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Oss as a competitive advantage


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Slides from my talk at SiliconIndia OSS conference in Bangalore Nov 2012. Talks about use of OSS as a competitive advantage, especially in areas like eCommerce citing Flipkart as an example.

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Oss as a competitive advantage

  1. 1. OSS as a competitive advantage Regunath B Twitter : @RegunathBOSS projects:
  2. 2. Why are we here today?● Still wary of OSS, looking for success stories● Use OSS, unsure how to leverage better● OSS contributor● Leverage OSS as a competitive advantage
  3. 3. Competitive Advantage● Not easy to replicate – User Experience → Engagement → Trust – Maintain agility at scale – Eco-system integration – partners, suppliers
  4. 4. Competitive Advantage (contd)● How does OSS help? – Ability to collect, process data at scale : Big Data – Metrics, Monitoring, Alerts – Automation – And more... – Ability to accommodate change in business process, newer business models – Faster procurement – Shorter development
  5. 5. OSS use at Flipkart● Custom built (on OSS) systems that are differentiators/provide competitive advantage● Technology selection by teams, but within company roadmap/guidelines (fosters innovation)
  6. 6. OSS use at Flipkart● Patterns – Data Access ● Immutable Events, Not Mutable State ● Repair on Read, Eventual Consistency vs. Write Consistency (Needed at times, not always) – Highly Concurrent, Parallel execution designs – Messaging – Scaling, Integration – Task Frameworks – Map-Reduce, Actor-model, Event driven
  7. 7. OSS use at Flipkart● Leverage heavily / On the roadmap – Data stores – SQL, NoSQL (High RW throughputs) ● CAP tradeoffs (AP vs. CP) ● K,V(Low-Latency) and AOS (Maximize Concurrency, Ensure Consistency) ● LSM trees (Leverage Memory & Disk) – Runtime containers – Web, Middleware, Services – Lean transports – Monitoring, Alerts – Analytics, Self-serve reporting
  8. 8. Vendor neutrality● Avoid lock-in with vendor, vendor solution features● Evolve vendor eco-system : better quality, lower prices – e.g. Bio-metric device suppliers in Aadhaar● Ability to customize/build missing features – Access to large talent pool – Critical for new business domains like e-Commerce
  9. 9. Enhanced Security● No hidden Trojans – Critical for sensitive projects (Aadhaar)
  10. 10. Whats needed?● Culture shift – OSS is mature, secure and of enterprise quality● Well articulated OSS use policy – License compatibility, Distribution● Contribute freely back to projects, Create new ones – Fosters innovation, Motivation, Attract talent
  11. 11. FOSS (Flipkart OSS)● Trooper ( – Runtime profiles for building Java apps, Useful libraries● Projects under incubation / on private GitHub repos – RESTBus : Async REST style integration middleware
  12. 12. Thank You Regunath B Twitter : @RegunathBOSS projects: