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Powerpoint charlemagne

Covers the main achievements of Charlemagne

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Powerpoint charlemagne

  1. 1. “Charles the Great”“King of the Franks”“Holy Roman Emperor”
  2. 2. CarlomanCoronation of Pepin III (The Short) Charlamagne
  3. 3. •Well-plannedmilitaryexpeditions•SpreadingChristianity•Marches
  4. 4. Did Charlemagne seek the coronation or was it a papal attempt to impose the Church’s will?
  5. 5. •Counts•Missi Dominici•Unity of Stateand Church
  6. 6.  Money Standards Rhine-Danube Canal Better Farming Methods
  7. 7. •Established Schoolsand Libraries•Appointed scholarssuch as Alcuin•Revived the Arts•SpreadingChristianity
  8. 8. • Charlemagne Died • One surviving heir814 • Reign of Louis the Pious • Shortsighted and weak814 • Treaty of Verdun • Empire divided843