N Y&"1$"#'$-<P/023Z> HJ8C'9MDK767M>'8@H6'7G4KDZ9K@D Kristin Sunderhaft started golfing at only eight years old. She grew up playing golf and other sports including lacrosse, basketball and softball. After college and a brief stint in the accounting industry, Kristin decided to make her passion for golf and her passion for helping others a career. She has taught golf as a Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) certified instructor for more than 20 years. While Kristin loved her job, the two decades of being on her feet all day, teeing the ball up for students and baking in the hot sun have not been kind to her body. She developed intense stiffness in her joints that made it hard for her to get out of bed in the morning. “I honestly was becoming very concerned as to how much longer I was going to be able to teach due to all of the stiffness I had,” Kristin says. So when one her students suggested ASEA for relief she said yes. She had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Kristin immediately felt better. “After drinking my first shot in the evening, I noticed a dif- ference the next morning when getting out of bed. I was nowhere near as stiff as I used to be!” Kristin says. She continued to drink ASEA and found improvements in other areas from her skin to increased endurance to better recovery after workouts. “When I used to do body pump classes at the gym, I would walk with my entire body completely shaking,” Kristin says. “It used to take me days to recover with that horrible burn in my legs. It’s much quicker now.” Kristin’s dramatic physical V O L U M E transformation that she credits to drinking ASEA has made sharing it with others easy. And she has plenty of prime candidates on the golf course to share the product with. “I honestly don’t know too many golfers that don’t have some sort of joint issue. And if I can share my experience with someone who has similar issues and help them, and improve their quality of life like mine, it’s a very exciting experience,” Kristin says. “ASEA has been absolutely life changing for me.” 2 I S S U E 4 !"#$!%" 5 9
  17. 17. 5%$$%&'B&,-'01%0 4,'K=%' $>:0A,E:/R G3M/R,:Z,R-11/RR,.0:./M,B$%B,Z:0X30P As the good news of ASEA spreads across the world, countless success stories are shared. These accounts describe people who have finally found the solution to their health problems, people who are feeling better than they have in years and people who are reaching athletic goals they never thought were possible. As CEO of ASEA, I am privileged to hear these stories every day. Whether I am in the field visiting with Associates or working at ASEA’s headquarters, people are constantly sharing their amazing ASEA experiences with me. Hearing these stories is the best part of my job and each one motivates me to make ASEA better. These tales of transformation — physical and financial — do more than just motivate me, however. They have made my belief in the product unwavering and steadfast. They convince me that the decision James Pack and I made to bring ASEA to the world through direct sales is the one of the best decisions we have ever made. But most importantly, these stories excite me. This excitement and passion is crucial to the success of ASEA. While experience is important, all the knowledge and expertise in the world don’t mean a thing unless you are passionate about what you are doing. As I look toward the next year, my hope is that as a company, our level of passion and excitement for ASEA will continue to grow and I invite you to be a part of it. Your very own ASEA success story awaits you. Verdis Norton, ASEA FOUNDER AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OF6 6 !"#$!%" V O L U M E 2 I S S U E 4