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  1. 1. Projects 9 TPD Nitrogen Plant at M/S Indorama asiapet Limited,Lobpuri,Thiland December 2014 In INDORAMA ASIAPET LIMITED, our company have supplied a 9 TPD Nitrogen Plant of PSA techonology. • Follow up with Production and Installation department for day to day program/follow up the targets of projects and resource and generating productivity reports • Mainly Responsible for Project execution which includes Erection/Installation and commissioning as per P & I . • Receiving the material at site, checking the specification and quantity of material received as per requirements, and preparing material forecast to keep the work flow. • Supervision of installation work at site including everything from erection mechanical piping as per layout plan to installation of electrical cables and instruments and Co-ordination with the associates/vendor for timely completion of job, giving training to the associates about the operations. • Supervision of erectioning of pipe lines of plant and from plant to client process. • Also responsible for electrical cable termination from field to Main control panel and checking all the mechanical and electrical interlock weather working as per design. • Executing the project and handover to client. • Training the client about the operation. 9 TPD Nitrogen Plant at CRAIN INDIA, Rajesthan April 2014 In CrainIndiawe have given9 TPD NitrogenPlantof Membrane Techonologyanditisa containerplant whichcan be move fromdifferentplacestoplaces.Clientisusingnitrogenintheirdiferentprocesslike Drilling,Purgingandworkcompletionof oil wellsetc. • FollowupwithProductionandInstallationdepartmentfordayto dayprogram/follow upthe targets of projectsandresource andgeneratingproductivityreports • MainlyResponsible forProjectexecutionwhichincludesErection/Installationandcommissioningas perP & I . • Receivingthe material atsite,checkingthe specificationandquantityof material receivedasper requirements,andpreparingmaterial forecasttokeepthe workflow. • Supervisionof installationworkatsite includingeverythingfromerectionmechanical pipingasper layoutplanto installationof electricalcablesandinstrumentsandCo-ordinationwiththe associates/vendorfortimelycompletionof job,givingtrainingtothe associatesaboutthe operations. • Supervisionof erectioningof pipe linesof plantandfromplantto clientprocess. • Alsoresponsibleforelectrical cableterminationfromfieldtoMaincontrol panel andcheckingall the
  2. 2. mechanical andelectrical interlockweatherworkingasperdesign. • Executingthe projectandhandovertoclient. • Trainingthe clientaboutthe operation. 3 TPD Nitrogen Plant at OCL CEMENT, West Bengal. In OCL CEMENT, W.B. our company have suppled 3 TPD Nitrogen Plant which they are using for inerting and blankiting of their different process 2 x 3 TPD Nitrogen Plant at ITC Limited, West Bengal January2014 In ITC Limited, W.B. our company have suppled 2 x 3 TPD Nitrogen Plant which they are using for food packeging. 2 x 6 Nm3/Hr Oxygen Plant at AMARA RAJA BATTERIES LIMITED August2014 In AMARA RAJA BATTERIES our company have supplied 2 x 6 Nm3/Hr Oxygen Plant of PSA Process where they will be using in Auto. ARC Welding Process in manufacturing Batteries 2 x 1.5 TPD Nitrogen Plant at BOSCH INDIA LTD, Jaipur November2012 In BOSCH INDIA, Jaipur our company have supplied a 2 x 1.5 TPD Nitrogen Plant of PSA techonology. Nitrogen Plant is used here for Heat Treatment Process. Our client will be using nitrogen in their furnaces for inerting furnace and other stages of treatment. 2.9 TPD Nitrogen Plant at Diamond Power Infrastructure Limited, Voaroda August2013 In Diamond Power, Varododra our company have supplied Nitrogen Plant of PSA Technology. Client is using for curing process of Cables. 4.5 TPD Nitrogen Plant at Dorf Ketal and Chemicals Limited, In Dorf Ketal our company have supplied Nitrogen Plant of PSA Techonology. The client will be using for chemical blanketing of chemicals.
  3. 3. 2.5 TPD Nitrogen De-Oxo Plant at Global Copper Limited, Varododra September 2012 In Global Copper our company have supplied ultra high pure Nitrogen Plant of PSA Technology. The client here use nitrogen for heat treatment processsuch as annelling. 7.5 TPD Nitrogen Plant at Samsung Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. January2014 In Samsung India our company have supplied Nitrogen Plant of PSA Technology. The Client will be using nitrogen for their different process.